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Push Your Pecs: Four Ways to Pushup

The push-up—like any type of press or pull—requires the use of several muscle groups working on concert. But unlike some of its barbell or dumbbell counterparts, the push-up calls several smaller muscle groups—which work as stabilizers—into play. Your abs, serratus, lower back, hip flexors and rotator cuffs all reap the benefits of a well-executed set of push-ups, even though your pecs are the main target. And strengthening that supporting cast will only help you on your bigger moves for your chest like heavy incline presses.

Bring the Bands for a Bigger Bench

Researchers concluded that barbell bench presses with additional band resistance seem to be more evenly distributed over the full range of motion, decreasing the need for dramatic deceleration as a lifter approaches lockout, which can completely stall a lift. In lay terms, using bands, subjects reached a faster top speed and increased speed longer. The faster you accelerate a barbell, the greater the odds are of by-passing potential sticking points.

Muscle in Minutes: Legs

When I think of athletes with huge quads, I think immediately of Olympic lifters. The key to their quad-bloated success? They perform a ton of fronts, heavy. So we start the week off with heavy front squats to get the quads growing and move right on to hamstrings. The hamstrings are made of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers, so a hearty diet of high-rep sets on leg curls isn’t really doing them any favors. It’s important to with stick with heavy weight, in this case via the Romanian deadlift, which targets the muscle across two joints (the knee and the hip). By the time you get to the lunges, you are pretty spent but it’s crucial to hit the glutes, hams and quads just a little more in this short of a workout.

Put Down the Pick Up Line

“It’s pretty easy for others to see when you’re not interested,” says U. of K.’s Jeffrey Hall, Ph.D. “The hard part is showing them when you are, without seeming overly aggressive or foolish.”

Essentials: All a Guy Needs to Cook a Decent Meal

Chef and NYC Restaurateur Bill Telepan is going to make that transition easier. He’s provided the no-nonsense, no-soufflé-cup, no-vegetable-juicer, list of everything you need to cook a decent meal. There’s no excess, just 10 items that will move you from a sloppy grilled cheese to a moist grilled chicken. 

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Lunges: A 6-Step Program

Time to spice up your lunge life with these creative training techniques.

PT Prophet Podcast Episode 12 – Zach Even Esh

Was absolutely stoked to have Zach on my show.  I have been following Zach for around 10 months and love all of the posts he uploads to YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Four Sangrias to Say Goodbye to Summer

Even though sangria gets its name from the dark crimson Cabernets and merlots it’s typically made with—the word itself is a variation on the Spanish and Portuguese term for “bloodletting”—those red wines aren’t essential to making the ultimate end-of-summer drink. “As long as whatever you’re making contains alcohol , chopped fruit, and a sweetener of some type, you can call it sangria,” says Christopher Minaya, an expert mixologist, former Marine Corps captain, and brand ambassador for Cîroc vodka. Swapping in alternative mixers and unique ingredients is a good way to give the traditional drink a kick, he says. Here are four of our favorite variations on classic sangria to get you started on creating your own custom concoctions behind the bar.

Watch Out, There’s Plastic In Your Toothpaste

Though the Food and Drug Administration has deemed them safe, they don't disintegrate, making them a potential dental hazard. Dentists are speaking out against the safety of these beads, claiming that they get stuck in the crevices of the teeth and trap bacteria close to the gums, which can  escalate to gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease . These beads are found in many Crest products, including Crest 3D White and Crest Pro Health.

2014 Olympia Pump Up Room: Big Ramy!

Click here for “The Best of Olympia”—our FREE digital issue in honor of the 50 th  Annual Mr. Olympia

Dry Roasted Peanuts Could Trigger Food Allergies

humans, responses can range from skin reactions to more extreme effects, such as difficulty breathing and swelling of the mouth. But if scientists have indeed identified the chemical process responsible for severe allergic reactions, future products could be made safer by eliminating roasted nuts

2014 Olympia 212 Showdown 2nd Place Finisher, Eduardo Correa

Click here for “The Best of Olympia”—our FREE digital issue in honor of the 50 th  Annual Mr. Olympia

Get Lean Even With Injuries

If you’ve been training for a few years, chances are you’re no longer able to do all your favorite lifts, due to injury or age. But that’s no excuse to bail on hard training entirely. Instead, with a few exercise substitutions, you can continue to challenge yourself, build muscle, and burn off the fat to see your abs inside of a month. Our routines work the whole body with joint-friendly movements that help you burn more calories and see your six-pack. This won’t hurt a bit.