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Hamstring Training Tips with Ben Pakulski -Hamstring Training Tips with Ben Pakulski - Hamstrings leg curls & wide stance leg press - Discover 40+ insider tips from BPAK'...

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2014 Olympia - Phil Heath - Men Open

2014 Olympia - Phil Heath - Men Open

Shawn Rhoden Takes 3rd at the 2014 Olympia

Flex Wheeler talks with Flexatron after he places 3rd at the 2014 Olympia.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014 - If you are busy with community issues or your career, your recent efforts might have brought you into the public eye. Although you enjoy the admiration of your peers, it's time to step down from the pedestal and work with others as equals. The sooner you realize that you have nothing to prove, the quicker your relationships will improve. Share the glory of being a star today; when your tribe shines brighter so do you.


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Get Crushed: Bench Press Death

Then there are some days you just walk into the gym feeling extra pumped and super focused. Sure you could bang out your regularly scheduled training program. Hell, the way you’re feeling you could probably hit a couple of PR’s. But, today, you’re same-old training program just won’t do. You want to tackle something tough. You want a challenge. You want to train so hard that you crawl out of the gym. You want to GET CRUSHED.

The 30 Best Abs Exercises of All Time

Everyone is different; some may get abs from soley working the belly to exhaustion while others may get their abs to pop without a single situp. But to train the core effectively, it comes down to the three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transerve. Doing abs exercises in a circuit style keeps the intensity high and will likely lead to more fat loss.

4 Biggest Squatting Myths

Think about the pelvic build. This cue implies that the hip sockets (acetabulae) on every person’s pelvis are located in exactly the same place. Common sense would say that it’s not true. Just like someone’s eyes or ears, it slightly varies from person to person. You need to set up in a place that promotes the best depth for your skeleton. A narrower stance will probably work better for someone whose acetabulae are placed slightly towards the front of the pelvis. A wider stance will work better for one whose acetabulae are towards the outside of the pelvis. Not following your body in this regard may lead to clearance issues when the ball and socket joint of the hip are restricted due to your stance.

Get Stronger: 7 Reasons to Never Neglect Squats

Squatting variations like barbell back squats and front squats are a favorite among powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes for one reason: they work. Not only are they effective for building an insanely strong lower body; they also deliver a number of numerous benefits including increased hormone release and improved flexibility.  Read on to find out why you should put aside your pride and make squats a staple of your weekly routine.

5 Killer Cardio Options

When it comes to burning fat, don’t be a one-trick pony. Broaden your cardio horizons with these get-lean approaches.

Five Essential Exercises for Bigger Arms

You’ve done about a thousand curls in the past week and the same number of triceps extensions, yet your arms are still not growing. The fact is, there needs to be variety in your workouts, but the age-old question is how? Try out these five moves and watch your arms inflate like balloons.

J-Lo Shows Off Her "Booty" in New Video

This might top that time Rihanna and Shakira had a sexy slumber party.  Jennifer Lopez released the video for her latest single "Booty (Remix)" late Thursday night, and it just might break the internet by the end of the day. Don't believe us? Hit play (you can thank us later). J-Lo shows off her ample assets by parading around in skimpy outfits, and enlists rapper du jour Iggy Azalea on this ode to the derrier. And while 24-year-old Iggy may be music's hot new thing, it's J-Lo (at 45 and in the best shape of her life) who absolutely burns your monitor.

Lift Doctor: Prescription for a Better Deadlift

1. First, getting set up in a good position on the bar – before the initial pull – will determine how well you perform each repetition and how much weight you can lift safely. Your back should be straight from your hips to the top of your head and the bar should be as close to your body as possible.

Bolt On a Bigger Neck

Not only does a strong neck help to support/protect the head/spine and enhance posture, but it also looks freakin’ cool when your noggin is resting on what appears to be a tree trunk. And when you think about it, almost no matter what you're wearing the neck is always on display, so if you want people to know you are an avid iron pusher (and puller) when fully clothed, you better make sure your head is not sitting upon a pencil.

5 Muscle-Building Stir Fry Recipes

No guy, not even you, can screw up a stir-fry: You throw a bunch of ingredients in a hot pan and move them around until they’re cooked through. The ease alone makes the stir-fry a must in any man’s cooking repertoire. choose the right ingredients—lean meats, veggies, and rice or noodles—and you can assemble a powerful arsenal of meals that build muscle and burn fat. Stir-frying doesn’t always mean Asian flavor. You can make almost any ethnic food in a pan—and in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy the following recipes and never fail to eat right again.

Calf Training: Build Bigger Lower Legs

Try going through a full calf-training session and then some heavy leg curls (toes pointed up). You'll notice the leg curls will be much more difficult if you pre-exhaust your calves. To mix it up, do the initial sets with a short range of motion at the peak-contracted phase, followed by partial sets using full range of motion.

Protein Power: 8 Ways to Eat Eggs

You know eggs are easy, inexpensive, and packed with protein— but you may not know how to think outside the scramble. Here, eight simple ways to switch it up.

The 3-Circuit Fat Loss Workout

Circuit training is a great tool to use when time for working out is limited. In circuit training , resistance and aerobic training are combined into one workout to increase heart rate and keep it at a training level for the duration of the exercise session. The results are improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance along with functional strength and fat loss.

The 200 Rep Ab Challenge

M&Fer’s are always looking for a challenging routine that will get them ripped six-pack abs . In this video, Mike Chang of demonstrates a high-intensity ab workout that targets the stomach and burns belly fat, so you can get the abs you’ve always wanted.

The Five-Move Anywhere Abs Workout

We don’t doubt your will to get 6-pack abs . Now, it’s time to be consistent and have them look the way you want them to— ripped . We caught up with IFBB men’s physique pro and certified personal trainer Pierre Vuala to see how he keeps his midsection shredded without even using equipment. “Whenever you do any ab workouts, it's always good to get all the air out as you squeeze at the point of full contraction,” Vuala says. No equipment ? No excuses.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Technical Breakdown of the Yoke Walk

I’m going to have to go against the grain and say I don’t think that squatting is as helpful with the yoke as most people make it out to be. I have seen pro strongmen that cannot squat 500 pounds run with 900 pound yokes while seeing guys that could squat 600-700 pounds getting buried by a 700 pound yoke. I do think that improving your squat will help with the squat but I don’t necessarily think being a great squatter will make you a great yoker. I also thinking squatting heavy regularly could prevent you from being able to train the yoke itself the way it ought to be trained. If I had to choose, I would say front squat helps with the yoke the most. If I have not been front squatting for a period of time, whenever I go back to it I am quickly reminded how weak my abs have gotten. Front squat is king of the squat when it comes to anterior core development. I should add that I do think SSB squats help to develop your core almost as much, so if you’re one of those guys that cannot front squat heavy because of wrist mobility or blacking out, the yoke bar is a reasonable substitution.

Fall Shoe Watch: Monk Straps

So maybe it's time to put aside the classic lace-ups and buckle up some monk strap shoes. Historically, monk straps date back for centuries, worn in European monasteries dating back to the 15th century. Today, they're creeping to the top of the men's style consciousness - a fashion-forward option in a world where the lines beween formal and casual continue to blur. Monk straps are perfect to dress down a suit - sans socks - and can be a suitable compliment to a pair of distressed jeans. 

6 Fascia Fixes for Lifters

Fascia is a responsive tissue in that it adapts to daily living including, but not limited to, our postural habits, exercise, emotional state, chemical, environmental, and physiological influences. For those of us who engage in weight training or even basic, daily exercise, fascia takes on an extremely powerful role and is also altered daily by our attempts to strengthen our muscles. There have been no specific research studies thus far as to how intense weight training affects this system however, we do understand that exercise at any capacity has the ability to change and adapt fascial integrity – some benefit the system, and some can cause what would be considered negative effects. Excess muscle or fat can alter fascia in many ways and change how the extracellular matrix behaves in regard to fluid movement and absorption of nutrients into other cells.

Alcohol Doesn't Affect Exercise Performance, Says New Study

Their study , published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine , examines how drunk exercise compares with sober workout sessions. It turns out, if you ignore the coordination deficiencies, potential for dehydration, and inclination to Irish jig on top of a bar, caused by alcohol consumption; the booze doesn’t affect exercise performance too much.

2014 Olympia - Awards - Men Open

2014 Olympia Men's 212 Bodybuilding Athlete Meeting


But not all protein is created equally. Whole sources of protein from meat, eggs, and even beans trump foods that have processed protein added to them as a marketing scheme, such as high-protein cereal or bread. The exception to the whole protein rule is whey protein and dairy products, since both are technically “processed” foods, but the key is to choose whey and dairy that has undergone the least processing, such as whole yogurt or undenatured whey.

5 Texts That Can Kill Your Chances

A stray “u” instead of “you” shouldn’t kill your chances, but you’re not tweeting, so write normally. There’s no girl in the world who’ll think “I’m so attracted to this guy because he’s so efficient with character length in text.”

Recruiting From Within the Weightroom

Because it isn’t your weight room, your athletic director could come down and tell you that you can no longer train there. It’s the athletes’ weight room and the athletic director could tell you to go to Gold’s Gym. I’ve never heard of this happening, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t within the rights of the athletic director to say this. I would like to think that most athletic directors understand that a strength coach who trains is better than a lazy, fat dude who does nothing with his life. So while I don’t see this happening soon, it’s possible. The reason I bring this to light is that we must remember that we don’t own any of the equipment we use to train athletes and ourselves.

Phil Heath and Kai Greene Face Off at the 2014 Olympia Press Conference

Phil Heath and Kai Greene Face Off at the 2014 Olympia Press Conference

Ask Men's Fitness: What's the Best Way to Fight Wrinkles Now?

Let’s start with the obvious. If you smoke, cut it out. It’s giving you wrinkles. Your diet is a big factor, too. Make sure you’re eating plenty of superfoods—avocados, blueberries, and also, salmon. They’re all great for your skin. We are what we eat. If you eat a greasy-ass hamburger every day, not only are you going to be a fat fuck, but you’re going to have really bad skin . You should also be washing your face with the right stuff.

7 Superfoods to Boost Immunity

Flu season is coming at us fast. Don’t lie, whenever someone sneezes close enough to you that you feel a breeze, you wince and wonder how long it will be until you catch the bug. But we’re here to help. “Immune system soldiers need good, consistent nourishment,” says Jennifer McDaniel, R.D.N., a food and nutrition expert. Here are seven essential foods that you should fill your plate with during cooler-weather months to help your immune system work at its optimum level.

Q&A with Kenneth Faried

He discovered that his voice matters, even in a locker room filled with superstars with their own briefcases full of accomplishments. And it’s not just that Faried may have found his voice while helping lead USA Basketball to a gold after the team’s 129-92 win over Serbia in the final, Faried also separated himself as the breakthrough player of the tournament, averaging 12.2 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. These might seem like modest numbers on the surface, but they are amplified when put in the context of Faried’s limited playing time on a truly loaded roster.

The Complete 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program

In the realm of fitness, three-month programs dominate the landscape. You’ve even seen plenty of them in this magazine over the years. Are they effective? Absolutely. But we’re going to let you in on an interesting secret: It doesn’t necessary take eight or 12 weeks to get your feet wet in the gym. Not that you’ll be a seasoned vet after four weeks, but if you can just get that first month under your belt, you’ll get yourself over the proverbial hump where so many fail and give up, and set the stage for a lifetime of gains. Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle. In other words, one month from now you’ll look significantly better with your shirt off than you look now.


Visualize for More Muscle Size

Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are essential to optimizing your time in the gym. However, if you truly wish to realize your “intensity potential,” then its time you start using visualization. This is a tried and true technique that is utilized by many top professional athletes and Olympians to bring about their best performance on game day. You too can use it to help manifest your best performance in the gym. It is easy to do, and only takes a few minutes.



2014 Olympia - Comparison - Men Open

2014 Olympia - Comparison - Men Open

The FatBusters Analyze Dietary Trends

Nice. I wish this video was longer. I’ve been a fan of Justin Harris’ stuff for awhile. Ben Hartman is new to me, but I like his reasoning. It’s funny how often people who are munching away on pre-packaged “organic” frozen dinners will lecture me on my chicken and sweet potatoes not being organic.




2014 Gamechangers

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10 Best New Advances in Bodybuilding

M&F asked some of the industry’s best minds to bring us up to speed on some of the most useful research that the fitness-inclined can put to work for better results.

2014 Olympia Official Score Cards

2014 Olympia Official Score Cards

Oktoberfest 2014: The Best Beers in the USA

Don’t let the end of summer get you down. When you’re throwing on a jacket before heading outside, remember all those sweltering days you spent inside blasting the A/C. When you think back to all those baseball games you sat through, realize how boring they were compared with the return of football season. And perhaps most important, all those light, citrusy summer beers are fading away, with hearty Oktoberfest lagers, harvest ales, and pumpkin beers taking their place. For beer lovers everywhere, it’s a welcome change of pace —drinks that will perfectly complement a cool autumn day. Here’s a list of fall beers that should be widely available throughout the country.

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