Men's Muscle Pak Video Description

“Just wanted to say thank you to Pauline Nordin and Fighter Diet, Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and motivation! I have been training for over four years and following Pauline for about 6 months. I started at 269 and 29% fat and am now 192 and 7% fat. Earlier this year I was actually down to 184 but not as strong as I should be. The FDX Mega ebook for hardgainers (never thought my former fat ass would become a hardgainer!) helped me to put on almost 10 pounds of muscle in two months! Thanks again Pauline! Hard work, dedication and intensity!” Douglas   WHY is Fighter Diet so GREAT? It's flexible. You want to eat 8 meals a day or 3? Your call.  It can be done anywhere in the world simply SWAP foods for the ones you HAVE locally that fit the bill.  No diet is health

Videos for 9/12/2014