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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014 - It may feel like your heart is being bounced around by random circumstances today. You truly love the idea of adventure, yet you also long for peace and quiet so you can bask in the beauty of your journey. Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of wasting time on rosy nostalgia or restless fantasies. There's too much happening now that needs your immediate attention. Keep breathing; calmer weather is on the way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Vacuum Pose

These days, it seems almost nobody does the vacuum anymore. Shawn Ray used to vacuumup  when hitting his front double-biceps pose. More recently, Richard Jones has done the same. But that's about it. Why has a posing technique that was once practically mandatory within bodybuilding now such a rarity? I suppose that with the increased bodyweights of competitors come bigger midsections and, as a result, less ability to suck up into a vacuum.

17-Minute Quads

You’ll finish the workout with three, minute-long squat holds. These can be done against a wall if you’re really trashed but you should strive to perform them in open space. For your first go, get your thighs below parallel and hold. If you fail before 60 seconds, stand up, shake it out and get right back to it. Your goal should be to hold for the full 60. On each subsequent set, it’s permissible to hold your squat a little higher. Trust us…that quarter squat on your last set will feel like you’re holding 400 pounds across your back.

The 21 Day Shred Ab Workout

Late last month we launched our newest transformation program, the 21 Day Shred . It's a full training routine with full body circuits, traditional bodybuilding splits, intervals, and cardio challenges. Here is one of the staple ab routines from the program. So whether you're taking on THE SHRED, or working on your own routine, here's something to add to your arsenal.

Get 'One-Sided' for More Muscle

Just remember that some unilateral exercises can be difficult to perform at first, and until you have it mastered, you might not get the full benefit from it. It certainly takes a few workouts to get used to movements like single leg squats and deadlifts, but once you do, you can rest assured that you will see new gains in muscle/strength rather rapidly. Stick to each new unilateral exercise for about 6-8 weeks before you switch to another, but don’t be afraid to tweak your form a bit until you find what feels best to you.

Inflate Your Upper Pecs

If you’re not already doing these pec pounding moves, here are a few more reasons.

Thrash-Your-Guns Arm Workout

Usually, drop sets are done wrong. You don’t have to drop half the weight to do a drop set properly. It was proven that decreasing the weight by as little as 5-10% is the ideal drop and still respects your repetition range. For example, do tricep pressdowns with 100 lbs. for 10 reps, drop it to 90-95 lbs., and you’ll be able to crank out another clean 8 to 10 reps.

8 -

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5 Muscle-Building Breakfasts

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Not to sound like a broken record, but it is. What you eat in the morning sets your energy levels for the day, revs up your metabolism, and fuels muscle growth. So, what are your best options for the a.m. hours? With the help of model-turned-chef Candice Kumai , author of Cook Yourself Sexy , we’ve come up with five delicious, protein-packed breakfasts to feed those pythons.

4 Superfoods that Fight Inflammation

Inflammation can have devastating effects on the body, leading to joint stiffness, joint breakdown, joint swelling and loss of joint mobility. This can cause major problems to any workout regime. With less range of motion in exercising the body will not be able to run optimally and muscle building potential will surely be decreased. The greatest muscle gains come with a complete range of motion for the exercising muscle anything less we are cheating ourselves. Simply being aware of inflammation and its effects on your ability to build muscle or burn fat is a huge advantage. But by adding these four foods to your weekly menu, you’re likely to find that your muscles and joints recover faster and more completely, putting you back in top form, faster.

Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair each day, so there’s no need to freak out every time a few follicles trickle out. Hair is continuously growing, but, in turn, some strands reach their “old-age” and come out. Genetics, however, means some guys have fewer strands growing in to replace them. By the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some level of hair loss, according to the American Hair Loss Association. But have no fear—nutritional deficiencies can contribute to increased hair loss by weakening hair shafts that cause breakage and slow re-growth of new hairs. This can potentially be reversed with the right diet. Len Glassman, a certified health nutritionist, trainer and owner of the Personal Best Training Center , offers up the necessary nutrients that will keep the hairs on your head there longer. 9 Daily Habits That Make You Look Older>>>

Rear Delts Makeover

The high-pulley cable reverse flye is a gym gem that trains the rear delts with smooth, constant tension. For increased effectiveness, make sure that the pulleys are set just above head height for your first set. On the sets that follow, adjust the pulleys down a click, which slightly alters the manner in which the rear delts are recruited.  You’ll finish with the reverse pec deck. By this point, your rear delts are likely toast but your core musculature is bound to be highly fatigued from all the standing resistance. The seated comforts and fixed range of motion of the reverse pec deck allow you to hit your rear delts for a few more sets.

Daily Session: Bigger Triceps in 30 Minutes

Say you hit traffic on the way to the gym and you're left with only 30 minutes to get a full arm workout in. Instead of sitting in your car thinking about what to do, look no further than Andrew Sakhrani, C.S.C.S., who provided this perfect triceps workout that only takes a half-hour—and is probably better than the one you were doing anyway.

How to Crave More Vegetables

New research says you can rewire your brain to crave a healthier diet.

Get Real, People! The Truth Behind The Biggest looser

So you go to the gym and you do your cardio. And every day you're expecting miracle change. Size 14 one day, size 2 the next? And you wonder what you are doing wrong or how you can improve.... Listen, you know what it takes? P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. You need to stop thinking about it day in and day out like you're running some short distance race and consider it to be more of a very, very long marathon. You need to get in to the flow, choose the right choices and work out efficiently not only for a few days but for months.


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Top 10 Smoothie Ingredients for Guys

Toss these powerfoods into the blender for a kick-ass shake that will give your body the fuel it needs to build muscle, burn fat, and boost energy.

10 Best Moves to Lose Your Love Handles

You’ve tried situps, cardio, and dumbbell side bends, but nothing seems to get rid of that stubborn belly fat on your sides. Commonly called “love handles,” this area of your torso is part of the waist-to-hip ratio, an indicator of overall health. If you have too much cushion around your waist, ask yourself, "How hard am I really working in the gym?" To get the best moves for a slim torso , we asked Sadik Hadzovic, IFBB Men’s Physique professional for his 10 favorite exercises to keep love handles away. "This workout is effective because it's fast paced and designed to target both the rectus abdominals and the transverse abdominals," says Hadzovic. "To burn fat you must do more then just crunches and situps; You need to recruit your entire body to enter a thermogenic state that leads to an accelerated rate of fat loss." Complete your dream physique with these 10 moves that will carve up your core fast.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Making Volcano Traps Erupt

Here’s the bad news: You can’t have great traps without them. Now for the good news: They’ll give you the thickest and highest traps possible. “Deads” are the perfect trapezius exercise, because they combine all total-mass principles for this fractious bodypart: maximum poundage, full range of motion, and intense stress on the traps through all dimensions and from top to bottom. As you start the lift, you’re bent over, which pulls your traps forward and stresses them over their entire area of mass, from bottom to top and side to side. As you raise your body, the stress moves progressively downward, from the top of your traps, across your rhomboids, pulling hard at the lateral extremities. At the top, you “lock out” the lift, shrugging your shoulders up and back, which serves as a peak contraction, especially for your upper traps. As you lower the weight, the entire process is reversed, but with the same beneficial effects. You can’t ask for more. Always do deads.

Diet Q&A: Should I Do a Detox?

What you do to your body most of the time is really what counts. The best thing to do after having an excessive weekend is to get back on track and eat right and exercise. It sounds boring, I know. You want something sexy to detoxify your body, you want to believe you’re doing something excessive to suffer back into normality. But the best way to do that is getting back into a good regimen.

10 Best Sources of Fiber

Known for their high levels of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, avocados are also a great source of fiber. One avocado contains 9 grams of fiber, making it a perfect choice for guys on a carbohydrate restricted diet that are looking for more fiber.

6 Weeks to Super Strength and Monster Mass

Few things are more impressive than watching a dude load up five or six or more plates on each side of a squat bar and taking it deep to the bucket before driving it back up with authority—for eight reps. And to make matters worse, when you glance over, you notice legs the size of tree trunks. Likely, your first thought is: “What is he taking?” It should be: “What is he doing in his training that I’m not?” Strength is the true first test of man’s will to overcome. It’s the genesis of lifting and fitness, and dates back a few thousand years, when it was a tremendous asset for survival. Fast-forward to the late 1800s and early 1900s, and feats of strength were the main attraction at any venue. Today, strength testing is still being performed, but has taken a backseat to size-building and shaping the perfect physique. But ask anyone who’s anyone in the sport of bodybuilding, and they’ll tell you they began by lifting heavy, and that before they even considered trying to build their massive physiques, they were in the gym working to build strength. While volume reigns as the best way to build size, there’s no better way to lay down dense muscle fiber and build a rock-solid base than to train strength.

Six Things You Should Never Change for Any Female

Winning over and keeping the woman of your dreams requires time, sacrifice, and compromise—so in the grand scheme of things, it may not seem like a big deal if your significant other asks that you tweak your behavior or image. But over time, if the requests become more significant, it may be time to put your foot down. It can be hard to tell which requests are crossing a line though—especially when you're blinded by love. To help you out, we checked in with some top relationship experts to find out what things you should never have to change for a woman.  10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend>>>

How Schwab Developed His Training Philosophy

About the Author Steve Colescott has worked as an editor for a variety of print magazines and helped build some of the industry's most popular websites. In addition to this, he has worked as a consultant for a number of prominent sports nutrition companies. His career pinnacle is his current position as the Senior Content Manager at elitefts™, a job in which he deals with the top strength athletes and experts in the world. Steve is the co-author of Lean Gain Principles with Shelby Starnes and is always working on other projects (including video projects and The Iron Subculture Podcast). His favorite part about what he does is the chance to interact regularly with elitefts™ readers.

Box Squat Troubleshooting: Improve Your Raw Total

The first thing you need to do in a box squat is to push the glutes back. Don’t let your chest move forward. If that happens, then you are bending and you are pushing back too far. When your glutes are pushed back, start lowering yourself by pushing the knees out. Keep everything tight and keep pushing your knees out until you are sitting on the box. Keep the chest up at all times.Make sure to sit down in a controlled manner. There is no reason you should fall backward when doing a regular squat if you can do this. You should be able to pause at any given moment doing this movement. If you’re dropping on the box, then your hips might lack flexibility. (The next tip might help with that).

The Arm Alphabet

Class is in session. The subject is everyone’s favorite: arms. The teacher is Roelly Winklaar, fresh of a breakout year and owner of arguably the two best arms in the world. Anyone who wants to debate his arm superiority, raise your hand and wait to be called on. (We see you, Phil Heath.) Now, take careful notes as our teacher explains his arm alphabet. With a few digressions as the lecture progresses, these are the tenets of Winklaar’s bi and tri construction from A to Z.

Reengineering the Training Session

The first lift of the day and usually the big lift you should’ve been thinking about on the day(s) leading up to this training session should be trained as a movement. We are concerned with performing the movement efficiently, technically sound, and safely while achieving our programmed weights, sets and reps. You shouldn’t be worried about what “muscles” it’s working and why you are feeling it here and not here. If you’re squatting I promise you that your quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, upper back and abs are working hard. So if you’re not “feeling” your glutes for example, it doesn’t matter. They are working. This lift we are concerned with training the movement, not the muscles.

The Butcher

Next, you position yourself in a seated leg-curl machine for what you call a “feel set” (a warm-up set during which you get a feel for the weight). After that, you do 270 for two sets of 11 reps. With a grin, you tell the scribe, “Let’s do the whole stack, Greg, so no one can say s—t,” setting the pin at the bottom (285 pounds) and, refusing to give in, grinding out 14 reps.

Hollywood's Hottest Geek: Olivia Munn

Call her what you want—dork, spaz, nerd, or geek—it won’t faze Olivia Munn, who has spent the better part of her career breaking down the stereotype that you can’t be hot and nerdy. Seriously, have you seen that picture of her cosplaying Slave Leia? (Google image search. Now!) But her figure doesn’t come out of a comic book fantasy—Munn works just as hard as any other Hollywood babe. “When I’m in L.A. I work out with my trainer on a regular basis,” Munn says. “She has a home gym, so she’s really flexible and can work out early morning or late at night depending on what my shooting schedule is.” 50 Hottest Female Trainers>>>

Increase Your Bench Press

The three-month upper body workout I’m about to share with you will help you 
get your bench up, along with packing on some size to your chest, shoulders, and upper back. Perform each of these workouts once every five days for a total of six workouts.
 So, you’ll perform six workouts from Phase
 1, then six workouts from Phase 2, and 
finish with six workouts from Phase 3. Each workout builds upon earlier workouts, so it’s important to perform them in this order.

H.U.G.E. Superiority Complex

Well, supersetting is not the be-all and end-all of training techniques, but it’s certainly in the conversation when you’re talking about the most effective ways to increase your intensity. Supersets are simply two sets of different exercises performed one after the other without resting between the two. Officially, under the Weider Training Principles vernacular, “supersets” refers to sets done alternately for opposing muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps, and “compound sets” refers to doing two movements for the same muscle group; these days, however, “supersets” is the more commonly used term for any back-to-back exercise combo.

Kai Greene's Answer to Muscle Growth

No. There’s something to be said for just doing the damn thing. There are people out there who want to focus on every little detail, every gram of sodium and protein and carbs and whatever. It’s like they want to one-up the professional bodybuilders and say they know more about nutrition than the people onstage. Maybe they do. I’m not where I am because I know more about nutrition than everyone else on the planet. The top bodybuilders onstage are not there because they know more about training science and nutrition than the average person sitting in the audience. A lot of times the difference between the person onstage and the person in the audience is their use of the knowledge. The people onstage have the discipline; they put in the work. So don’t overthink things that shouldn’t be that complicated. Just do the damn thing. - FLEX

Whey Or Casein For Muscle?

Most people involved in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding industry are all too familiar with whey protein, namely whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Both of these whey proteins are considered “fast-digesting” and have a high biological value (100–104). WPC and WPI are typically used pre- and post-training, or anytime someone needs a fast and efficient protein source in their body.

Don't Short Your Muscle Gains

Every bodybuilder has walked into the gym and seen that one idiot who’s loaded the machine with weights and is moving them about one inch. It should come as no surprise that these are the same people who don’t have a very good physique despite training.



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38 9 Ways To Make Fitness Fun For Your Whole Family -

Don't discount the importance of making fitness a family affair. Getting your whole family involved is not only a great way for you to grow closer, but also to encourage the people you love to maintain an active lifestyle. Getting children involved in physical fitness is one of the best ways to combat the rising rates of childhood and adult obesity.

The Hangover Workout

One bottle of beer is about 100 worthless calories. It offers no value—it's just junk. Throw back two, three, or four more and you're putting an awfully big dent in your recommended total caloric intake when you add them on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the followers and believers of balance and moderation like to chill out and have a beer here and there. And if you're a bro, you probably like to pound 30-packs with your fellow brosephs, bromies, and brodudes. Regardless of whether you're a clean-eatin', non-drinkin' fitness freak, or a habitual party-hoppin', liquor-lovin' lunatic, this workout is here to help you wipe the slate clean. Is it probably a better idea to take the day off, pound water, sleep in, and save the training for another day? Probably. But, whatever, just work off the crap now.

We 'Mirin Volume 86: 22 Inspiring Selfie Shots -

Some think cellphones don't belong in the gym. We disagree. How else do you take a swolfie? Here are 22 photos that prove a cellphone, a mirror, and great physique make magic!

5 Ways to Shredded Abs

Combine these five moves in a single workout to pummel each abdominal region into submission.

Comparisons - Men's Bodybuilding - 2014 IFBB Arnold Europe

Comparisons - Men's Bodybuilding - 2014 IFBB Arnold Europe

How To: Barbell Hack Squat

Hack into your growth mainframe with this foundation building barbell leg blast.