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Lose Your Gut In 3 Moves

The rectus abdominis receives all the credit for a well-developed midsection. But there's an underrated star beneath it that can pull your stomach in and enhance your six-pack even more!

Dynamik Muscle | Kai Greene

Dynamik Muscle was spawned on the creation of an idea to see a dream manifest into reality. Dynamik Muscle’s products by Kai Greene.

Premium Protein to Build Muscle and Strength

Six Star Pro Nutrition's 100% Whey Protein Plus is the smart choice to support recovery and fuel training.

Video Workout: Fat Burning Intense Tabata Workout

Guy Cisternino's Triceps Workout - 4 Weeks Out - Mr. Olympia 2016

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Guy Cisternino trains triceps with Charles Glass at Gold's Gym Venice, 4 weeks out from the 2016 212 Olympia Showdown. In this video, he talks about which poses he beats & loses to Flex Lewis on, who he would like to share the stage with, traveling while in contest prep & more.

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Omega JYM by JYM at - Best Prices on Omega JYM!

Jym brand supplements are definitely among some of the best out there but when it comes to fish oil, the best bang for your buck that I have found is BodyVega's Omega-3 capsules to be the best available on the market. Sourced from highly refined anchovies, mackrel, and sardines, BodyVega's capsules deliver 800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA per 2 capsule serving. I trust Dr Jym to the fullest, but at a much cheaper price and a much more refined process all made here in the US, BodyVega is my go-to Omega 3 choice. #NoPromo

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Gains stalled out? One of these 4 things is the problem: …

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Does foam rolling your IT band really help? Well, sorta. Here's the best method: …

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If you're going to do a ketogenic diet, you definitely don't need this: …

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Too skinny? Can't make gains? The first thing you need to do: …

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Maybe you can do a clap push-up, but can you do 25? Try this: …

Avoid These Six Mistakes In the Gym

Considering those six rules, here’s an important caveat: just because someone at your gym, or even a pro bodybuilder like me, tells you to do something, that’s no reason to follow his every move. Analyze the advice you receive as you apply it to yourself, and don’t follow a routine or diet endlessly if you’re not seeing tangible results. That’s not to say you should haphazardly switch directions at every sign of a plateau — far from it. But be ready to tweak your approach while evaluating its effects.

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Taping yourself up only works if you do it right. Here's how to do it right: …

Top Secrets From the Pros

This is the good stuff. These are the things that they do that you probably don’t do. We’ve assembled the 40 most unique training tips from 40 pro bodybuilders, champs who span more than a half-century, from first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott to fast-rising current superstars like Justin Compton. Though rarely performed or discussed, these exercises, techniques, and set-rep schemes helped grow a tremendous amount of contest-winning muscle, and they can be incorporated into your program to generate similar gains. There’s no need to hack into any networks. We’ve got the secrets.

How to Train for Non-Stop Muscle Growth | T Nation

Keep in mind that some muscles can be significantly hit even when they're not the main focus of an exercise. The pecs will get trained by the close-grip bench press even if it primarily hits the triceps. So this doesn't mean that all muscles should be trained three times a week, but that they should at least be stimulated to some degree two or three days a week for maximum growth. Here's a sample:


“Olympic-style lifts often have a lot of stops and adjustments along the way, but essentially you are bringing a bar directly from point A, or near the floor, to point B, toward the ceiling. The trajectory of the barbell should be a relatively straight line—think of it like a flattened S-curve. As the lifter, you’re just maneuvering your body around that bar along its path.”

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - The same people who normally give you the best advice seem to be talking out of both sides of their mouths today. You can't get a simple answer to a straightforward question from anyone now that the loquacious Gemini Moon is hijacking your 7th House of Relationships. However, it's not everyone else who is unclear now; it's most likely your indecision that creates the ambiguity. Listen to your own internal discussion; if you want to achieve greatness, stop asking others for permission.

Dennis Wolf's Guide to Wide Shoulders

First, the bad news. Or the good news, if you happen to be a Wolf born in Kyrgyzstan. The most important component in shoulder width is clavicle length, and there’s nothing you can do to alter this. Sufficient calcium and vitamin D will allow you to fulfill your bone-growth potential, but that potential is determined by your DNA. No amount of milk or shoulder stretching is going to give Phil Heath the clavicles of Dennis Wolf. Focus instead on the next five widening rules.

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For heavy deadlifts, everyone has a slightly different power position. How to find yours: …

10 Best Shoulder Exercises

Not all rankings are created equal. In sports, for instance, lists of “the best” are about as meaningless as they are pervasive. Best player of all time, best teams, best games, best catches, best Twitter rant … they’ve all been done before in magazine pages, argued by blowhards filling airtime on radio and TV and plastered across the Internet as click bait. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? In the end, it really doesn’t matter at all, does it? Think of it this way: Determining that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James or that the 1927 New York Yankees were better than the 1998 Yankees, who were better than the 1939 Yankees — we know, we know, damn friggin’ Yankees — isn’t going to improve your life. At most, it may earn you a free beer from a buddy in a drunken bar bet. See Also 10 Best Biceps Exercises Not all such lists, however, are totally devoid of worth. Take the one you’re about to read, counting down the 10 best weight-training exercises to develop your shoulders. Even if you disagree with the final outcome or grumble over the order, in the end, you’re left with something very valuable: 10 proven ways to build bigger, denser, wider delts.

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Normal people walk. Jacked people walk with a heavy weight. How to do waiter walks: …

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Can 8 sets of 3 reps really build muscle? It can if you do it like this: …

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4 Key Techniques to Maximize Chest Size

Nearly every old-timer with great chest development performed barbell or dumbbell pullovers. Not only does this exercise work the chest but even the lats and intercostals. Maximally-developed intercostals give the illusion of a bigger rib cage when taking a breath and holding pose. Recent research has confirmed that cable and machine pullovers are more effective for targeting the lats while barbells and dumbbells are for targeting the chest. Barbell or dumbbell pullovers are a necessity to truly maximize the illusion of a huge chest.

20 Foods That Keep You Young

We talked to David Grotto, RD, LDN, author of  The Best Things You Can Eat , to learn which hard-working food all-stars function like a fountain of youth, and we found out that these 20 top performers can aid in everything from shedding pounds to sharpening your mind. (There are even some surprises along the way—turns out, chocolate milk is good for you. Who knew?)

10 Wireless Earbuds You Need to Keep Up With the New iPhone 7

Let's be real: you too will probably make the upgrade to the iPhone 7, and even if they do come with a basic pair of Bluetooth buds, you know they won’t match up to cutting-edge pairs out there. So, we did the research for you and found the best wireless earbuds that'll synch up to your Bluetooth device. Whatever your budget may be, there's a pair for you on this list.  *By wireless, we mean no headphone jack required , because while all of these are Bluetooth-friendly, they still have a couple inches of wire that rests around or behind your neck (with the exception of two). 

5 Alleged 'Synthol Freaks' Who Went Too Far

Synthol, a site enhancement oil (SEO), is a chemical that some "bodybuilders" use in order to make muscles appear enormous. It is composed of 85 percent oil, 7.5 percent benzyl alcohol, and 7.5 percent lidocane—which makes up 100% of the reason why you should never use the stuff. Synthol abuse can turn muscle into rock, potentially leading to amputations.  Yet, some guys will do whatever it takes to achieve a monstrous look.

10 Low-Carb Recipes for the Grill

One of the easiest (and healthiest!) ways to get cooking is on the grill. And with Labor Day weekend fast approaching, now is the time to hone your skills as Grill Master. However, some grilled recipes include sauces, marinades, and other ingredients that add unnecessary sugar (a type of carb). Here are 10 delicious low-carb recipes that will have your muscles begging for more.

8 Weeks to Six-Pack Abs: The Diet

Variety Small diet changes can make a big difference. To keep your metabolism (and taste buds) humming, you’ll introduce a variety of new foods into your diet every two weeks. Each phase includes two new recipes. These healthy, easy meals will help you resist cravings and keep your diet on track.

Shock Your Chest Into Growing

Pecs haven't really grown any bigger or stronger in months? Time to throw another wrench into your pec training with some new hardcore, extreme techniques, all intended to spark new muscle growth and take your chest to the next level. The following 5 chest-shocking methods have been tried many times over by expert trainers, champion bodybuilders and muscle-hungry gym rats with smashing success.

After Shock: Brian Casad’s Amazing Transformation

Casad started slowly, making one adjustment at a time instead of trying to fix everything right away with some crash diet that would be hard to stick to (“I hate diets,” he says). The first things he cut were the lunches. Rather than go out to eat, he’d go for a run, grab a light salad, then head back to work. “I’d bring gym clothes with me to work, and there was a running trail out by our office, so I’d go out and run a mile or a mile and a half here and there. And then I’d go get a quick lunch, but something lighter. That’s kind of where I started making adjustments.”


Why Is Combo Cardio So Effective? Most of the key benefits of combo cardio have to do with burning stored fat, but it also has muscle-building benefits. First, the high-intensity intervals not only burn calories while you’re doing them, but they also set you up with long-range fat-burning abilities by stimulating a huge EPOC effect. Because high-intensity intervals are hugely anaerobic, your body consumes oxygen—and, therefore, energy—at a much higher rate for many hours after your workout. The research differs and is still ongoing, but the general consensus is that the EPOC effect continues for at least 48 hours and possibly as long as 72 hours after your workout. That means your metabolism works at a much higher rate for as long as three days after your workout.

Supplements for Serious Athletes™ - Biotest

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5 Moves for Bigger, Stronger Calves

Machine training is great for calf work because it allows you to isolate the muscle and train it as hard and heavy as you want, but what about adding a little athleticism to the mix? If you’re bored with banging out set after set of machine raises, there are myriad other ways to give your calves their due, most of which offer exponentially more benefit than standard gym exercises in terms of improving your overall athletic ability and mobility while adding all the mass and definition you want. Read on to see the moves.

Lose the Stubborn Belly Fat Hiding Your Abs

The most obvious methods people try to remove belly fat are crunches and sit-ups. The thinking goes that exercise burns calories, so to remove fat in a particular area of the body, you exercise that area. However, this is not how it works. Of course, exercise burns calories, but it does so evenly, around the whole body. By doing an excessive amount of crunches and sit-ups, you may reduce your belly fat, but by no greater amount than the fat in other areas of the body, and while you will have rock hard abs thanks to all those crunches, you still won’t get the definition you want thanks to the belly fat covering them.

Get Six-Pack Abs in 6 Simple Moves

For this, both  diet and exercise play important roles, but the reward is a set of abs that are the envy of everyone you know. Here are six ab exercises to get you that highly sought, but rarely achieved, holy grail; the six pack.

Hardest Core Exercises Part I: Dragon Flags

Dragon Flags are performed by bracing hard on a bench or hard surface, while locking your arms in a fixed position. The legs are driven up as if you are performing a reverse crunch. From there, the lifter will lower themselves down not allowing any part of their body to touch the bench except for their upper back. This is an important form cue. This makes the exercise so much harder. The lifter lowers their body until it is right above the bench. The other important coaching cue is to make sure when the lifter raises back up, they do NOT bend at the waist, but rather raise their entire body as it was lowered, in a straight line.

Never Diet Again

The Saw films' unspeakably gory medieval death traps and hopelessly terrifying choices between life and death redefined both physical and psychological torture for a generation. But as creative and complete as the terror was in these movies, the bad guy forgot one very powerful and compelling torture tactic: dieting. (Pause for chills, gag reflex and token horror score.) Most of us want to grow bigger and stronger without having to deal with that dreaded four-letter word, diet. For many, dieting by itself is blood-curdling terror in its basest form. But it doesn't have to be that scary. By making 12 simple adjustments to your everyday approach to nutrition and training, extreme diets and deprivation can be things of the past. You won't be living off pizza, but some simple tweaks can add up to a lifestyle change that helps you strip away fat and keep it off for years to come. Want to play our game? Here are the 12 simple rules.

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The 6 Worst Things You Can Do For Bigger Biceps

If you are planning on selling tickets to your own personal “ gun-show ” you better make sure the crowd will be impressed. The last thing you want is to throw up a biceps pose (with a big grin) and get booed off the stage. Unfortunately, while almost everyone in the gym tossing around the iron are quite passionate about filling out their shirt sleeves with muscle , most are making vital mistakes preventing this very goal from manifesting.

On Trial: Sprinting vs. Slow and Steady

Sprinting for only 6–9 minutes per week doubled the amount of fat subjects burned off compared to those who were doing slow-and-steady cardio for 90–180 minutes per week. The slow-and-steady group did up to 30 times more exercise per week, but only lost half the amount of bodyfat. Sprinting is the clear winner due to the better results and the reduced amount of time you need to devote to it.

The 8 Worst Things to Do After a Workout

Once done training, your job is only half over.


Q: As a natural bodybuilder you are such an inspiration to me. I was wondering what you do to prevent injuries before workouts? When I was in high school, I hurt my shoulder benching heavy three times a week. I just recently got back into the game, and I’m loving it. Thanks!

Extreme Eats

One of the biggest mistakes a bodybuilder who wants massive muscles can make is to ignore this fact in favor of narrowly focusing on protein quality at the neglect of what I call “meal cadence.” This term refers to the rhythmic frequency of meals throughout the day needed to build muscle. Poor meal cadence means having long stretches of little or no food intake and then trying to make up for it by shoving down extra food. As I always say, you should eat because it is feeding time, not because you are starving. If you’re starving, you’ll stuff. Proper eating for big muscle building requires that the metabolism is calm, relaxed, and taken care of. This is achieved by dividing meals into many smaller portions separated by no more than a couple of hours, as opposed to one or two large meals separated by more than three hours. To be more precise, having four to as many as 10 small meals each day is far more effective for building lean muscle than taking in the same exact calories and food content but divided over only one to three meals each day.

3 Simple Rules for Gaining Greater Mass

There is no doubt that you can build mass on heavy weight and lower reps (1-5) but the load needed to gain mass on a low-rep program is difficult for the most of us. Unless you have a 400-pound bench press, 500-pound squat, and 600-pound deadlift, you will need some more reps. In order to cause enough stimulation for muscle growth, you need to have a higher time under tension (TUT) to cause enough microdamage to the muscle tissue. Conversely, if you train too light (15-25), you will not have enough load to stimulate strength in the long run. Different rep ranges on occasion help to break up the monotony but with proper nutrition and recovery, the 5-10 rep range will be the perfect prescription to gain mass.

10 Foods That Will Fill You Up and Help You Lose Weight

Cutting calories? No need to subsist on spinach and egg whites alone. Stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy foods that are high in protein and fiber and you’ll feel satisfied enough to stick to a weight loss plan past January.

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