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Stop Going Heavy on These 3 Exercises

If you've been chasing 1RM strength in these movements, you're barking up the wrong tree. Stay pain-free and get better results by switching to these three exercises!

7 Hardcore Chest Exercises for the Advanced Lifter

Be prepared to bring it with these extreme pec-thrashers.

What Inspires You?

The world records, the surgeries, the comebacks, the nights alone in motels, the tears, the blood, and everything in between needs to have a purpose. This is what I want to leave.

Kevin Levrone - How I See It | Episode 1

Kevin Levrone answers pertinent industry questions in his new weekly MD video series: "How I See It". In this episode, he covers the 2017 Olympia outcome, Phil Heath's social media video and why he didn't compete in 2017 but will in 2018!

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The 500 Workout | T Nation

Train for long enough and at some point you'll want to do something different. We all need an occasional break from the same old routine. It may be for just one day, or perhaps a week. Maybe you're on vacation or at a gym with limited equipment. Maybe you want to dedicate one day a week to unconventional training. If that sounds like you, you've got to try this.

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Visit "GENERATION IRON" to Re-Cap 2017 Arnold Classic Europe Results! @GenerationIron

Tip: Rub This On For More Reps | T Nation

The scientists weren't sure how capsaicin affected the lifters like it did, but they had some ideas. They first thought it might have something to do with capsaicin's analgesic effect, thinking that if the exercise didn't hurt, it allowed the lifters to eke out a few more reps. Another theory was that capsaicin stimulated muscle fibers, or that maybe it stimulated the central nervous system.

The 10 Best Abs Exercises for Beginners

Give the situps a rest, champ. If you really want an impressive six-pack (and you already have the nutrition down), then these moves are the ones you should take to the gym.

The Cure for Puny Arms | T Nation

The best way to increase the thickness of the triceps is by growing the lateral head. Heavy press lockout variations are key here. The bench press, decline bench press, and overhead press are good choices for working the lockout position. Just set up the safety pins in the power rack so that you only have to press about 8-10 inches in the exercises. The lateral head responds best to heavy loading and these are the exercises that allow you to load the triceps with the most resistance.

13 Tricks for Perfect Exercise Form | T Nation

A cue is just a short prompt or phrase that quickly reminds you of good exercise form. If you're not thinking about following the right cues when lifting, you might not be getting the most out of your training. Here are 13 of the most bang-for-your-buck technical cues.

Tip: Eat Oatmeal Cookies, Build Muscle | T Nation

People are strange, especially bodybuilders and gym rats. Tell them to have some oatmeal with protein powder, a handful of nuts, and a little fruit for breakfast and they'll do it. After all, that's about the best breakfast you could eat if you like muscle.

Tip: The Coffee That Enhances Performance | T Nation

Be aware, though, that non-Dutched cocoa doesn't mix well. You either have to add a little fat – ideally coconut oil – to help dissolve the cocoa, or go without the fat and just keep swishing it around in the cup before you take a sip.

Tip: How To Do a Handstand | T Nation

One of the most important things to know before kicking up away from the wall is how to fall. If you kick up too hard and freeze in a panic things are going to go tits-up real quick. The easiest way to bail is to "cartwheel" out of the movement. It never hurts to practice a couple cartwheels before you kick up and try to stick your handstand.

Tip: Warm Up Fast and Kill It | T Nation

The mobilization will take place after we've already had the chance to increase core temperature via dynamic movement. The purpose of our mobilization isn't to put ourselves in pain. Quite the contrary. We're simply trying to prepare the primary muscle groups that will be directly involved with that day's upper-body workout.

Tip: Do This Before Leg Day | T Nation

The goal of your warm-up should be to prepare you for your workout by priming the central nervous system and primary movers, as well as increasing core temperature. It's also possible to include mobility and correctives in your warm-up, and do it all in 15 minutes or less.

Today's Workout

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The Ultimate 6-Week Home Workout

Are you so short on time that commuting 20 plus minutes to the gym keeps you from getting your workouts in? Or maybe you’ve got a different reason where you want to train at home. Either way, it's why this program has a three-day training split, requiring only the bare necessities: a set of dumbbells and a bench.


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Get Bigger Shoulders With 5 Easy Moves

With the setup here, we’re stripping down to the bare essentials. You’ll perform barbell shrugs to develop your traps, then a balanced dumbbell raise attack that will keep your lats, a delicate muscle group, evenly developed and help protect your shoulders when you bench press. Now that your shoulders are warmed up, we’re getting you yoked up by throwing in the military press as your finishing move.

Tip: The Worst Time to Stretch | T Nation

Properly preparing the mind becomes a key component when priming the body for maximum output. A TDW ensures that you're laser focused so you can squeeze the most out of your workout as soon as it starts. As a bonus, it can also determine if you need a longer warm-up if your nervous system is a little overworked.

50 Cent's 8-Move Muscle Endurance Workout

“Whenever I’m coaching I do a lot of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is about anchoring in and focusing on the future self. For example, with 50, his goal when shooting for M&F is focusing on how he’s going to feel the following morning when he gets up. So we’re connected with a current self and the future self. It’s not about training harder; it’s about training your psyche.”

19 Testosterone Nation

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Tip: Track Your Results or You Won't Get Results | T Nation

Newbies and lifters who can't make gains anymore have something in common. Take a look.

Tip: Take This to Increase Testosterone by 24% | T Nation

However, not many of us are willing to eat the amounts of food it would take to get us to a gram of magnesium (e.g., about 10 cups of seaweed). Secondly, there's no way of guaranteeing the exact amount of magnesium you'd be getting from these foods since many otherwise nutrient-rich foods are actually nutrient poor because of variabilities in soil and growing methods.

Top 5 rookie runner mistakes

We have all seen "ugly" runners—the runners who look like they are up on their toes or marching in a band. I will be the first to tell you: do not worry about how you look when running. Just get out and run. There is a lot of emphasis put on "proper form." Especially as a beginner, the last thing you want to do is change your form and move your body in a way that is unnatural. Just get out and run. Do what feels good for you .

C4 Original by Cellucor at - Best Prices on C4 Original!

Warnings: THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY INTENDED FOR HEALTHY ADULTS, 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, currently taking PDE5 inhibitors or nitrates for chest pain. Do not take this product before consulting a licensed, qualified, health care professional if you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter medication; or if, you suspect you have or have been treated for, diagnosed with or have a family history of, any medical condition. This product contains caffeine and should not be used in combination with caffeine or stimulants from other sources. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery. Immediately discontinue use and contact a medical doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not use this product continuously for more than 8 weeks. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

10 Superfoods for Super Health

You may not appreciate the way it makes your breath smell, but the health benefits of including garlic as part of your regular diet far outweigh any odorous drawbacks. That's because garlic can help thin the blood, which can be helpful in the prevention of heart disease, such as heart attacks and stroke. It has also been shown to improve joint health and increase absorption of iron and zinc. In addition, studies have found that phytochemicals in garlic can stop the development of carcinogenic chemicals in the body.

Tip: The Bad Habit That Makes You Overeat | T Nation

A new study (a meta-analysis) published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people don't get enough sleep, they eat around 385 more calories the following day. This is called "partial sleep deprivation." It means that you slept, but only about 4-5 total hours.

14 prebiotic foods you should be eating

This one’s probably unfamiliar, unless you have an abuela with a culinary streak. Commonly known as Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip, jícama is a root vegetable composed of about 80-90% water. It’s high in carbohydrates (in the form of dietary fiber), but what’s special about jícama is that its fiber is infused with oligofructose inulin, which has zero calories and doesn't metabolize in the body. The inulin balances your immunity, helps increase the absorption of calcium from other foods, and has a prebiotic role in the intestine by promoting “good” bacteria growth. Because it has a very low glycemic index, jícama is a great food for weight loss, too.

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Carb Loading 101

Let's summarize some contest-prep guidelines for calories, protein, carbs, and fat : Total calories should not be reduced below that which produces one to two pounds of weight loss per week. Six weeks or so out from contest day, you’ll want to reduce weight loss to one pound per week to save muscle. Protein should range between 1–1½ grams per pound of body weight. Carbohydrates should stay as high as possible while keeping protein in the ideal range and still allowing one to two pounds of weight loss per week. Resist the temptation to cut carbs too low. Fat can make up the rest and should fall between 15–20% of total calories. If this is your first contest, give yourself a week for every two pounds you think you’ll need to lose.

6 Things You Should Do After Every Workout

“You don’t need to eat protein within 30 minutes of your workout,” he says. “Most research shows that it comes down to your overall protein intake throughout the day. The anabolic window for the body to recover is anywhere from 24-36 hours after your workout, so consistent feeding and getting protein and essential amino acids in every meal is what you’re looking to do. The problem is it’s hard to make recommendations [on protein amounts] because it depends on things like your fitness goals and body size.”

White Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes for Bodybuilders

There actually is a spot in your diet for each, depending on when you eat them. Overall, they’re pretty evenly matched: both contain strikingly similar amounts of calories, protein, carbs and fat. In the content of a couple of key minerals, though, white potatoes are the winner. They contain more than three times the folate of sweet potatoes and have more potassium (which is important for postworkout recovery) than their sweet cousins. So feel free to eat white potatoes, just make sure it’s right after working out, when the insulin boost will be directed straight to your muscles.

The 30-minute dumbbell workout program to build muscle

There's something intensely satisfying about lifting with barbells. After all, there's nothing like loading up a bunch of steel and conquering a new personal best in the deadlift. But when push comes to press, dumbbells offer a lot more versatility. They don't need much space, and you can find them anywhere, from the dinkiest hotel fitness center to your uncle's garage.

Juliana Malacarne: She's Got Legs

“The squat is the very best exercise for building your legs and butt. I wouldn’t feel like I had a complete leg workout if I didn’t squat.” They were famous long before she became an Olympia champion. In fact, for the first five years of her career Juliana Malacarne stood on a pair of legs that made her, well, stand out, even as she was placing in the bottom half of all but one of the 11 shows she entered in for the IFBB Pro League. In 2012, a new division called women’s physique was introduced and that year’s inaugural New York Pro Physique proved to be the perfect platform for Malacarne to showcase those full, shapely legs, as well as the rest of her considerable talents. The Brazilian-born beauty now has a record seven wins, including two Olympia Women’s Physique Showdowns, and Malacarne and her famous legs have walked into the record books as the most decorated women’s physique competitor to date. “People think you have to train heavy to develop your muscles, but the amount of weight you use has to be just right. It can’t be too heavy, and it can’t be too light that you’re not working hard enough.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017 - Your master plan for professional success has taken nearly everything into account. However, circumstances still diverge from your strategy as unexpected twists and turns bend reality. It might be disheartening to discover that much of your preparation is of little value now that so many things have changed forever. Don’t let sloppy thinking slip back into the equation while you recreate a new approach that’s more relevant to the current landscape. Author Robert Rolih wrote, “Knowing the right details gets you a great return. Ignore them and you just crash and burn.”

AN IRON WILL & Why We Must Fight Comfort • Zach Even-Esh

I passed by a gym last week and through the windows, I saw EVERYONE with their head down on their phones. That's VERY different from head down and doing work. The purity of the gym is destroyed because of the non stop videos and photos.

Tip: Pre-Activation Drills for Strong Glutes | T Nation

It's not that one is actually harder, but it's harder for many people to recruit the glutes when doing them. Stick with the "easier" movement until you can really get your glutes firing. For each exercise, the number of reps will be low, just enough to wake things up. Just really emphasize the glute squeeze at the top of each movement.

Forget Motivation. Find Your Pulse.

Change is hard. And willpower is limited. So when it comes to changing your life, here's how to change your mindset and increase your motivation.

Tip: Eat Oatmeal Cookies, Build Muscle | T Nation

People are strange, especially bodybuilders and gym rats. Tell them to have some oatmeal with protein powder, a handful of nuts, and a little fruit for breakfast and they'll do it. After all, that's about the best breakfast you could eat if you like muscle.

4 Moves for Ripped Lower Abs

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, holding a plate over your face. Bend at the waist and crunch up, hold for a second, then lower your torso until your shoulder blades touch the floor.

5 best iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X fitness accessories for men

Lighten up your runs with Sporteer’s Kinetic run belt. Capable of fitting the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus (some even with the case, depending on its thickness), this lightweight carry-all is designed for a jostle-free fit. There's a waterproof internal layer that keeps your phone sweat-free, as well as padding for added comfort. You can situate it on your lower back or across the front of your waist, and wear it cycling or hiking. There are even internal and external pockets for keys and gels. ($29.99, )

Straps Make Deadlifts Harder for Me

Hey guys, so a couple days ago I was doing deadlifts, 5x5 with 315 lb. I was going to try to use straps because for me that is kind of lots of reps (and usually my grip will give out). The thing is though, I reset after every rep. When I walk up to the bar, I get a huge breathe of air at the top and get tight, then pull the slack out of the bar, then pull the weight. When I tried doing it with straps, it forces you to start at the bottom (since your hands are strapped to the bar). It seems like I can’t get as much air in my stomach and brace as well as I would when I start from the top. Does this make sense to anyone? I guess I am just saying its harder to breathe in lots of air and brace when I am already bent over grabbing the bar vs getting air at the top. Has anyone else had this problem? I ended up just doing mixed grip for those sets, but I know in the future when I am doing much heavier weight I might need to use straps.

Instagram post by UndergroundStrengthGym • Sep 27, 2017 at 1:17am UTC

20 Tips to Shed Body Fat for Good

"Caffeine causes the body to rely more on fat for fuel during a workout, rather than glucose," Aceto says. "But the caffeine effect is lessened when you eat a high-carbohydrate meal with it." Drink 1-2 cups of black coffee within two hours of working out, and emphasize healthy fats and protein if you're drinking it with a meal or snack. Skip the cream and sugar (which add unwanted calories and fat), and avoid drinking coffee at other times of the day; doing so can desensitize you to the fat-burning effects of caffeine.

The Best Women's Abs on Instagram in 2017

Weekend is here! And what's up with this @bombshellsportswear Outfit . This weekend with holiday Labor Day in US or just a regular weekend overseas many will be having some cheat meals or some drinks. But that doesn't mean you should slack on your training! If you go outside your plan add some cardio it's not the end of the world! Just sweat it out! And move on! You really screw up your journey when you slip up and you fail to correct it! And God knows how much I freaking hate being chained on a stair master or similar! DO YOUR CARDIO OUTSIDE another big component pushing you to fail in your journey is you are not having FUN with it! So please get creative!!! Here's the cardio routine: -3 scissor lunges to squat -Stair crossed lunges 10 steps each leg -Push up to jumping squat 20 reps *rest 30 seconds to a minute depending on your capacity and repeat for 5 rounds ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #empower #fitgirl #cardio #hiit #selflove #fitspo #abs #fitspiration #beachbum #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #women #workoutmotivation #workout #shredded #fitness #happiness

We Asked 20 Women: What do you think about guys who have tattoos or piercings?

But what's the general consensus on tats and piercings? Do women find it irresistible or unattractive? We asked 20 real women for their suggestions. Obviously, there are plenty more opinions out there, and loads of women who will be gung ho for either all or nothing. Don't freak—it's your body and your choice, and if a girl doesn't like it, there's sure as hell gonna be another who does.


Scientist have recently discovered that it is also loaded with ecdysteroids, a naturally occurring steroid found in plants and insects (and for which humans weirdly have a receptor for). Research is still being conducted on what type of benefits ecdysteroids offer humans, but experts believe that besides several health-promoting properties (lowering blood glucose and cholesterol), ecdysteroids can also improve muscle mass and body composition by increasing protein synthesis.

Here’s How to Make The Rock's ‘World Famous’ Pancakes

Dwayne Johnson used some classic ingredients to make himself a huge pile of griddle cakes. He “destroyed” the stack—and you can too.

Hot Girls of the 2017 Olympia Expo

And, just as at any massive gathering of fitness enthusiasts, it's safe to expect that there were plenty of attractive women in attendance. That expectation definitely came true at the Olympia Expo, but if you missed out on the event over the weekend, you can still check out the crowd.

The Maxed Out Muscle Workout: Shoulders

As with the chest workout, the goal with shoulders is to stimulate the delts as much as possible, not to press the heaviest weights. For that reason, we employ front, back, and side raises to keep tension squarely on the deltoids. The shoulders also grow well when worked to exhaustion, so we make use of supersets and static holds to squeeze every last drop from them.

Add One Inch to Your Arms in One Month

The key to serious size is to take that mythical, only-in-the-gym pump and turn it into permanent muscle. Sure, you can do some fast back-to-back exercises and push your pump through the roof—causing your clothing to fit tight—but just a few short hours later, that pump is gone, and you don’t have the muscle to show for it. The answer to this dilemma is to combine pump-type training with permanent size- and strength-building exercises, then allow for maximal recovery before beating your muscles into submission in the next workout.

The best cold-weather fragrances of fall 2017

Your short-shorts and swim trunks are packed. The henleys and leather jackets are back in the rotation. So finish off your autumn style (and drive your lover wild) with these signature scents.

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