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This Is How Far the Best Tennis Players Run at the U.S. Open

Novak Djokovic is a true marathon man, while is Roger Federer is a marvel of efficiency.

Bodybuilder Back: A Different Approach

Incorporate these alternative back-training methods into your programming to build a bigger back and sharper V-Taper.

J.J. Watt Locks In with Reebok Pump

The All-Pro lineman shares his philosophy on achieving greatness.

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Phil Heath's Strive for Five

Oh, yeah, it was real. The experience was real, and it was both good and bad to go through. I expected that something was going to happen because of the outcome in 2013 and because there’s always so much buildup of the hype anyway. For him, I think he was caught up in it and pushed things too far, but we got over it and moved on. That wasn’t about the sport of bodybuilding. That was a sideshow.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015 - The spotlight is shining on your career now as your concern for your workmates creates an open environment which is more fulfilling for everyone. Reexamine the obstacles that stand in the way of your success, but remember that the resistance is as much within your head and heart as it is anywhere else. Acknowledging your fears is the first step to overcoming them. Being honest about your feelings sets a positive tone for the entire group.

Row to Grow

Rowing motions give your back depth and thickness. The way I look at it is that the chinup (which starts of every back routine I do, and for which I do the most sets of any back exercise) tends to work the back from the outside in. In other words, it hits mainly the muscles on the edges of the back just under the armpits, which are primarily the outer-upper aspect of the latissimus dorsi muscles. On the other hand, a row tends to focus the stress from the inside out, punishing those cords of muscle that make up your mid- and upper-inner back muscles, which include not only the inner portions of the latissimus dorsi, but also muscles like the erectors, teres, and rhomboids.

5 Tips for a Deeper Squat

What we do need to answer is the “how”. In many cases it’s much easier said than done. Having a good depth squat takes plenty of maintenance work to be able to (re)achieve ideal positioning. Here are a few helpful tips.

In the Crosshairs: Lower Back

Having strong and well-developed lower-back muscles — which are composed primarily of the erector spinae muscles — not only creates that impressive “Christmas tree” that some bodybuilders wow judges with (think Samir Bannout), but also assists you in lifting heavier weight on exercises such as deadlifts and squats, and can help to prevent lower-back injuries. But many guys don’t realize how to properly target the lower-back muscles. Yes, standard deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, good mornings and even squats involve the lower-back muscles, but only as assistance muscles. That means they don’t focus enough on the lower back to stimulate those muscle fibers sufficiently. So, what is a good exercise that properly targets the erector spinae muscles? Stiff-leg deadlifts.

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13 Arnold Schwarzenegger-Approved Nutrition Tips -

No one has a louder voice when it comes to all things bodybuilding than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Holder of six Mr. Olympia titles and host of bodybuilding's biggest weekend sports festival that's now a runaway success on four continents, The Oak has also penned a number of hugely popular books and articles on training. But his approach to performance nutrition is less well known.

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5 things we're making and stuffing in our faces this weekend: … #Protein

Peaking the Biceps

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger built some of the most impressive biceps of all time using this routine. He’d perform it three times a week, but you can do it once or twice, depending on your own training split. Along with the routine below, Arnold shared a tip for creating massive peaked bi's: "Concentration curls are the single best exercise for maximizing the biceps' peak."

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Earn A M&F Feature Using #CollegeMuscle

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Fix your posture and you'll look even better than you already do. Here's how: …

The Better Sex Workout

Whenever my girlfriends list the qualities they desire in a man, confidence is always at the top. As a gym-going guy, you already know that improving your physique will help you feel better about yourself and project the kind of self-assuredness that attracts women, but not just any weight workout will get you there. As a woman and a trainer, I’ve got the insight to tell you how to build a body that will excite and please girls. Best of all, you’ll see results after just a four-week investment.

10 Keys For Building Monster Biceps -

With your elbows in front of your torso, as in preacher curls, the long head isn't fully stretched, and the short head picks up the bulk of the work. This makes preachers a great follow-up to inclines. Of course, preacher curls have likely been on your biceps menu for some time, so let's change them up a bit to give you a new muscle-building stimulus.

The Foods That Turned Djokovic into the No. 1 Player in the Game

The Foods That Turned Djokovic into the No. 1 Player in the Game

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Improve Vascularity for an Impressive Look

Training for a pump can bring more blood flow to an area, which will make the veins in that body part more pronounced. Unfortunately, the effect is temporary. High rep, high volume training works better for bringing out vascularity. Lower rep, lower volume training has its place for building muscle but will do nothing to help you get a pump. Training for vascularity does not really exist. As stated earlier the only method to revealing your veins is to lower your body fat. Focus on training with progression and on building slabs of muscle. Being veiny doesn't really look appealing unless you have the muscle to back it up.

20-Minutes to Massive Legs Workout

I am sure that you have heard it all before. To get the complete physique that you want, working your legs hard is a necessity. The legs make up the largest part of your body and carry a ton of muscle. If you skip leg day, you are missing out on a ton of growth potential. Not too mention the large hormone release (testosterone, growth hormone), fat burning enzymes and caloric burn that come with working your legs. Leg day is also the toughest day of the week. It takes high volume, high reps with heavy weight, and mental toughness to get through a true leg routine that gets results. This also means that time becomes a factor. When we are pressed for time we tend to skip the hard stuff. We will fit in our chest and arm workouts since these are the show muscles and skimp on the legs. This is a huge mistake and it can be fixed. You can still get a solid leg workout in 20 minutes. With the right routine you can blast the legs in a short amount of time. There are four primary areas of the legs that need to be hit hard; the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The key to a good leg routine is to use exercises that hit all those areas so no muscle fiber is left untapped.

Dumbbell Training

There’s only one power rack in my gym, and all the bench press stations are usually occupied. My goal is fat loss, and I don’t want to spend all day waiting for equipment. Any  suggestions? This is a common problem in commercial gyms because certain misguided members tend to monopolize certain pieces of equipment, such as the bench press station. One way to get around this problem, other than changing your workout time, is to focus on dumbbell training. Note that I offer specific details about how to perform basic movements, such as using a supinated grip on the seated row. It’s not that a supinated grip is far superior to a pronated grip, but it’s a way to add variety to the program. For example, after using this program you could perform a seated row with a pronated or semi-supinated grip. If you like this type of program, consider that you can also do it at home. You don’t need to purchase a complete line of dumbbells, just a few adjustable sets. Also, I recommend purchasing thick-handled dumbbells, which have many benefits over conventional dumbbells, such as taking care of your forearm work.

The Top Protein Foods

Protein: it’s what’s for dinner—and breakfast and lunch. Instead of relying on old favorites like chicken and powders (which are great), add a little excitement and variety to your meal. Willow Jarosh MS, RD and Stephanie Clarke MS, RD, registered dietitians and co-owners of C&J Nutrition in NYC & DC, share their top protein food picks. Your taste buds will thank you.

Workout Finisher: Explosive Plyometrics

Explosive power and speed is an athlete's best friend when it's game time. Increased force coupled with quickness and speed is one deadly and intimidating athletic combination. In addition to improving your performance for sports, plyometrics will also help with major lifts like the squat and deadlift. So, if you're not where you want to be, it's time to incorporate plyometric training into your routine.

8 Stupidly Easy Breakfasts You Can Make in 60 Seconds

That’s why we set out to create ten stupidly easy breakfast recipes that’ll fill up your stomach, but not your a.m. schedule. Our only criteria: Each recipe has at least two ingredients (for maximum nutrition) and a prep time under 60 seconds.

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The Protein Guide: How Much Protein Do You Need?

You want to understand protein, and not just protein powders. (After all, there’s no magic dust in the protein.) You know protein is important for building muscle, but beyond that there are so many questions, such as: How much protein do you need? How often? And what sources are the best?

Workout Finisher: Down-the-Rack Bicep Burn Out

Anyone that's into working out completely understands the "holy sh*t" feeling when burning out a muscle group, even if it's a small muscle group like the biceps. Sure, this isn't an agonizing squat routine or an ego-busting CrossFit WOD , but this simple drop set protocol will leave your poor pea-shootin' biceps screaming for days.

Push Through the Pain to Build Muscle

Look, sacrifice is required in order to be successful in anything. That's a universal truth as far as I'm concerned. To have a successful career, you're going to have to sacrifice time to learn your craft. To be successful in the gym, you not only have to sacrifice time, but your own comfort as well. Pain is a part of the deal if you're training with any degree of seriousness, and there's just no way around it.

6 Top Sex Positions And How to Train For Them

Start by reaching your arms overhead and bend forward reaching your hands towards the ground. Place hands on the ground and jump or step your feet back into a plank position. Slowly lower yourself down in a pushup position till you are on the ground and then, leaving your legs down push your upper body up and off the ground arching your back and looking straight up into your Upward Facing Dog pose. From here, come back down to the floor and push your hips towards the ceiling into Downward Facing Dog. From this position, jump or step your feet back up to in between your hands and slowly come back to standing stretching your arms overhead. Repeat.

10 Best Ways to Get Better Sleep

With beeping smartphones, crying babies and the distractions of work and relationship issues, getting a “good night’s sleep” is a tall order these days. Although deep sleep —also known as slow-wave sleep and essential for physical restoration—and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep—a lighter type of sleep that restores the mind—are both important, a helpful strategy would be to focus on “solid, unbroken sleep,” says J. Todd Arnedt, Ph.D., associate professor and director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the University of Michigan.

5 Reasons Your Squat Sucks

Not getting the results you want from the king of leg exercises? Here are some likely culprits.

Is Cardio Slowing Your Growth?

In the past few months, there have been some interesting studies showing that the acute anabolic signaling pathway may be blunted when aerobics and resistance exercise are combined. Previous research has observed only modest hypertrophy gains when endurance training is combined with resistance exercise. Therefore, scientists have suggested there may be an “interference effect” when cardio is performed at the same time as resistance exercise. Before you throw your treadmill out, it should be clear that these studies were done after one training session. Before we go any further let’s recap the original study. Researchers took trained men and assigned them to either one of two conditions: One experimental trial consisted of a bout of resistance exercise followed by a bout of endurance exercise (cycling) while in the other trial subjects performed the reverse exercise order (endurance then resistance exercise). Muscle biopsies were taken before, 15 minutes after exercise, and three hours after exercise. The results came out as “doom and gloom”—no matter how you look at it. Cardio before resistance exercise suppressed IGF-1 Ea (a gene splice of IGF-1) mRNA and also induced small declines in mechano growth factor (-27%).

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey at

Whey protein is popular with active adults because it digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids for muscle recovery. Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey and the primary ingredient in Gold Standard 100% Whey. Each serving provides 24 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without. There's no doubt this is the standard all other proteins are measured against.

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12 Great Uses for Protein Powder

From popsicles to pancakes to creamy coffee drinks, these 12 easy recipes take the post-workout staple into dessert territory.

Men's Fitness on the App Store

This should be illegal. I paid for subscription to a magazine that I could read it. Not have pop up ads the entire time! You can't get through one article without a pop-up ad it's absolutely ridiculous. What's the purpose of paying for such articles when I can just wait a month or less and find it online anyway and the old papa bad just the same. Or, go to my computer and use a pop-up ad blocker. I am utterly ashamed for whoever allowed this collaboration up on the beds and a magazine. I will never download or pay for another magazine subscription after this terrible experience. It makes it virtually unreadable and therefore I have lost my money. Shame on you!!!


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The Only Factor That Counts in Running Shoes, Plus 5 That Fit the Bill

Choosing the right running sneaker might be the most time you’ve ever spent thinking about a pair of shoes—and that’s not an insult to your style game. As runners know, finding the perfect pair can mean hours of pre-shopping research and a whole afternoon spent in the store, where someone will almost certainly ask to watch the way you run and consult with you about your injury record. Key words: Pronation, arches, impact, mileage. 

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Tested and refined for 8 years. Our top fat loss plan:  Free ebook.

#AFF4MATION 2015 Crew Neck, Ash Gray Blend

Very limited quantities available! #AFF4MATION 2015 Undisputed crew neck tshirt just in time for the Olympia. Once they are gone, this design will not be reprinted. Available while supplies last.

2015 Olympia Live Webcast

For a bodybuilding enthusiast, there is no better place to be than alongside the thousands of fans who will fill the Orleans arena, cheering on your favorite Open & 212 Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini athletes. If you can't make it to Vegas in person, you can still get it on all the action and not miss a beat, as delivers a live stream of the main events, brought to you exclusively by .

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Recored-Setting Bencher Shares Secrets to Success

What does it take to become one of the strongest-ever, pound-for-pound benchers in the world? Here’s a hint: it ain’t a fancy suit.

Protein Power: 7 Ways to Cook with Quinoa

Unless you grew up with hippie parents who were regulars at a hole-in-the-wall health-food store, you probably didn’t have a clue about quinoa until recently. Now the superfood’s stocked at big-box retailers, and its amped-up nutrition profile is leaving your go-to grains, like brown rice, in the dust. So, what exactly makes the obscure-sounding protein source so worthy of our attention?

What is the Difference Between Protein Powders?

Many supplement companies tout that their isolates are more ‘pure’, and may brag about what filtration processes they use (ion exchange, cold-filtration, ultra or microfiltration; these terms are common for whey and casein proteins), but this is up to the company to decide and not an inherent attribute of whey isolate. That’s not to say these don’t have benefits, but isolate itself is defined by protein by weight.

10 Reasons You're Holding onto Body Fat

If you’re not shedding belly blubber fast enough, then chances are you’re flubbing one of these training or nutrition tactics.

6 Weeks to a Big-Number Deadlift

To develop a big deadlift, your plan should include multiple deadlift variations and accessory lifts to maximize your strength. This plan focuses on building strength in the hamstrings and glutes along with the rest of the body. It also helps to build core strength – a must-have to prevent injury when pulling heavy weight.

The 7 Best Arm Moves of All Time

So are the following 7 exercises the best arm moves of all time? Yes, according to Eraldo Maglara NSCA-CPT — because they’ve been the most effective at helping him and his clients sculpt bigger, stronger guns . Are they the best arm exercises for you? Let us know in the comments.

4 Easy Metabolic Boosters

Metabolism is such a nebulous term in the fitness industry. But it has a specific and very elaborate meaning. For our purposes, it is the rate at which your body burns energy. This, of course, is good to know for those of us concerned with body composition because the more energy you can burn, the leaner you will generally be. Resting metabolism refers to the rate that your body burns energy while you do nothing. So if you can find a way to crank up your metabolism , you’re on your way to a much better body. There are a few ways that you can enhance this rate of burn and some might be less obvious than others.

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