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Ben Pakulski - back and arms workout in Cologne

Ben is the newest member of Team Scitec. Last week he worked in the SCITEC booth at FIBO 2014. Ben is preparing for Arnold Brasil so he couldn't allow himsel...

Hamstring Training | Ben Pakulski Teaches Hamstrings Training -Ben Pakulski Teaches Hamstrings Training - Discover 40+ insider tips from BPAK's lifestyle, training, nutrition and supplementa...

Fixing Zach Even Esh's Deadlift

See how Mark Bell used DH protocols to lose 50 pounds of fat - Power Project: The people's coach fixes the underground strength coaches...

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Earn It & Respect It - Zach Even-Esh

2 days in a row we trekked up the mountain behind Joe DeSena’s house and although I had been to the top before, it never gets old at the top.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014 - If you are busy with community issues or your career, your recent efforts might have brought you into the public eye. Although you enjoy the admiration of your peers, it's time to step down from the pedestal and work with others as equals. The sooner you realize that you have nothing to prove, the quicker your relationships will improve. Share the glory of being a star today; when your tribe shines brighter so do you.


" was the catalyst for my journey and the place where I discovered Kelsey Byers. became my fitness Bible." OriginalRecipe | BodySpace Profile

10 Training Tips for Gaining Lean Muscle

Hitting the gym twice a week is fine if you want to maintain the muscle you already have, but if you are shooting to add some size you should consider increasing your training frequency to 4-5 times per week. Even though these sessions may need to be a bit shorter to allow for recovery , the increased exposure to a training stimulus can be helpful in packing on mass .

Straight Sets for Strength and Size

Settle down, he’s not dead. In fact, I just saw him this morning in my squat rack. In fact, he’s probably immortal. Here’s when you should look for him: Use straight sets in a strength or mass phase of your training. Use them at the top of your workout. Strength, motivation, and coordination are highest then, so you’ll reap the best rewards. When your strength or mass phase is over, return to Circuit/ Superset City. In the meantime, I hear Straight Sets calling you over to the bench press.

Get Explosive with the Hang Clean

No training program is complete if it doesn’t include a healthy dose of explosiveness. It doesn’t matter what the goal is: If it’s mass building, power training recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones that grow the biggest) to a greater extent than slow-twitch fibers. For strength, being able to move weight faster will allow you to lift more weight immediately. If the goal is fat burning, explosive exercises ramp up the metabolism and keep it elevated long after your workout is over. If you’re an athlete, power moves will directly help your play on the field. In other words, make sure you train explosively on a regular basis. Feel free to start with this exercise: the hang clean.

Hidden Physique-Killing Foods - Part 3

Not every so-called bodybuilder-friendly food is all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s how to make the right choices with 3 staple foods.

Mark Bell's Bigger Bench Workout

The powerlifting giant gives you the ultimate plan to blow up your bench.

7 Reasons Your Rotator Cuffs Hate You

With the amount of stress you put them through, it's no wonder your rotator cuffs are angry.

6 Great Ways to Sneak Cardio Into Your Workouts

Many trainers will include what they call "fillers" in between sets in order to maximize training time and efficiency. This filler time that you have in between exercises is perfect to include some fat-burning cardio moves. You will keep your heart rate and metabolism up without hindering your weight training goals to build muscle. In fact, due to the change in training, this type of workout could help you bust through a current plateau due to the change in metabolic disturbance that it places on the body. If you are training primarily for strength, then stricter rest is probably warranted – you don’t want to compromise max power output on your next set – but for the vast majority out there concerned with muscle size and quality, then this is a great approach.


The answer lies in my Power Bodybuilding workouts, a program outlined here for the first time ever. The foundation is the three crazy-ass, heavier-than-hell power-lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat. Those are surrounded by bodybuilding moves. The result is a body that's not only show-and-go but also show-and-dominate, superhero style.

3-Day Fat-Torching Workout Routine

You need to diet to see your abs--there's no way around it. But burning 1,000 calories or more in your workouts alone can't hurt, either. We crunched the numbers and created this fat-smoking six-pack plan.

4 Leg Moves Better than the Barbell Squat

Don’t chain yourself to the squat for growth. Put these four underused moves to use for harder, stronger, bigger legs.

7 Easy Ways to Never Miss a Workout

The hardest part of working out? Getting your ass to the gym. Make sure you never miss a workout with these easy hacks.

6 Sleep Tips For Weightlifters

Sleep is essential for muscle repair and mass gan. Try these 6 sleep tips for bodybuilders to get a better night's rest.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Knee Crack and Pop?

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Knee Crack and Pop?

The 3-Circuit Fat Loss Workout

Circuit training is a great tool to use when time for working out is limited. In circuit training , resistance and aerobic training are combined into one workout to increase heart rate and keep it at a training level for the duration of the exercise session. The results are improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance along with functional strength and fat loss.

12 Foods to Remove from the Fridge Forever

Growing up, your fridge was probably always stocked with staples like milk, cheese, yogurt, pickles, and on and on. Problem is, if you haven't smartened up about the contents of your kitchen, these everyday eats could explain why you can’t seem to drop those last five pounds, or why your doc has suddenly taken an interest in your blood pressure .


ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

Is Your Diet Giving You a Deficiency?

Gone Paleo, gluten-free, vegan or low-carb? These expert tips can help you safely stick to your regimen without getting sick.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Muscle Food: Cottage Cheese

Mix two cups cottage cheese with one cup thick and chunky salsa, and serve with baked tortilla chips. To mask the cottage cheese more, nuke the mixture until the cheese melts, then stir well. Feel free to add black beans for more protein and fiber.

Trainer Q&A: Why Do I Get Calluses?

What do I do when a calluses tears? When a callus tears, it has to be trimmed back as close as you can get it to the live part of the skin. And it will have to be kept covered until it fills back in. This process takes at least two weeks. That’s why you don’t want them to get out of control and tear because it sets back your training.

German Volume Training: Build More Size in 6 Weeks

By blasting that much volume and time-under-tension onto your muscles, you’ll create an unmatched stimulus for muscle growth and repair. You’ll flood your fibers with blood to generate a superhuman pump. You’ll create massive hypertrophy in your slow-twitch muscle fibers. On a biological level, you’ll also increase the mitochondrial and capillary density within your slow-twitch muscles to recover better between sets and become fatigue-resistant.

10 Foods to Lower Bad Cholesterol

The leading cause of death in the United States, cardiovascular disease is the result of various symptoms and genetic predispositions. Hyperlipemia, or having high levels of lipids (fats) such as cholesterol and triglycerides, in the blood is a significant factor in developing heart disease. While weight loss, exercise, and diet can help raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, there are also specific compounds in foods that can work to protect your heart by promoting healthy cholesterol levels.

Training to Peak for a Meet

About the Author Brian Schwab has the all time highest total of 1930 pounds in the 148-pound class and is a WPO champion in the lightweight division. His total for the 148-pound class was ranked number one on Powerlifting USA's top 100 list for eight consecutive years. He won the 148-pound class in the first Bench America contest and is recognized as one of the most consistent powerlifters in the world. Brian competes equipped as well as raw (his raw total was ranked number two in the nation in the 148-pound class in 2009 with lifts of a 501-pound squat, a 325-pound bench, a 550-pound deadlift, and a 1377-pound total). Brian holds a bachelor's of science degree in exercise and sport sciences from the University of Florida and is CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). He owns and operates Orlando Barbell (—a 24-hour card access, powerlifting friendly gym. His best lifts in the 148-pound class are a 765-pound squat (five times body weight), the highest 148-pound class full meet bench of 565 pounds, a 606-pound deadlift, and the all time highest total of 1,930 pounds.

Ask Men's Fitness: When Should I Use Supersets Versus Straight Sets?

Ask Men's Fitness: When Should I Use Supersets Versus Straight Sets?

The T-Shirt Workout

HOW IT WORKS This program devotes one day to your shoulders and lats and another to your chest and arms. In the first workout you’re making your upper body wider, and in the next you’re making it denser from front to back. You may recognize some moves from CrossFit workouts (snatch grip high pull), some from the bodybuilding world (dumbbell flye), and others you’ve seen in pictures with a “no” symbol over them, indicating danger (behind-the-neck press)—it just means we’ve pulled from all the training wisdom available, both new and old school, to get the best results possible. (And don’t worry about behind-the-neck-pressing—as long as your form is on point, you’ll be fine.)

50 percent of cancer cases are preventable, says new report

As the Atlantic reports, cancer caused from smoking is on the decline as fewer of us light up, but there’s been a surge in cancer related to gaining weight. “It would appear, then, that diet and exercise are nearly as important as not smoking when it comes to preventing cancer,” the article says.

2014 Olympia - Awards - Men Open

2014 Olympia - Awards - Men Open

3 Better-for-You Breakfast Recipes

There are easy ways to shave calories from traditional heavyweights, like pancakes and muffins, while still enjoying a decent serving size. The trick: move in whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Check out these three breakfast recipes from Men's Fitness blogger Molly Morgan, whose latest book, Skinny-Size It , drops this week.

5 Necessary Attributes of a Pro Potential

Without the mental capacity to work your ass off day in and day out there is a very real possibility that, even with superior genetics, you may never reach the pro level. Still, it can happen because genetics trumps hard work sometimes. I get that more than a few of you will want to argue this but as much as you argue it, it is still true. Too many people have become pros without working any harder than a lot of the amateurs out there that bust their asses day in and day out, sometimes for decades. Still, psyche is a component of pro potential because if you simply aren’t willing to do the work or don’t have the discipline to diet for shows then you may not reach the pro level. Even for the pros that aren’t working harder than everyone else, they still have the mental capacity to be consistent day in and day out and live the lifestyle to the point that they reach their goals.

5 Super Strength Boosters

Crank up the poundages immediately with these training and supplementation strategies.


FUNNBAR™ is the first of its kind! Protein has never tasted this good or been so convenient. Each FUNNBAR™ packs 15 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in 10 individually wrapped chews that taste like candy! These delicious, gluten-free chews are available in three all-natural flavors: Caramel & Chocolate, Tropical Berry and Orange Cream. FUNNBAR™ is the perfect protein snack for eating on the run, throwing in your gym bag or sharing with a friend.

Seven Bad Habits That Could Make You Healthier

Some “bad” habits were never meant to be broken. These seven vices may ward off illness, sharpen your mind, and could even help you reach your fitness goals.

The Science Behind the 1-Rep Max

To figure out your 1RM without actually attempting it, estimate it by doing a set of 5–10 reps with lower weight. Then, find this weight and locate your 1RM estimation on a 1RM chart that lists the amount of weight you can lift 10 times as about 75% of your 1RM. Another way to estimate 1RM is to use websites and mobile applications that use equations to predict your maximum strength.

Grip Strength Exercises for Bone Crushin' Hands - Zach Even-Esh

I stopped wasting time with grip specific exercises, if I want to work the grip more I just slap on those fat gripz thingies on whatever, farmers walks, any pulling movement and so on + I also do nunchak swinging for upper body cardio and active recovery so when you’re good at it it also hits the forearms hard, specially the 8 figures. Also like to grab a lighter KB and twist it outside and inside so that the belly raises to horizontal, fat ropes and so on…oh yeah boxing bag clean hugs and carries too – where you don’t grab your hands and lock them but just hug the bag with your palms open.

Finish Strong

To extend a set, you can sometimes switch to an easier version of the same exercise to keep going. For instance, if you’re doing a dumbbell press for your chest, a flat press is easier than an incline — so if you start on an incline and reach failure, you’d pause to lower the adjustable bench to the flat position and then continue to rep. That theory works for pull-ups, too, which are a killer way to end a back routine. Start with wide overhand grip pull-ups until you can’t lift your head over the bar, then switch to the chin-style close underhanded grip, which call the biceps into action and are a little easier to continue the set. Once you fail, you can call it a day, or — if you have a spotter or a counterweighted pull station — use those to eke out a few more reps.

Boost Your Energy

What to eat, what to do—even what to wear. 50 ways to instantly kick up your energy level to an all-time high

How to Open a Beer Bottle Without an Opener

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a great time being ruined by an unforeseen awkward moment—say, watching a nail-biting game or chatting up a lucky lady and then being distracted by something as silly as not having a bottle opener for your beer. This could potentially be a make-or-break moment, so we’ve found six of the smoothest and most effective ways you can open up a brew without losing your cool—and keep the good times rolling.

Power Training for Team Sports

Most general strength training focuses on the development of force without the application of velocity. Since the generation of maximum force is usually represented via an isometric contraction, this would appear to be disadvantageous to the expression of force in respect to time. Also popular in general training is tempo training that emphasizes slower speeds of contraction during both eccentric and concentric phases. Although this may be an excellent mode of training for hypertrophy, it still relates force to force development rather than the rate at which that force is developed or expressed.

Artificial Sweeteners Could Damage the Gut

does not recognize the artificial sweeteners as “food,” the sweeteners pass through trillions of bacteria in the gut, altering and potentially damaging them along the way. The same study was conducted using human subjects, and researchers found that participants who consumed artificial sweeteners had begun to develop glucose intolerance after just one week of the experiment. People who are glucose intolerant are essentially pre-diabetic, so the fact that some of these subjects developed glucose intolerance after only


44 2014 Olympia Weekend: Mr. Olympia Final Results -

No surprise here, Phil won and deserved to win in my opinion. It's NOT a freak show it's the "Mr. Olympia". He was the most aesthetically pleasing, most symmetrical and the most massive all rolled into one. When at the top you can only be beaten by someone who is better not the same as you or bigger in a few areas minus definition. That's not what the judges want. In other words this isn't a popularity contest sorry, dancing with the stars, american idol and the voice fans...

Putting Evidence to Work for Your Program - Juggernaut Training Systems

When we look at literature-based evidence, we are trying to find out if the study has internal validity (is the experimental design able to conclude what it claims?), external validity (the ability to generalize the findings to other people and situations), and ecological validity (how well the study represents the real world people and situations used). Many of our training concepts can be highly generalized: Strength is good, Specificity is good, Periodization is good, Over-Training is bad. The trouble is generally finding strong ecological support for the group of athletes you want to apply evidence-based practice to; for example having a population of 18-21 year old East Tennessee small college division rugby 7′s players. Good luck! In fact, unless you read my dissertation I’m willing to bet you will never find support for that population ever! BUT the good news is that data exists, or could exist. In fact, the strongest evidence to support your population or situation is in a place you might not have looked – your own athletes.

The Skinny on Getting Lean: Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat

As for you: If you are looking to lose weight or advise others, keep a few things in mind. First, shooting for a truly low-carb diet as a lifestyle is not always realistic, so be prepared for some substantial padding on daily carb intake. Second, low-carb is still a sensible option when looking to lose weight and concerns about cardiovascular damage likely are overblown—low-carbers in this trial had better heart disease markers than the low-fat group. However, don’t take it as a license to eat bacon wrapped sticks of butter on a whim.

2014 Olympia - Dexter Jackson - Men Open

2014 Olympia - Dexter Jackson - Men Open

3 Renegade Documentaries That Changed My Life - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

3X Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Flex Lewis

Click here for “The Best of Olympia”—our FREE digital issue in honor of the 50 th  Annual Mr. Olympia

EliteFTS: Fitmark BOX Meal Management System

Manage your meals like you manage your life: efficient, organized, and smart. Introducing The Box: a revolutionary food organizer that fits into your busy life. It�s lightweight, portable, with tough ballistic nylon and a heavy-duty strap. Easily organize your meals with two large seal-tight containers, two cool packs (one that is TSA approved), a patented shaker bottle with custom vitamin and protein mix organizer, and exterior sleeves for your water bottle and workout journal. It even has a swivel-action center divider that pivots for maximum organization. The Box makes it simple to have go to work, hit the gym and still have a healthy meal eight hours later. The ultimate health management system? It�s in The Box. KEY FEATURES: �2 Seal-Tight Meal Containers, BPA Free �Custom Shaker Bottle with vitamin and protein mix organizer, BPA Free �2 high quality Ice Packs (1 LG and 1 MED - TSA Approved) �Keeps food fresh, longer �Lightweight, portable �Exterior pocket for your water bottle �Swivel action center divider for organization �Back side pocket for your workout and diet journal �Luggage strap and attachment �Made with high-grade ballistic nylon TECHNICAL DETAILS: Main Fabrics: Ballistic Nylon or Polyester Dimensions: 9.

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