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When you wake, tell yourself "Every choice I make takes me closer." Say it 10 times—out loud. Then, as you brush your teeth, look into the mirror and say: "Damn, I'm fantastic. I'm smart, I'm tough, and I'm powerful. I'm on my way to be all I can be and then some." It will feel silly at first, but just like you get stronger every time you say "no," you'll get better at believing—and becoming—what you say.

Six Essential Pieces of High-Performance Sports Gear

Eye-catching luminous accents energize the dial of this classic sports watch and, together with a black silicone strap, give it a decidedly modern edge. The handsome and durable automatic timepiece, which never needs winding, features a unidirectional elapsed-time bezel ring with screw-down caseback and crown, and water resistance down to 200 meters for uninhibited, carefree fall adventures .

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014 - You are riding a surge of previously suppressed energy today, like a surfer on a building wave. You thrive on the excitement and the current adrenaline rush makes you feel fully alive. Just don't get so distracted that you lose touch with your unexpressed feelings. You may have a sweet opportunity to connect with someone on a deeper lever now, but you have to be willing to take a different kind of risk. Instead of avoiding the discomfort of vulnerability, discuss your desires with a confidant you can trust.

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" was the catalyst for my journey and the place where I discovered Kelsey Byers. became my fitness Bible." OriginalRecipe | BodySpace Profile

Power Surge: Chest Blast

This month I want to show you my chest workout, which serves as a perfect introduction to the concepts of power bodybuilding. Like a powerlifting workout, reps are kept low to allow you to use the heaviest possible weight. You’ll also rest 3–5 minutes between sets, letting you make a full recovery and continue lifting heavy throughout the session. The volume necessary to satisfy the bodybuilding portion of this equation comes from the number of total sets used; though you’ll do only four exercises in total, you’ll do 28 sets, including warmups. These workouts tend to run long (90-plus minutes) but allow you to chase everything you want at the same time. Get after it, Beast.

4 Easy Tricks to Lift More Weight Instantly

Here’s how it works: before your main lift, quickly expose your muscles to a heavy, non-fatiguing weight for a single set. Before you back squat 250 lbs. for 10 reps, for example, try a heavy set of 2 reps (at around 90% of your 1-rep max). Or you can use a set of heavy kettlebell swings to fire your glutes, activate your hip drive from the bottom, and spike your central nervous system.

Get a Shredded Six Pack Quick

Sure, diet is the main component to having defined abs, but a little bit of work on them doesn’t hurt. Since we came to that realization, we asked Andrew Sakhrani, CSCS of Monster Gym in Montreal, Canada, for a routine to whip those abs into shape for summer.

Pre-Exhaustion Pec Training

It’s a rule most guys follow religiously on chest day : Pressing movements should be done before flyes. There’s nothing wrong with this bit of wisdom—unless, of course, this is the only way you ever train. The following routine flips this notion on its head in a good way, having you perform your isolation work first and your big presses last. Done once per week, it's sure to spark muscle growth .

Master the L-Sit to Get Stronger and Shredded

The L-sit hold is a deceptively brutal exercise with benefits that go beyond merely the visual. Not only will this exercise help fill out your sleeves and chisel your abs , it will improve the health of your shoulders, help you with your deadlift, and build functional core strength as well. How do you do it? The L-sit hold is best done on a pair of parallettes. They look like a tiny version of parallel bars (hence the name) you’d find in a gymnasium or outdoor park. Most CrossFit gyms will have a few of them lying around, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one in a commercial gym. However, nearly every gym has dip bars, and you can even do L-sits on a pair of pushup bars, on kettlebells, yoga blocks, or even on a pair of benches. You just need two sturdy and secure platforms of the same height that will lift your butt off the ground when you lock your arms pushing down in between them.

5 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Diet for Sharper Abs

Getting the abs you've always wanted doesn't have to be a goal that you spend your entire life chasing. Most people can have that sleek, shredded abdomen if they just train hard and eat right. It is always the latter of these two components that keeps people from getting there. Sometimes, it's for a pure lack of discipline. But for some people, it's a matter of information - too much or too little of it can send your six-pack spiraling into Kegville. These five tips are the only things you should focus on with regards to what goes into your ab-focused nutrition. Pair these principles with some of the abs training programs in M&F and your chase for the midsection you've always wanted might start nearing its finish line.

4 Moves for Bigger Biceps

This combination of free weight training, the constant tension provided by cables and a gymnastics-like strength move will provide a spark to help bring up even the most stubborn of biceps peaks. And because no good pair of arms is complete without adequate forearm and grip strength, Burwell threw in a grueling farmer’s walk with four dangling kettlebells. Expect some next-day arm soreness after this one.

11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

Burn fat, lose weight and start seeing real results by getting rid of these bad habits.

The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout for Bodybuilders

Ever wondered how you can build muscle and get jacked with bodyweight training alone? Here's how.

We 'Mirin Volume 85: Before They Were Pros -

Before the giants ever took the Olympia stage they had to hit the weights. Check out these before and after photos!

Advanced Stretching

Andy Speer, a certified personal trainer at Equinox, put together five key stretches that will have you looking, feeling, and performing better. These stretches are designed to be done after appropriate soft tissue work (like foam rolling) and before your warmup. The idea is to increase tissue quality for stretching and then actively move the joints through the new range of motion after stretching. “The strongest guys and best athletes in the world do this stuff,” Speer says. Pec Stretch Most guys have tight internal rotator (pecs and lats) which leads to that ‘hunched over look.' Both the pec and lat stretch are critical for establishing proper posture during lifting and throughout the day.


Muscletech Essential Platinum 100% Whey platinum 100% Whey is powered by an impressive amino acid profile that delivers 5.5g of BCAAs, 4g of glutamine! Get The Lowest Prices On Platinum 100% Whey At!

5 Ways to Work Out Without Weights

It’s 2014. And with all the knowledge that’s out there now about exercise, there’s really no excuse for not achieving your fitness goals. You can’t argue that you don’t know what to do because there are hundreds of coaches offering thousands of different programs (pick one!). People love to say they don’t have time to work out, but there are dozens of routines that can be completed in minutes .

Why Kai Didn't Win (and Why It Doesn't Matter)

Kai is an icon as much as anyone who ever became champion [excluding Arnold, and maybe Lee Haney if you subscribe to the belief that he was significantly responsible for ushering in the Mass Monster Era. I do not; although I do believe that Haney is often forgotten, I believe he should be remembered for his eight consecutive Sandows rather than for his cultural impact on the sport]. Kai has a larger online following than even the current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath. He built this following mostly through YouTube videos and his gone-viral social monologues.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Rookie Mistakes: The Squat

It’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing in the gym, but you may be dropping the ball. Certain exercises are more technically demanding than others, and learning their major cues once may not cut it in the grand scheme of things. Getting “comfortable” with certain movements can sometimes allow a lifter to “slip” into form that’s less than perfect. Not to worry, we've got your back. The Rookie Mistakes series serves as a call to action for lifters of all experience levels to practice perfect form on the road to achieving fitness success.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Elbow Hurt During Workouts?

Performing the same routines in the gym, neglecting to train every muscle group, and lifting excessively heavy weights are the most common causes of elbow pain, all of which create muscular imbalances and increase the strain on the joint.

7 Weight-Loss Lies We Don't Understand Why People Believe Them

7 Weight-Loss Lies We Don't Understand Why People Believe Them

15 Worst Muscle & Fitness Covers of All Time

Not every issue can be a home run and in 75 years we were bound to have some atrocious, cheesy and lousy covers.

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

Pssst! Come here. C’mon . . .closer. We’ve got a secret for you — a diet secret that will allow you to add loads of sinewy mass to your physique, the way the pros do. In fact, it’s a secret all the pros already know and the one that, if you ever hope to get to their size, you need to know, too. The secret is . . . there ain’t no secret. Sorry if that disappoints you. But when it comes to eating for mass, there are no clandestine shortcuts or magical elixirs. You just need to eat foods that you’re already familiar with and you need to consume them in large quantities.

10 Sex Deal-Breakers from Real Women

You may have just thrown down serious bills on dinner, complimented her all night, and used your best moves when kissing her, but you aren't in the clear yet. Surprisingly, these are not the things that matter most to women when she’s deciding whether or not she wants to have sex with you tonight. Her decision comes down to the tiniest things you do and say, and she holds all the cards. If you commit any of these crimes, sex will be off the table in as little time it takes you to rip her clothes off.

Hey, Dirtbags: Five Body Washes That Work Better Than Bar Soap

Bar soap isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Believe it or not, your standard block of Irish Spring or Zest can wreak havoc on your skin, stripping your dermis of the moisture it needs to remain smooth and healthy. But the latest body washes (or “shower gels”) to hit the shelves of your local pharmacy are different: They not only keep your skin hydrated, they also come loaded with extra benefits, including blends of calming natural ingredients, subtle scents, and triple-duty formulations for seamless washing, shampooing, and shaving. 10 Grooming Products Guys Steal from Their Girlfriends>>>

NBA FIT Live Healthy Week: Sweet Potato Breakfast Burrito Recipe

is teaming up with the NBA to celebrate NBA FIT Live Healthy Week . While all-star athletes will be promoting fitness and healthy living in communities around the nation, we're camping out in the kitchen. Each day, we'll deliver a series of low-calorie, muscle-building, athlete-caliber recipes designed by world-class chefs, like Mario Batali, Candice Kumai, Marc Forgione, Bill Telepan, Ali Maffucci, and Roble Ali.

8 Foods You Should Avoid

The foods you choose to fuel your body with must be harmonious with your training goals. Meaning, if you desire a body shaped like a sack of wet burritos, stuffing your face with fatty and processed foods would be a suitable pathway to achieving that ambitious objective. However, we’re guessing you’re after a more fit and muscular physique, eating healthy food is crucial.

Strong360 Podcast

Brandon Lilly and Chad Wesley Smith, two of the World's strongest athletes, kick off the inaugural episode of the Strong360 Podcast, with a discussion of their recent clinic experiences, Kilos for Heroes meet, the CrossFit Games and more!

The Most Popular Mass Diets Explained

The Most Popular Mass Diets Explained

Kris Gethin's Full-Body Superset Thrasher Workout! -

There's no doubt that working one or two muscle groups per training session produces tangible results. However, if your schedule suddenly gets so busy that you can only manage a couple of workouts per week, then one muscle group is bound to get overlooked. The solution? A full-body workout that incorporates all of your muscles while keeping your strength and power at optimum levels.

HIIT Harder for Rapid Gains

This full body HIIT workout is designed for advanced fitness levels. The exercises are challenging and also trigger multiple muscle groups. Give yourself 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise. I use a timer interval app I’ve downloaded on my phone. No matter who you are, one of the most important parts of establishing an exercise routine is finding something enjoyable and maintainable.

Ask Men's Fitness: What’s a Good Starter Setup if I Want to Use Weights?

Our expert explains the best weights for a home gym and how to use them to see results.

9 Dumb Things Not to Do on a First Date

One thing I’ve noticed across over 10,000 clients is that dates are actually the worst place to screw things up. If you mess up when you first approach a woman, you’ve lost 15 seconds and maybe bruised your ego. If things don’t go well on a date, you’ve lost the time and money from the date itself, from the first time you met her, and all of the phoning and texting in between. Fail early, not late. To that end, I’d like to share these nine dumb things not to do on a first date. These tips won’t get you the girl on their own, but they’ll stop you from sinking your own ship unnecessarily.

Six Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Mix 1/2 tsp of baking soda with 1/2 tsp of water to form a paste. Then, using a toothbrush, brush the paste onto your teeth for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse. You can repeat this every other day for one or two weeks, and then cut back to once a week to prevent too much abrasion.

Six ways to get healthier in the next 20 minutes

Hoebel’s gone inside the gym, inside the kitchen, and inside your head to provide six tips to get healthier in the next 20 minutes. 

Get Lean Even With Injuries

If you’ve been training for a few years, chances are you’re no longer able to do all your favorite lifts, due to injury or age. But that’s no excuse to bail on hard training entirely. Instead, with a few exercise substitutions, you can continue to challenge yourself, build muscle, and burn off the fat to see your abs inside of a month. Our routines work the whole body with joint-friendly movements that help you burn more calories and see your six-pack. This won’t hurt a bit.

I Am Not a Weight Lifter

It’s equally impossible to nail him down on a general chest workout, since the exercises, the order in which they’re performed, and the number of reps and sets is constantly changing. Maybe he can tell you what he did in his last chest workout; there aren’t a lot of straight answers with Greene. Most of the explanation is going to be about his mental state and how he hopes other weight trainers are thinking and little to none of the usual nuts-and-bolts, three-sets-of-10 palaver.

The Easy Way to Make Awesome Beer Nuts

When summer ends, football season begins. But, unfortunately, so too does the season of lackluster snacks. As football fans head to their living room couches and sports bar stools, they’re susceptible to gross-flavored potato chips and mounds of crappy carbohydrates covered with nacho cheese. This season, put an end to sub-par snacking. Starting this weekend, elevate your home game with this spicy, salty, sweet, and strangely addictive nut mix. The nuts taste best straight out of the oven, served warmed with a cold beer. Make them an hour before kickoff and you can snack away without the risk of suffering a fourth quarter couch coma. Plan Check Kitchen + Bar Beer Nuts Recipe by Ernesto Uchimura, executive chef of Plan Check Kitchen + Bar in Los Angeles

The Five Pillars of Good Nutrition

Regardless of whether you're looking to get bigger, leaner, or healthier, you'll need to follow a core set of principles that lay the groundwork for your diet plan.


11:30 am. The Scottish piper I hired crosses the field and begins playing a medley while the athletes warm up. Warm-ups are going good, but I am flooded with emotion seeing my 84-year-old parents at the meet. They have not seen me throw since 1992 at the Olympic Trials. I have coached 218 All-American and 47 national champions in my 21 years, and many have returned to watch. Adrenaline is flowing!

The Pyramid of Strength - Juggernaut Training Systems

The base of the pyramid is broad, it is occupied by the most athletes (beginners), and it can fit the most exercises. When an athlete first begins their training, there is a very large pool of exercises that can help them improve. Think back to your first months of training the squat and all the things that would cause your numbers to go up; squat, front squat, box squat, leg curls, back raises, lunges… and the list goes on. This is true in the narrow context of a single exercise or physical quality, as well as the broader sense of developing overall athleticism for the youth athlete. The young athletes – those at the base of the pyramid – need to be exposed to a wide variety of movement patterns so they can develop general abilities (GPP) before progressing to more specific means (SPP).

10 Tips For Endurance Training

Follow these 10 tips for endurance training, to prepare yourself for any race that stands in your way.

Three Muscle-Building Supplements You've Never Heard Of

Three Muscle-Building Supplements You've Never Heard Of

Live Life Lean

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download the free app Live Life Lean by Fighter Diet, Inc., get iTunes now.

Size Secret #9: Giant Sets for Giant Guns

DEXTER JACKSON: “I found that training arms [bi’s and tri’s] on their own, in one workout, worked best for me and allowed for maximum growth. Training arms on their own — not with a larger bodypart like chest, back or shoulders — allows you to focus all your attention on them and lift the heaviest weights possible. br>The specific technique I used that brought on the most growth in my arms was giant sets. I would do one giant set for biceps and one for triceps, and do that four times through. Giant sets give you a great pump and are effective at shocking a stubborn muscle group into growing.”

Fit in 15: Fat-Burning Tabata Circuit

And Tabata training—eight, 20-second segments of work followed by 10 seconds of rest—definitely qualifies as serious. This minimalist routine can be used whenever you are short on time or equipment (or both), or when you’re simply looking for a bodyweight-based shock to the system. And we promise—if you pour max intensity into each work segment, you will enjoy plenty of next-day soreness.

49 Healthy Recipes: 5 Renovated Restaurant Meals -

Eating at restaurants is fun, but it can be a clean-eating nightmare. Bring the restaurant to your kitchen! Here are five healthy renovated restaurant recipes.

Take a Break...or Not?

How much time is OK to take of from the gym without losing muscle and strength?

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