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Dynamik Muscle | Kai Greene

Dynamik Muscle was spawned on the creation of an idea to see a dream manifest into reality. Dynamik Muscle’s products by Kai Greene.

Underground Strength Challenge Strongman Circuit: 5 Rounds of Hell • Zach Even-Esh

Here's a Gut Check Underground Strength Challenge for you..... I called this 5 Rounds of Hell, although hard work is beautiful, this will circuit will test you physically and mentally. Be sure to warm up thoroughly, as always. The 5 Rounds of Hell Underground Strength Challenge: 5 Exercises 5 Reps Each 5 Rounds This is …

Classic Physique, WPD & MPD Finals Wrap-up Video - Mr. Olympia 2016

Muscular Development's Shawn Ray & David Baye wrap-up the final results from the brand new Classic Physique division as well as the Women's Physique & Men's Physique divisions at the 2016 Mr. Olympia. See photos of all the winners in our gallery .

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2016 Olympia Finals Report is live at the 2016 Olympia Finals with the results from the Open Bodybuilding, 212, Physique, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini divisions!

Tips For Building A Better Butt

Building a strong, firm butt doesn't happen by accident. Here are the 8 best-of-the-best keys for developing a head-turning posterior.

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Mr Olympia 2016

His height and structure MAY work against him when lined up next to shorter competitors though. I believe it's been said that most Olympia finishers range about 5'6 - 5'9, with Yates (5'10), Coleman (5'11) and Haney (6') listed as falling in the taller range. Phil has plenty of structural deficiencies though, and all the SEO he might fill himself up with (ALLEGEDLY!) isn't going to change his narrow clavicles, how narrow he looks in certain poses, and of course his ever decreasing separation and crispness with each passing contest. Does Ced have the tools to upset the apple cart (top 5? top 3?!),.. I would say yes, but there are other factors at play here. Still, I don't think the majority of fans would have any problems with Ced stepping up and finally being hailed as one of the top tier guys.

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Do you obsess about protein? Here's why you should be obsessing over plants: …

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To PR, improve both squat mobility and stability. Read this before you get under the bar: …

C4 by Cellucor at - Best Prices on C4!

Effective yet tasteful pre-workout! Have you been looking for a quick, energizing caffeine boost before lifting? If you have, Cellucor C4 Pre-workout is right for you! Cellucor’s unique blend of ingredients is perfect for a variety of lifters whether you’re just starting out in the gym, or you compete in bodybuilding competitions. Despite the fact that I’m an avid coffee drinker, Cellucor C4 always gives me an incredible surge of energy before my lifts as well as a better muscle pump. While I have tried other pre-workouts, I always come back to Cellucor C4 due to the wide variety of unique flavors, the effectiveness and the high quality product I always receive. Taste: One of my favorite aspects of this pre-workout is the taste. Cellucor offers their pre-workout in 12 different flavors, my favorite being the pink lemonade. Some of the more unique flavors they offer include: green apple, orange dreamsicle and strawberry margarita. With so many different options to choose from, there is a flavor out there for everyone and it takes a while to get bored of the brand. Not only is the taste very good, the blend of ingredients used is designed to not leave any sort of “sandy” or “gritty” flavor in your mouth or the bottom of your shaker cup.

Zach Even - Esh

https://marketplace.trainhe... - Train with Zach online! Garage Gym Gladiators | Online Training w/ Zach Even - Esh My online training program that gets delivered to you 3 sessions per week. More details can be found here: Or, direct sign up link: https://marketplace.trainhe... Show less

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Sep 17, 2016 at 8:58pm UTC

Mr. Olympia 2016

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Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Sep 17, 2016 at 3:57pm UTC

Instagram photo by Flex Wheeler • Sep 17, 2016 at 7:11pm UTC

Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Sep 18, 2016 at 12:13am UTC

Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Sep 17, 2016 at 6:37pm UTC

Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Sep 17, 2016 at 10:20pm UTC

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Building a bodybuilding empire

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his business partner, Jim Lorimer, discuss their entrepreneurial approach to creating the Arnold Classic and bringing it to all six continents Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE to watch the latest interviews: Episode debuted nationwide in 2016. Watch full episodes each week on TV stations across the country. Find the airing time and channel for your city: Connect with Graham: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE:

18 - The Motivational Gym Shop

Motivational Necklaces Snapbacks Posters Lifting belt Keychains Bracelet - The Motivational Gym Shop Your cart (0)

Instagram photo by @therock • Sep 17, 2016 at 8:58am UTC

Ride the Right Way: The Best in Biking Design, Technique, Style, and Gear in 2016

The newest top-of-the-line, go-anywhere bikes. Jerseys so high-tech they save you energy (and, just as important, won’t make you look like a d-bag). And cycling wear so stylish and slim-fitting you can wear it straight to your cubicle. Here’s everything you need to know (and buy) to become an expert biker right now. 

Top 5 Muscle-Building Exercises for the Back

When you see someone walking around the gym with a  big back , you can guarantee they can jump up and kill 15-20  pull-ups  without even breaking a sweat. See the connection? Pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the best mass builders for the back. Targeting the lats, shoulders, biceps and grip, these exercises have so many different varieties, you’ll never get bored.

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2016 Olympia Office Scorecards

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The Best Ways to Treat, Cure, and Prevent Back Acne

Sweat is really your enemy here. Blemishes are formed by clogged pores. While there are pores covering your whole body; the follicles that house oil-producing sebum glands are biggest and most numerous on your face, upper back, and chest, according to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Starting to make sense now? When these glands produce too much oil, your pores get plugged up with dead skin, bacteria, and dirt. The result? Whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne—painful, sometimes red, deeply rooted pimples—and other lesions. Click to the next page to find out how to treat it!

4 Moves for Bigger Biceps

This combination of free weight training, the constant tension provided by cables and a gymnastics-like strength move will provide a spark to help bring up even the most stubborn of biceps peaks. And because no good pair of arms is complete without adequate forearm and grip strength, Burwell threw in a grueling farmer’s walk with four dangling kettlebells. Expect some next-day arm soreness after this one.

What A Ripped Guy Would Eat At Every Fast Food Restaurant Ever

Rather than rolling up and trying to guess what you think is the least offensive option, we’ve tapped a handful of nutritionists to tell us exactly what to order at every fast food restaurant. Now, some of these experts are advocates of not breaking any nutrition rules—even at the drive thru, which means you’ll be ordering a la cart and tossing half the meal just to score the perfect portion of protein, carbs, and fats. Other R.D.s are a bit more lenient, adopting the attitude that you can enjoy a signature burger as long as you’re not doing it every week. Even with this carpe diem, though, they recommend opting for the best of the worst to minimize damage.

New Member...IFBB Pro

Thank you Jasper, Well, right now it's like walking on egg shells... Too much of anything and I put on weight... Ive been eating very similar to my contest prep with some added carbs and freedom. I'm never a high fat guy as I put on too much weight. I don't count macros just have a starting point and add or subtract from there depending on progress, scale and how I look. My best and most favorite guide or calculator is my eye. Even now (not in full prep mode) I wake up take a look and adjust accordingly if needed. That being said, protein is usually around 1.5 gram per lbs of lean body mass, carbs vary and timing is key but right now maybe 200 grams. My fats are what I get from all the protein and carbs, with some fish oils and mct. But lately I'm getting some extra as I have some freedom in my diet.... I'm a big believer in carb timing and utilizing or avoiding certain hormonal response in the body. I don't believe in ITFYM for elite BBing, for the rest of the population it meta be fine and Sid in weigh loss (although it makes for bad habits in eating)

First to Know: The DETOX Workout Plan is Now Available

A few beers here, a couple slice of pizza there. No sleep on Saturday night. No matter how little or large you let loose, you’ll need to recoup. This isn’t a gimmick with empty promises—it’s just a reset. It’s workouts just hard enough to give you a pump and make you sweat, but not gnarly to the point where you want to throw up. The goal and objective of this plan to get you back on track, burn up the extra calories, and hedge your losses. Hell, that’s not to say you won’t see gains… that’s certainly possible.

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Best Running Pants for Men 2016

 get the same comfortable fit that moves with you—all while looking a lot better—in a great pair of pants. The 15 pairs on our list are all sweat-wicking or quick-drying, stretchy to allow for optimal mobility, have an elastic waistband with a drawcord for a personalized fit, sections of mesh to provide air circulation, zippered pockets to stash your stuff, reflective detailing so you can be visible in the night— and anti-stink properties to ward off bad odors.

The Best Moves for a Bigger Back: Part 1

Sumo deadlifts, conventional deadlifts , beyond the range (from a deficit), rack pulls - it doesn’t matter, just do them. The back not only works antagonistically to stabilize the torso (and spine) it works to lock out the weight to finish the movement. Deadlifts, by definition, are an exercise where you can move big weight .

Go Back for Bigger Triceps

The most popular triceps exercises are skull crushers, pushdowns , and dumbbell kickbacks —all of which emphasize development of the lateral and medial heads of your tri’s. Those two form the outer part of the muscle, the area most visible when people look at you from the side. But the long head is equally important, and makes up a considerable portion of the upper arm. If yours is lacking, you can target it directly by moving your arms overhead—and that’s where the overhead cable extension comes in.

Kevin Hart's Serious Workout Routine

It’s refreshing to see a simple workout. These days most trainers go the trendy route, with routines that are more “YouTube blooper reel” than “proven muscle builder.” Kevin Hart’s trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline ( ), on the other hand, is defiantly old-school. His routine has no Bosu ball squats, no Olympic lifts, no fancy machines—it’s nothing dangerous and nothing you can’t do at home. But it’ll build you an incredible upper body, as Hart’s physique in Central Intelligence proves. And it takes just 30 minutes per workout.

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If building a big back is important to you, here's a better way to row: …

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Sep 18, 2016 at 4:29am UTC

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Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Sep 18, 2016 at 4:17am UTC

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Sep 18, 2016 at 4:15am UTC

How to Conquer the Beep Test

Since the 80s, the beep test has served as a multidimensional fitness test—used in the UK, Australia, and U.S.—across sports like basketball, soccer, rugby, tennis, and more. While there are different programs, all have a beep that plays at a certain cadence (hence, the name 'beep test'). Think of it as an anti-metronome. Rather than keeping steady, consistent measure, the device increases its pace as time passes.

7 Douchebag Moves at the Gym that Ruin it for Others

Try not to be the guy or girl who wrecks someone's gym experience with these inconsiderate actions.

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The holy grail of sports training? EMOM Sets. Here's why and how to do them right: …

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Sep 18, 2016 at 3:37am UTC


Shawn Ray, David Baye and Flex Wheeler wrap all the action from Friday at the 2016 Mr Olympia taking place in Las Vegas, NV.

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@BioLayne @stacymccloud you're right she's doing great. The one before her-before they started..that was Next year they need you!

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@BioLayne This commentary is seriously hard to hear. WHY DIDN'T THEY USE YOU? The athletes look pissed at the person interviewing them!

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@BioLayne holy shit, "Full-Blown Kevin Levrone" is 52 years old. 52!

Muscle Manual Free Access

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Instagram photo by Mike O'Hearn 🐰🐵❤️🐻🐶🐼🐅 • Sep 18, 2016 at 2:48am UTC

The Most Common Insecurities Among Men—And How to Get Over Them

THE SOLUTION: You'll never move forward or have a sense of stability in your relationship if you keep harping on an issue, rather than tackling it head on or moving past it. "Sometimes it takes a while to allow your brain to re-wire to adapt to a new manner of thinking," Byrd says. But if you both want the relationship to work, vocalize and identify why the infidelity happened in the first place, and make a plan going forward to address each other's needs, wants, and desires, you should be on a path that makes you both feel respected so one person isn't commandeering the other. 

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