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The 3 Worst Exercises For The Bench Press

Three things that are not going to help your Bench Press & three things that will.

Monday Motivation: "Who Am I?" I AM A CHAMPION!!!! • Zach Even-Esh

"Who Am I?" I AM A CHAMPION!!!! Today gentlemen, I am honored to coach you More honored to be leading you onto the field of battle But theres another honor to be bestowed upon you And that is in the answer that comes with that question: Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION! Thats right, …

Kevin Levrone - How I See It | Episode 1

Kevin Levrone answers pertinent industry questions in his new weekly MD video series: "How I See It". In this episode, he covers the 2017 Olympia outcome, Phil Heath's social media video and why he didn't compete in 2017 but will in 2018!

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The Deck Of Doom: Take Your Chances On This Shoulder Workout

The essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  Here's what that means for you: Don't tell me that after doing the same workout day in, day out for weeks on end, your mind doesn't feel like it's shrinking a bit! And if your brain is bored, there's a decent chance your muscles could use a sucker punch as well.

The 6-move man-boob elimination workout

Man-boobs. They're just fat and extra skin—that's all. Nothing else going on there.

3 Today's Workout

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CrossFit for Meatheads | T Nation

The barbell work will range in terms of volume and intensity. Some days you'll work up to maximal loads; others you'll stay sub-max. On three of these days, you'll do conditioning after your strength work that will complement your lifting. The lifting will actually potentiate your conditioning work, which is what we're going for. This is considered a "contrast method." The conditioning portion will double as accessory work.

13 Tricks for Perfect Exercise Form | T Nation

A cue is just a short prompt or phrase that quickly reminds you of good exercise form. If you're not thinking about following the right cues when lifting, you might not be getting the most out of your training. Here are 13 of the most bang-for-your-buck technical cues.

Tip: Eat Oatmeal Cookies, Build Muscle | T Nation

People are strange, especially bodybuilders and gym rats. Tell them to have some oatmeal with protein powder, a handful of nuts, and a little fruit for breakfast and they'll do it. After all, that's about the best breakfast you could eat if you like muscle.

The 500 Workout | T Nation

Train for long enough and at some point you'll want to do something different. We all need an occasional break from the same old routine. It may be for just one day, or perhaps a week. Maybe you're on vacation or at a gym with limited equipment. Maybe you want to dedicate one day a week to unconventional training. If that sounds like you, you've got to try this.

The 10 best back exercises for beginners

How to do it: " Set up the bench so your thighs are flat against the pads, but not so high that it hinders you from bending freely at the hips," Krajewski says. Flare your feet out a bit. When you're starting out, use just your bodyweight. And as you progress, hold a weight plate. "Tuck your chin throughout the entire movement and round your shoulders forward as you bend over as far down as you can go," he explains. Make sure you don't hyperextend your lower back as you raise yourself up. "Contract your glutes as you come up until your spine is in a nice neutral position," he recommends.

Tip: The Coolest Exercise With the Most Benefits | T Nation

First off, can you hold yourself up on the bars with your feet underneath you and your butt off the floor? If yes, and you can hold it for 30 seconds or more, then see if you can hold the position with your legs extended in front of you. This is the L-sit. If you can't get your legs completely straight, keep a bend in them until you get stronger.

Tip: The Coffee That Enhances Performance | T Nation

Be aware, though, that non-Dutched cocoa doesn't mix well. You either have to add a little fat – ideally coconut oil – to help dissolve the cocoa, or go without the fat and just keep swishing it around in the cup before you take a sip.

Add One Inch to Your Arms in One Month

The key to serious size is to take that mythical, only-in-the-gym pump and turn it into permanent muscle. Sure, you can do some fast back-to-back exercises and push your pump through the roof—causing your clothing to fit tight—but just a few short hours later, that pump is gone, and you don’t have the muscle to show for it. The answer to this dilemma is to combine pump-type training with permanent size- and strength-building exercises, then allow for maximal recovery before beating your muscles into submission in the next workout.

Tip: Don't Drink the Wrong Kind of Coffee | T Nation

Large study after large study shows that coffee drinkers just don't give up the ghost that easy. They have fewer diagnoses of diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, stroke, depression, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. And in a recent 16-year study of coffee drinkers, those that drank more than three cups a day were less likely to die (12% for men and 7% for women) from any cause.

Arnold on Twitter

I know that's a lot of tweeting (only 140 characters though), but this case & #FairMaps are near and dear to my heart. Thank you all. 14/14

Bulletproof Your Lower Back | T Nation

There's not a movement you do that doesn't involve your lower back in some way. So if you've managed to tweak it recently, fear not. Use this five-step process to get your back strong, pain-free, and ready to lift.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - Your friends can spot your overabundant confidence from a mile away. But you have little information to share now, because you want to keep your feelings private while you’re still processing them. Take all the time you need; honestly, you’re under no obligation to say anything at all. Greek philosopher Xenocrates wrote, “I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.”

Tip: Track Your Results or You Won't Get Results | T Nation

Newbies and lifters who can't make gains anymore have something in common. Take a look.

Emma Stone Gains 18 Pounds of Muscle | T Nation

For Jason Walsh, transforming Hollywood bodies isn't just about getting the right look for the role. It's about instilling the right attitude and demeanor. An actor playing a burly, badass Navy SEAL isn't going to look right or act right if he prepares for the role using sissy weights and treadmills.

The 500 Workout | T Nation

Train for long enough and at some point you'll want to do something different. We all need an occasional break from the same old routine. It may be for just one day, or perhaps a week. Maybe you're on vacation or at a gym with limited equipment. Maybe you want to dedicate one day a week to unconventional training. If that sounds like you, you've got to try this.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Build muscle in your chest, shoulders, and abs with these easy-to-do pushup variations:

The no-situp abs workout

When you think of abs exercises , the first one that usually comes to mind is the situp. While the situp is OK when performed properly, there's other options that place less strain on the neck, spine, and lower back, especially for people who spend countless hours sitting or working at a computer. "Spinal flexion," which basically means you sit in a hunched crunched position for too long, is similar to a situp, and over time, can cause numerous problems including poor posture, pain, and decreased performance.

7 Best Barbell Moves for Building a Big Back

Grab a barbell and either place it into a landmine station (if available) or position it firmly into a corner. Begin adding the desired number of plates to the outward facing side of the barbell. Stand over the middle of the bar slightly bending the knees and maintaining a neutral spine (the starting position may be similar to the setup for a deadlift). Preferably grab a seated row attachment and place it underneath the bar against the side with the plates. If one is not available you can simply grab the bar itself. Maintain a tight core, neutral spine, and begin rowing the bar upwards to the middle portion of your abdomen. Make sure to retract the scapula prior to beginning the movement and focus on engaging the lats eliminating bicep activation.

We Asked 20 Women: What do You Think About Guys Who Have Tattoos or Piercings?

But what's the general consensus on tats and piercings? Do women find it irresistible or unattractive? We asked 20 real women for their suggestions. Obviously, there are plenty more opinions out there, and loads of women who will be gung ho for either all or nothing. Don't freak—it's your body and your choice, and if a girl doesn't like it, there's sure as hell gonna be another who does.

Muscle Man's Protein Pancakes Recipe

Turn a belly-bloating breakfast into a lean, mean meal.

5 Moves for a Concrete Core

>> Execution: For this exercise you will need to get into a pushup position, but instead of having your hands of the floor, you will be grabbing on to a loaded barbell (10 or 25 pounds on each side) instead. This will be your starting position. While keeping a slight arch on your back, lift your hips and roll the barbell towards your feet as you breathe out. As your perform the exercise, your glutes should be coming up, you should be keeping the abs tight and should maintain your back posture at all times. Your arms should also be staying perpendicular to the floor throughout the move. After a second contraction at the top, start to roll the barbell back forward to the starting position slowly as you breathe in. Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

The Best Women's Abs on Instagram in 2017

Weekend is here! And what's up with this @bombshellsportswear Outfit . This weekend with holiday Labor Day in US or just a regular weekend overseas many will be having some cheat meals or some drinks. But that doesn't mean you should slack on your training! If you go outside your plan add some cardio it's not the end of the world! Just sweat it out! And move on! You really screw up your journey when you slip up and you fail to correct it! And God knows how much I freaking hate being chained on a stair master or similar! DO YOUR CARDIO OUTSIDE another big component pushing you to fail in your journey is you are not having FUN with it! So please get creative!!! Here's the cardio routine: -3 scissor lunges to squat -Stair crossed lunges 10 steps each leg -Push up to jumping squat 20 reps *rest 30 seconds to a minute depending on your capacity and repeat for 5 rounds ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #empower #fitgirl #cardio #hiit #selflove #fitspo #abs #fitspiration #beachbum #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #women #workoutmotivation #workout #shredded #fitness #happiness

The best running workouts to increase speed and endurance

Why it works: “Fartleks—meaning ‘speed play’ in Swedish—are meant to increase your aerobic capacity and general conditioning,” Bradshaw says. The workouts comprise periods of fast and slow pacing, and, depending on how hard you’re working, they can actually stress both anaerobic and aerobic systems. “This routine will help you learn how to switch gears and recruit different muscle fibers, which is especially helpful for competitive long-distance athletes,” Bradshaw says. Fartleks are ideal for marathoners, for example, because these workouts will help them cope with rough patches during races and hard training days. The shorter the run period, the faster your speed should be. Note: You can complete this type of running workout the day after you’ve done a long-distance or recovery run.

Tip: The Worst Time to Stretch | T Nation

Properly preparing the mind becomes a key component when priming the body for maximum output. A TDW ensures that you're laser focused so you can squeeze the most out of your workout as soon as it starts. As a bonus, it can also determine if you need a longer warm-up if your nervous system is a little overworked.

28 Testosterone Nation

For a better experience on Facebook, update your browser .

14 prebiotic foods you should be eating

This one’s probably unfamiliar, unless you have an abuela with a culinary streak. Commonly known as Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip, jícama is a root vegetable composed of about 80-90% water. It’s high in carbohydrates (in the form of dietary fiber), but what’s special about jícama is that its fiber is infused with oligofructose inulin, which has zero calories and doesn't metabolize in the body. The inulin balances your immunity, helps increase the absorption of calcium from other foods, and has a prebiotic role in the intestine by promoting “good” bacteria growth. Because it has a very low glycemic index, jícama is a great food for weight loss, too.

Tip: How to Stop Sucking At Pistol Squats | T Nation

If you can extend your leg out in front of you and hold your balance, you're ready to move on to the advanced pistol squat progressions. If you can't hold this position, use the strategies below to increase your mobility and start with the basic pistol squat progressions.

How to Shake Up Your Coffee and Burn More Fat

You don't even have to be a coffee drinker to enjoy this quick-and-easy vegan shake that's loaded with protein. The cacao adds a little antioxidant and energy kick to it, and the almond butter gives it a nice, smooth texture.

How 7 golfers trained for the Presidents Cup

“My favorites to do are trap bar deadlifts,” Fowler told Men’s Fitness . “I do a lot of isolation stuff, a lot of single-leg workouts, and a lot of work on sliders. I hate doing any kind of single-leg squat. I'd say the ones that I like most are the ones that I hate at the same time. Typically during an actual tournament week, I may only get one, maybe two days in the gym in, and those will be, if it's earlier in the week, I'll throw a little bit of weight around; later on, it might be just a movement day.”

Your Diet and Exercise Plan Is Not Working. Here's Why.

Here’s some health advice you won’t see mentioned anywhere: most fitness and diet tips are limited. They are the fuel to living a better life, but they are not the engine. In other words, good nutrition and an effective exercise plan help and are necessary, but ultimately they are both just pieces of the puzzle. And without...

Why Losing Weight Is Hard

I have very few people that I consider “mentors” in my life. My parents are obvious, but outside of my family there is one man that stands above the rest: Ted Spiker. I say this with as much gratitude possible; if it wasn’t for Ted Spiker, I don’t know if I would have ever made it in the health and fitness industry. In fact, writing about Spiker deserves it’s own post, but right now I want to focus on Spiker’s latest contribution to the health industry, Down Size . In this excerpt from his new book, Spiker keys in on the real reason why so many goal driven plans (for weight loss, exercise, diet…really anything) oftentimes fail. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn. This one’s on the house and it’s worth your time. -AB

Tip: Build a Strongman Grip and Big Forearms | T Nation

Chad Coy has competed as a Pro Strongman since 1998. He served as the alternate to World's Strongest Man in 2001, and competed 10 times in the open America’s Strongest Man. After transferring to the Masters division, he has won 3 national titles, been runner up 3 times, and competed at the World Championships 5 times. He currently lives in Bloomington, IL, where he serves as the Director of Method Sports Performance. Follow Chad Coy on Facebook

shawn ray on Twitter

We are Proud to be Partners with "Make A Wish!" Join us November 4th at NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic! Register Now at: SRHawaiianClassic

The Overlooked Key to Muscle Growth | T Nation

It's a real sign of lifting maturity to deviate from your program and do what your body needs to get the most out of a workout. It could be as small as ditching dips from your workout for the day and replacing them with a French press. Maybe you feel like you're really "in the groove" on squat day, so why not tack on an extra set or two? Take advantage of the times you feel in the zone and be mindful of the times you don't.

Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Posedown/ Shawn Ray

Big Ramy Post Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Win: "I Need To Get Better Every Day" | Generation Iron

Chasing Records

I’ve been switching off between using my Rogue weightlifting bar and my new Rogue deadlift bar for my different pulling variations. Last night was conventional deads from the floor with the weightlifting bar, which is quite stiff compared to the DL bar. I ended up working up to 485 for a solid triple. I think I could do more but yesterday wasn’t the most well prepared I’ve ever been for a training session. I had visited a distillery that afternoon and drank a bunch of different liquors and then I followed that up with a large burger and fries way too close to the session and my stomach was just so bloated that the belt was killing me every time I tried to pull. I felt like I was going to puke and had to stop a few times while getting set up just to let out a huge burp haha. Anyway, it was still a solid session so I can’t really complain. I finished up with some heavy barbell carries, just putting the bar on my back as I would for a back squat and taking it for a stroll. Similar idea as a yoke walk, but less of a learning curve and obviously more accessible. You can’t walk as fast though.

10 workouts for a stronger back and abs

A strong back and great abs go together like summer and barbecues. And you're going to want both when you're hitting up all those barbecues, pool parties, and other shirt-optional events. But, shoring up the large muscle groups at the center of your body isn't just a vain, aesthetic thing: Both are key for warding off injuries and preventing the aches and pains that come from working out other muscles and everyday living. That said, you have to look beyond your mirror muscles and also strengthen the oft-neglected ones. "To build a strong back, you have to focus not just on the upper back muscles but your lower back as well for overall strength," says Alyssa Ages , athlete with PowerNYC Training and trainer at Global Stronman Gym , Epic Hybrid Training , and Uplift Studios . Rows (barbell and dumbbell; upright, bent, and renegade), good mornings, and back extensions—all moves incorporated into the following 10 routines—are some of the best exercises you can do for overall back strength. And when it comes to building a stronger core, just doing a million crunches isn't going to cut it (or get you cut), says Ages.


Triple Drop Set = After going to failure, immediately decrease the weight and perform a 2nd set. Then immediately decrease the weight again and perform a 3rd set. A Triple Drop Set requires decreasing the weight twice, so the 3rd set of each exercise actually contains 3 sets with no rest in between.

Trainer Q&A: Why does my elbow hurt during workouts?

For peak muscular conditioning, change the rep range during your exercises. For example, train using an 8- to 10-rep range, then the next week perform exercises in the 12- to 15-rep range or higher. The purpose is to hit both type I and II muscle fiber types.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

Beef up your chicken legs and take your leg development to a whole new level in just 45 minutes a week.

The Best Quadriceps Workout for Beginners

Fill out those gym shorts—and bulk up your legs—with this straightforward circuit workout. But be warned: Just because it’s novice-friendly doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Tips to Target Your Biceps

This is a common problem, as most lifters initiate biceps exercises by curling the wrists inward, especially when nearing fatigue. While this will certainly improve leverage by strongly engaging the forearm flexors, it will also reduce the work put in by the target muscle—your biceps. What you actually need to do is cock your wrists backward during curls in order to effectively eliminate the forearm flexors from the movement (by putting them in a mechanically weak position). This will then force the biceps to become the main elbow flexor during all curling exercises. You may need to reduce your curling poundage initially; however, in time, you should be able to return to your normal weights but with far bigger biceps to show for it!

5 Advantages to Lifting Light Weight

Moreover, testosterone and growth hormone – markers of hypertrophic growth – were found to be as elevated in subjects who lifted to failure with light weights, as in subjects who hoisted heavier at a lower rep range. The key is in the effort exerted, explains Robert Morton, PhD candidate in Kinesiology and lead author of the study. “If you want to get bigger, what drives muscle growth is how much effort, not load, you lift with. Using light weights until ‘failure' will stimulate and grow both your type I and type II muscle fibers – the type II fibers being those which had always been associated with only heavy lifting.”

The best sweatpants to keep you looking cool in fall 2017

So whether you’re still not over the athleisure trend or you just want to replace your worn-out sweats with something a little more stylish, try kicking your game up a notch by picking up a pair of these elevated sweatpants guaranteed to leave you feeling comfortable and looking good.

30 Hottest Female Trainers on Instagram

If you're like us, you're spending more time than you'd like to admit scrolling through Instagram looking at funny memes, shareable quotes, and people with bodies that'll motivate you to bring everything you've got to your workout that day. Since we’re spending so much time in the app (and posting on our Instagrams @ MuscleandFitnessHers and @ Muscle_and_Fitness ) the obvious next step is to make sure that we're following women who inspire us with their badass workouts and fit physiques. Here are the top female fitness trainers we're crushing on in Instagram (in no particular order) that we think you'll want to follow, too!

How to train for your body type

You’ve been hearing it from your mom your whole life: You’re special. And, at least when it comes to weight training, you are. Every body is different—some respond well to one kind of exercise, while another exercise can be downright dangerous. For the best longterm gains, you need to find which exercises are the most effective and safest for how you’re built. The following two routines will help you on this journey, offering examples of how a taller, long-limbed guy can train for the best results, and how a shorter, stockier man should go about it.

How Do You Train Bench? Pauses and Arch

IPF commands aren’t as crazy as some people on the internet would have you think. I have competed in several IPF-affiliated meets and never had an issue with the pause, and at least two of the meets had an international level IPF judge in the middle chair (not sure about the last one). The pause is basically just bringing the bar to a full stop on your chest, if you let it sink in a lot, lose your arch, or wobble then maybe they will make you wait longer but I have never had more than a 1 sec. pause. However, what I have had an issue with is waiting for the start command. At one meet I was holding the bar at arms length for 4 full seconds - not counting the time between unracking and bringing it to my start position - on my third attempt. Needless to say, I lost tension and failed the lift. I have also seen a guy holding the bar at lockout and waiting for the rack command for several seconds, his whole body started twitching because he couldn’t take it anymore. I assume that in both cases the judge wasn’t sure if elbows were locked, I can’t think of any other reason. Moral of the story: make sure to lock your elbows and keep the bar under full control as your bring it to your chest.

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