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Jesse Shand: The Incredible Shrinking Man -

Human compassion and technology come together in one the most inspiring transformation stories we've heard. This now-legendary forum member has lost 350 pounds, and his future is brighter than ever.

The Guns Of Wrath: High-Volume Arms With Frank 'Wrath' McGrath -

Don't listen to the people who say to cut back on training your strongest, freakiest muscles. Frank 'Wrath' McGrath saves his strengths for the end of a workout—and then savors them.

Press Conference Videos | Mr. Olympia 2015

The Olympia weekend continues rolling with the annual Press Conference where hosts Bob Cicherillo & Dennis James ask the competitors for placing predictions, opinions on Kai not competing and more.

Catching Up with Markus Ruhl at the Mr. Olympia 2015

Retired IFBB Pro bodybuilder Markus Ruhl talks with MD's Peter McGough at the 2015 Mr. Olympia athletes meeting. Hear what he's been up to, what it was like competing at the Olympia and which competitor he is most impressed with.

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Crowdfire - Grow, publish and analyze on Instagram and Twitter

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015 - You can see right through people's excuses today and your incisive observations might make them quite nervous. Paradoxically, you could be absolutely correct in your assumptions yet only make matters worse by raising a sensitive subject in an inconsiderate manner. There's no reason to avoid a necessary discussion now as long as you steer clear of any type of judgmental criticism. Adopting an open-minded and compassionate approach puts others at ease; you can achieve the impossible when everyone sets aside their egos and concentrates on the common good.

3 Reasons You're Not Ripped

One of the great training misconceptions is that lifting weights gets you bigger and cardio gets you leaner, period. As a result, the guy (or gal) who’s primary goal is to get more “defined” often makes cardio the centerpiece of his program, while lifting takes a backseat. And by “centerpiece”, we’re talking 45-60 minutes on the treadmill followed by 15-20 minutes of pumping iron. What you end up with is some weight loss perhaps (provided a clean diet is followed), but a body that’s no leaner than before.

5 Killer Moves for Shredded Obliques

Even if you are not at a body fat level where your obliques look good, you still need to train them. The oblique family plays a major role in many different movement patterns and is an essential part of the core. These muscles need to be trained both for function and for show.

9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

But there are also times when you want to look bigger right now. The reason and the occasion may be different for every guy—maybe you’re meeting up with an old flame and want to show her what she’s been missing, or maybe you’re taking photos at the beach to post on Facebook. Whatever the reason, the following nine tricks can help you look 5–10 pounds bigger... instantly.

10 Power Foods for Size & Strength

When it comes to the infinite number of foods that you can put in your body, there are good foods and there are bad foods. Clearly, you know to avoid the bad foods whenever possible, but when it comes to choosing the very best foods for your physique goals, that's an even harder decision. FLEX is here to make it easier for you to find the best of the best--we call them Power Foods.

21 Foods You Should Never Be Without

Eating the right foods to feed  your muscles and fuel your physical endeavors can be compared to an expert-level Sudoku puzzle: confusing and frustrating, and you don’t want to meet the guy who’s good at it. In reality, designing a meal plan that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals is as simple as buying these 21 foods and constantly replenishing them. These choices are heavy on antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats , protein, and slow-burning carbs; and light on chemicals, empty calories, sugar, and trans fats. Bottom line: If you were stuck on a desert island with these foods and a barbell, you’d hit all your training goals.

7 Wheel Blasting Leg Workouts

But here’s the thing…if you dedicate yourself to training your legs with zeal, not only will you end up with diced, wide-swept thighs, but a bigger, leaner overall physique. How? Because the muscles in your legs constitute so much of your total body mass, the caloric expenditure as well as the resulting spike in growth hormone and testosterone create an ideal environment for improving your physique.

T NATION on Twitter

How deep should YOU squat? Take these tests to know for sure: …

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BSN Syntha-6 at

SYNTHA-6® is an ultra-premium protein powder with 22g protein per serving and is BSN®'s best-tasting protein on the market. SYNTHA-6® not only includes essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, but is also an excellent source of fiber, which makes it a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement. SYNTHA-6® is the go-to protein for any nutrition or exercise regimen because it is designed to suit a variety of active lifestyles and diet plans. And with SYNTHA-6®, the high standard of quality protein comes with taste to match, thanks to BSN®'s exclusive flavor technology.

The 2-in-1 Kettlebell Leg Workout

If you're comfortable with your usual leg routine, you could be missing out on some big-time gains, whether it be in strength or endurance. When you're looking for something other than the traditional squat, leg press and lunges, it's time to hit the kettlebells. We asked Mike Stehle, owner and trainer at Training Room Online for one of his secret 2-in-1 workout routine to leave your quads and hams screaming.

8 Things You Should Never Do On Triceps Day -

Good, but like so many 'commandment' type things, there are often exceptions to the rules. I've found that while obviously you want to limit lock-out, on my very last set for tris, usually something like a rope press-down, that locking out and holding it at full-extension really builds a pump. Granted, this is on a single-joint exercise so not a lot of weight is used, and its not done for the entire exercise, just if you do say a 3 set of 10 on press-downs, after the final set, drop the weight like 20% then do your final ones with lockouts flexing your tri as much as possible and holding for 5-10 seconds. I feel it more in my middle-tri than if I don't go to full lock-out. I can't imagine it does that much 'damage' to the joint, since people often do bench-press with hundreds of pounds with the arm locked-out...

5 Weightlifting Tricks You Should Know

These training techniques will vault your performance in the weightroom for maximum results in the long run.

WWE 2K16 - Oh Hell Yeah Gameplay Trailer

Check out this sweet WWE 2K16 gameplay trailer featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Terminator, and a bevy of other WWE Superstars. Subscribe to IGN for more!

Get a Ripped Lower Body with this 15-Minute, No-Frills Leg Workout

You probably want your leg-training sessions to be over with as quickly as possible. In this no-frills workout, the exercises go from most demanding on your nervous system to least, enhancing your power and leg strength before torching your quads with a classic squat.

The Muscle Matrix Workout

Perform this workout at least six hours before or after your normal training. For example, if you lift weights at night, complete this routine in the morning. Perform four sets of 15 reps for each exercise, moving slowly so that it takes five seconds to complete each repetition.

9 Best Bodyweight Moves For Colossal Arms

Want huge, ripped arms? Toss aside those weights and get back to basics with a bodyweight-only workout. Without all those heavy weights, you’ll give your body and joints a much-needed break.  By  altering your body angle and position and getting creative with the right tools at your gym, you can still get the necessary stimulus  for real growth in your biceps , triceps, shoulders, and forearms.

The 6 Worst Exercises for Heavy Lifting

At some point, if you want to build a no-nonsense physique you are going to have to lift some heavy pig iron .As discussed in a previous article , this can be done safely, but only with certain exercises. It all comes down to movement selection—performing the wrong moves can be unsafe and a good way to get acquainted with a local orthopedic surgeon.

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Smash bad eating habits, get lean, and stay that way. Free ebook:

The 20 Best Forearm Exercises of All Time

Training your forearms serve two main purposes: increasing strength in other exercises (such as the deadlift) and making your upper body more symmetrical. Failing to train forearms results in less  grip strength and for some people, simply put, skinny-looking arms. Target this highly important body part with these 20 forearm exercises. 

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2015

The 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo is off to a strong start indeed.

Kettlebell and Body-Weight Combos for Rapid Weight-Loss

It’s time to break out of your cardio interval training rut. Combine these kettlebell and body-weight movements for the ultimate workout for rapid weight-loss . The workouts can be done all at once, or on spilt days and are sure to make you sweat, engage your muscles, and torch tons of calories. For more kettlebell workouts try, The 20-Minute Fat-Burning Kettlebell Complex .

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Phil Heath’s 50 Incredible Arm Training Tips

These 50 (yes, 50!) arm-training tips helped Heath bring home four Sandows, so far. And he used his own advice as he prepared for the last Mr. Olympia—the Big 5-O.

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3 Tips for Maxing Out a HIIT Workout

But instead of putting together a 30 minute non-stop workout, break up your program into shorter all-out intervals with brief  recovery periods. For example, three workouts of 5-7 minutes each with a short recovery between each one will allow for a higher level of intensity and keep you from getting bored doing the same movements over and over again.

6 Super Simple Recovery Drinks and Snacks

Maximize muscle recovery by choosing these smart and healthy post-workout foods and beverages.

12 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

Don’t be fooled by the labels–these foods aren’t what you think.

The Six Best Supersets for a Sick Pump and Serious Muscle Gains

If you set up your supersets to target the same muscle group, however, you’ll benefit get way more stimulus on your fibers — both slow-twitch and fast-twitch — and you’ll get a sick pump, too. Try one of these supersets at the end of your workout and see the difference after you leave the gym.

The Six Best Arm Exercises You’re Not Doing

Finding exercises that target the long and lateral heads of the triceps isn’t difficult: Everything from lying triceps extensions to dumbbell kickbacks to cable pushdowns do the trick. On the other hand, relatively few movements maximize the involvement of the medial head. That makes the reverse-grip cable pushdown — either using both hands simultaneously on a short straight bar or one arm at a time with a D-handle attachment — a great triceps workout finisher every time out.

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6 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

Don’t hurt yourself because you’re training the wrong way. Here are the mistakes you could be making, and how to fix them.

7 Things All Athletes Need To Do - Juggernaut

There is one irreplaceable thing in all athlete’s training, sport practice. You can be a great football player without doing power cleans or bench presses but you have to practice football. You can be a great powerlifter without pulling sleds and doing reverse hypers, but you have to squat, bench and deadlift. Beyond sport practice though, there are 7 movement categories that are present in the training of all my speed/power athletes (non-strength athletes, those that don’t play their sport with a barbell).

Bulk Up Your Legs With German Volume Training

German Volume Training is a protocol of 10 sets of 10 repetitions of a compound movement, using a 20-repetition max, or approximately 60 percent of the athlete’s one-rep max. Rest periods of 60 seconds up to three minutes have been advocated; however, rest depends on the movement being performed, the load used, and the anaerobic capacity of the athlete.

6 Simple Moves for Explosive Quad Growth

Add these easy quad-busters to the mix for bigger, stronger legs.

10 Unconventional Fitness Tools that Really Work

“The weighted jump rope is a great tool because it provides the perfect amount of resistance to challenge your lungs and muscles,” Hinds says. You can find a variety of styles, namely leather, beaded, or wire cable ropes that weigh about 1 to 2 pounds. The key is to use a weight that’s heavy enough to make your workout more demanding, but not too difficult where you lose your form. Jump forward and backwards (imitate running backwards) with the weighted jump rope to improve your speed, power, and conditioning—you’ll use completely different muscles and challenge your body, whipping it into fighting shape. 

16 Healthy Snacks to Get at a Convenience Store

When your stomach starts growling during a lengthy road trip, or you're on the go running from errand to errand to errand... reverting to food from a convenience store might be your best option. The problem with most convenient stops is their hard-to-avoid, front-and-center display of doughnuts, pizza bites, and taquitos that glow through a glass case. Yeah, don’t eat that. 

You're Terminated! Schwarzenegger Announced as New 'Celebrity Apprentice' Host

Looks like they found the perfect guy for the job. Today, the network officially announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger will host the reality show when it returns for the 2016-17 season. What new approach the iconic action star will take as the man in charge is uncertain, but one thing fans of the show can expect to see is a lot of people being "Terminated!"

3 Things Pro Athletes Do That You Shouldn't Copy

But, there are some habits that oftentimes you shouldn't copy. In fact, sometimes, following in the foot steps of Patrick Peterson, Usain Bolt, or any other of your favorite pros could actually hinder your progress, put you at risk for injury, and more. From diet to training, here are three ways you shouldn’t train like a professional athlete. Because sometimes training smarter—for you —is better than training harder.

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T NATION on Twitter

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WATCH: MEN'S FITNESS Interview With Diego Boneta

We sat down with the Scream Queens star before the show premieres September 22nd.

The Best Barbell Only Shoulder Workout

The clean and press is frequently called the most functional exercise of all, because it works every last muscle in your body to perform a basic movement pattern—picking something up and raising it overhead. The high pull isn’t done with heavy weights, but the speed you perform it at recruits all the biggest and strongest muscle fibers. Note that we’re also having you perform it with an extra-wide snatch grip. This makes the move easier on your shoulder joints, so you don’t inadvertently break them while you’re trying to build the muscle that surrounds them.

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Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy at

Everybody wants a lean, muscular physique. Like anything worth having, wanting it isn't enough. You have to commit to a rigorous diet and training program that will tax your strength mentally as well as physically. To help you satisfy both of these demands, ON's Essential Amino Energy combines a powerful ratio of rapidly absorbed free-form amino acids with natural energizers and N.O. boosting ingredients to help you reach your next level - including muscle-building BCAAs and arginine to help support intense, vascular pumps.* At 10 calories per serving, it'll make a big impression without denting your diet. Mix up Essential Amino Energy anytime you want to dial up mental focus, physical energy N.O. production, and recovery support.*

10 Basic Fashion Rules Every Guy Should Know

Why?  A lot of guys don’t have to wear a tie every day, but it is a basic staple in the modern man's wardrobe arsenal. It’s like tying a shoe—once you know, you know. It just takes a little repetition and practice. But once you get it down, you're ready for that interview, wedding, funeral, or any other event that guys that refuse to wear suits end up wearing a suit to. 

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The Mistaken Reason People Think Coffee Is Bad for Your Health

But here’s the thing: Coffee doesn’t raise your risk for hypertension, which is a chronic increase in blood pressure. It only jolts your B.P. for a few hours after drinking it—and even then, only in people who rarely drink it, says Italian researcher Giuseppe Grosso, M.D., Ph.D. 

Jeremy Buendia - Men's Physique - 2015 Olympia

Jeremy Buendia - Men's Physique - 2015 Olympia

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