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Team Athlete Profile: Jason Wittrock

Victory belongs to those who persevere, and perseverance allowed Jason Wittrock to rise from the ashes of personal tragedy and become an elite athlete and inspirational force in the lives of many.

Your 5-Point Checklist to Keeping a Strong Back

A nagging back injury will cripple your routine, stay on track with these steps.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Calisthenics

Want to try calisthenics but feel clueless about where to begin? Barstarzz founder Ed Checo shares his tips to get you rocking those badass bodyweight moves in no time!

Methods to Improve Your Posture for Sport Performance

Now that we have a clear understanding of what posture is and why it is important, we can begin developing a plan to improve it.

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Tip: The Missing Rep Range for Glute Growth | T Nation

The problem, besides low back issues, is that 1RMs don't do much for hypertrophy. And building your glutes is all about, well, BUILDING your glutes. That means you need time under tension and a pump, which you don't get from a single rep. Booty building is bodybuilding, not powerlifting.

The Kardashian Butt Must Die | T Nation

The worst part of this, not that it's like nuclear proliferation or climate change or anything, is that the Kardashian butt has given a distressing number of women carte blanch to advertise their ample but not adorable bottoms on social media and the street. They post and flash away with no regard to proportion or firmness or fitness.

Today's Workout

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8 Ways to Build Shoulder Strength and Stability

Follow these tips to save your shoulders so you can keep going strong at the gym.

Tip: Stop Blaming Fructose | T Nation

You should probably stop freaking out about fructose. It's probably "better" for your waistline than glucose or, as is commonly used in current products, "cane sugar." At worst, it might be on par with glucose-containing sugars.

Skinny Fat, Looking for Advice

What are my best options? I bulked like crazy for a while and was eating like 4000 calories and 500g of carbs daily and I added a thicker layer of belly fat over the summer. I’ve also read that the more belly fat you have, the more likely it is that new mass is going to go on as fat and not muscle, I’m so frustrated right now. I have a 22% bodyfat and this is what really frustrates me as I don’t like it. I’m in the worst spot even possible. I can eat 3000 calories and gain no weight or mass, so then I bumped to 4000 and I gained a bunch of fat. I don’t know what to do and I need help and I would appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction. I want to actually add some muscle to my frame.

How to know if a woman is attracted to you

Dating can seem difficult—and there's already enough bad advice out there. So we asked real women how they indicate interest in a guy—ranging from in-person interactions to those precarious text conversations. Take notes.

Intensity Techniques for Training Solo

In fact, I can honestly say that my most intense, gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing workouts have taken place while training all alone, with loud music blasting in my ears, blood rushing through my veins, and no knowledge of anything else going on around me! So stop worrying about not having a partner and instead embrace and appreciate getting to face the battle with iron all on your own, because your greatest ally in the gym is none other than you.

8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

A solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into gym shorts or break a sweat. And like everything else, sloppy prep translates to sloppy execution. That can lead to uninspired training sessions or injury, both of which inhibit strength and muscle gains, or weight loss. So to help you craft a sound pre-training regimen, we asked Patrick Solano CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California for his pre-workout necessities.

Get 6-Pack Abs in 6 Simple Moves

For this, both  diet and exercise play important roles, but the reward is a set of abs that are the envy of everyone you know. Here are six abs exercises to get you that highly sought, but rarely achieved, holy grail: the six-pack.

Tip: Upgrade Your Shoulder Raises | T Nation

The truth is, just about any upper body exercise, from seated rows to biceps curls, elicits low to moderate activity in the lower traps. So don't fool yourself into thinking that front or side shoulder raises are miraculously going to spare your traps from any activity.

Tip: 4 Challenging New Ways to Do Sit-Ups | T Nation

Hit your abs in a new way by doing these upper body movements at the halfway point of a sit-up. Maintaining this position while performing any movement with the arms will challenge the abs, hip flexors, and even the neck musculature.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017 - Family dynamics are undergoing subtle but powerful transformations as you change gears to aim your life toward fulfilling your career objectives. However, you might miscalculate how others on the home front will respond to your shift in direction. In fact, you still may not understand all the long-term ramifications of your new plan today, but you can’t back-pedal any longer. You are setting your course into the future; just be ready to deal with the consequences of your actions. Milton Berle said, “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.”

Instagram post by Kai Greene • Sep 3, 2017 at 1:46pm UTC

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

We've found the 11 best dumbell exercises for building tons of lean muscle, strength and power.

The Inner Beast Workouts: Imaginative Ways to Get Scary Big, Strong, and Shredded

The Inner Beast Workouts are here to encourage you to go hard and dominate. Let your mind run wild. You'll get scary-strong and shredded the more often you do.

The Truth About Belts, Lifting Shoes, and Straps | T Nation

What's the deal with weight belts, lifting straps, and Olympic lifting shoes? Are they good tools or are they doing more harm than good? Many "functional training" coaches will tell you not to use them. But many strength coaches will tell you they're a necessity. So which is it? Unfortunately, the answer is not so cut and dried.

5 Month Transformation, Next Steps

Right now I work about 50hrs a week and go to class on top of that, so unfortunately my cardio has been lacking. But my typical regime is 430am wake up for the gym open at 530am and when I can fit in the 2aday I will do 20min of HIIT on the elliptical or 35min with a level 6 incline on the treadmill.


A scale is a prep-day must. This nearly indestructible model lasted me through culinary school, and I’m still using it years later. It’s a best-seller for several reasons: It’s durable, comes in nine colors for those who like to match (mine is pink), is simple to operate, has a tare button (used to subtract the weight of the bowl), and, best of all, an attractive price point. This scale measures up to 11 pounds (let’s say you’re a beast who eats six ounces of chicken four times a day, this scale will measure out your 10.5 pounds of weekly fowl before you cook it) and down to 0.1 ounce increments for precision.

10 intense movie star workouts you can totally steal

Want a body like these Hollywood heroes? Simple—just put their workouts to good use.

7 Reasons Your Pecs are Flat

Almost as bad as bouncing the bar off the chest is the inane practice of performing half-reps on the bench press. You want massive pecs to be proud of? Then lower the bar to full stretch (which for most people will mean lightly touching the bar to the chest or to a point just slightly above) to excite every fiber, and then press the bar straight up to lockout, while consciously squeezing the pecs into a tight contraction.

The 5 Worst Things to Do if You Want to Build Stronger Legs

When you impose stress on your body your body will adapt and change to better handle that stress in the future. So, if you go in to the gym and do 4 sets of 10 every week with the same weight your body will adapt to that stress. But the whole point of lifting is to continue progressing. That means that once your body adapts to 4 sets of 10 you have to change the stressor. This can be adding more reps, more sets, more weight, or cutting down rest periods.

The 120-second ab routine to get shredded

Time is spent focused on the major muscle groups leaving little time to hit the core . With warmer weather just around the corner, here’s a quick core finisher focusing on both strength and stability. Just find a mat, Swiss ball and a stopwatch.

How Charles Dixon Built One of Bodybuilding's Widest Backs

Why would he be known for his shoulders though his delts lagged? In a word: clavicles. Like his idol Franco Columbu, what Dixon lacks in height he makes up for in width. The 5'4" Columbu sported collarbones as wide as 6'2" Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, and, like a kite stretched over a huge frame, his corresponding set of lats could eclipse the backs of Arnold and others who towered over him. Dixon is the same way. He has the shoulder structure of a giant, but that’s not to say he hasn’t toiled hard over the past two decades to build one of the world’s best backs below his clavicles. With his Columbu-like combination of width and thickness, he won the light-heavy class of the 2007 NPC Nationals. Though he qualified for the Olympia 202 Showdown the following two years, he seemed destined for pro mediocrity. He spent three years away from stages, dealing with “personal issues” and contemplating retirement.

Favorite Cardio Exercise/Machine?

Mine is personally sprints on an airdyne bike or outdoor running sprints, always felt like sprints was the best for me when it comes to conditioning, but I’m opening up for everyone else’s take on best/fav cardio.

Back to the Basics for Greater Size and Strength Gains

Lastly, some lifters do make an effort to address each of these movements in their programs but it might not be in a balanced fashion. We have a tendency to gravitate towards movements we excel at rather than ones we have more difficulty with. In addition to this, we have to consider what movements/postures we utilize throughout the course of our day not just in a gym. This is why it’s common for many trainers as an example to recommend 2:1 pull to push ratios to provide some balance from slouching in front of a computer for 8 hours. Some ways you could go about evaluating your program is comparing strength ratios across movements, total reps performed of each movement or an honest assessment of movement quality for each movement.

10 strength-building strategies that will never die

The main reason people plateau and stop gaining strength is that they go too heavy for too long. Abandon your ego and do your main lifts using 10% less than the most weight you can lift for the given rep range. Increase the weight each session — but by no more than 10 pounds — and stick with the same lifts. You'll rarely plateau again.

Simple Tips to Torch Fat

Whether you enjoy cardio or not, it’s a necessity for bodybuilders who want to significantly reduce body fat in a reasonable period of time. If the primary goal of doing cardio is to burn fat, as opposed to increasing aerobic endurance, one should perform cardio on an empty stomach. Insulin, which is the body’s primary storage hormone, reduces fat mobilization and oxidation. Insulin is higher after eating a meal. Thus, performing cardio while in a fasted state should lead to the highest level of fat oxidation.

20 Tips to Shed Body Fat for Good

"Caffeine causes the body to rely more on fat for fuel during a workout, rather than glucose," Aceto says. "But the caffeine effect is lessened when you eat a high-carbohydrate meal with it." Drink 1-2 cups of black coffee within two hours of working out, and emphasize healthy fats and protein if you're drinking it with a meal or snack. Skip the cream and sugar (which add unwanted calories and fat), and avoid drinking coffee at other times of the day; doing so can desensitize you to the fat-burning effects of caffeine.

6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals

The perks: Breakfast for dinner? Uhhh…yes. Plain egg whites just get too boring, forcing you to ditch your high-protein meal for a Krispy Kreme when you are burned out on traditional bodybuilding foods. Keep the yolks for the extra omega-3 fats, vitamins, and minerals. Make them taste good with some bacon (turkey bacon is a great, lower-fat option) and increase nutrient density and texture with the veggies. Nothing says post-workout breakfast like eggs. This post-workout is perfect for those on low calories and carbs, but need the protein to retain muscle and fat to decrease hunger.

Muscle Multitasking

As a name, “staggered sets” is lame. “Diverse attack” would be clearer (and cooler), but “staggered” means you can work a smaller body part by alternating its sets with only some of the sets of a bigger body part. Smaller usually means calves, abs, and forearms, though it might also mean biceps, triceps, or deltoids. You can train abs with any other body part. Because you don’t want your grip lessened when doing, say, pulldowns, forearms should be worked only with legs; for similar reasons, calves can be worked with anything but legs. Any staggered work for biceps, triceps, or deltoids should also not rob strength from the bigger body part. So you can stagger in pushdowns with legs but not with chest presses (which also work triceps).

Tip: How to Activate Your Pecs for Better Gains | T Nation

If your pecs are strong and activated, the CNS will rely more on that muscle to do the job, and the delts won't be loaded up as much. This reduces the chances of a shoulder injury. The pecs are a much stronger muscle than the delts, so becoming better at using the pecs when bench pressing will lead to bigger numbers.

Work Your Entire Upper Body With These TRX Moves

A five-exercise, five-round circuit that focuses on full-body pulling exercises. The one-arm rotational pull hits the arms, back, core, and shoulders as you work to stay in control while completing the movement; TRX squat curls target the biceps; hand walkouts challenge core stability; and mountain climbers ensure that your heart rate never dips.

The leanest meat proteins, ranked

McDaniel tapped into the  USDA's  National Nutrient Database and considered research from the journal  Meat Science   to rank 17 different sources of meat. Rotate through these top-rated poultry, beef, pork, and game meat choices the next time you're at the butcher or grocery store. The change-up will no doubt excite your palate and encourage you to get more protein in your diet ( since you're probably not eating enough ).


This week only, save 20% on all Cellucor & Scivation and get a free shaker! Plus, your purchase of any Cellucor or Scivation product will earn you a chance to watch your favorite NFL team crush it on the gridiron. Score!

Lighten Up, Dude!

The activation of the chest peaked before reaching 100% 1RM. This tells us that the most efficient way to train the chest is not with maximum loads. To put the focus on building the chest, 75 to 85% 1RM is best. The authors of the study also con rm that to protect the shoulders from injury while maintaining the effectiveness of the exercise, the bar should be brought down to the nipple line, and the hand placement should be within 1.5 times the biacromial width, or the width from the far end of the right collarbone to the far end of the left.

Instagram post by Ifbb Legend Chris Cormier👑 • Sep 4, 2017 at 3:03pm UTC

How to shuck oysters in 3 simple steps

Trust us, it's not as scary as it seems. These foolproof tips prove it.

Instagram post by Men's Health Food • Sep 4, 2017 at 8:10pm UTC

The Science of Sickness Prevention

Your Solution: Time limitations always make it hard to work out more than a few days per week, but “immune defense” workouts don’t have to be too long. British researchers found that just 25 minutes of weight training is enough to trigger your immune defense system into high gear and help with sickness prevention. Not near a gym? No worries. Korean scientists also found that moderate exercise—like a brisk walk—can have a similar impact and decrease the likelihood of illness.

The workout plan to get back to basics

Perform each workout (Day I, II, III, and IV) once per week, resting a day between each session. The weights you use for the squat, bench press, and deadlift will be based on your max in each lift—the heaviest load you can handle for one rep. Test these numbers before you begin the program or take your best guess. (But be conservative; it’s better to go too light than too heavy.) The volume and intensity will change each week.

7 Must-Dos for Muscle Growth

Going to the gym and putting in intense workouts day after day is what acts as the stimulus for gains in muscle size and strength. Proper nutritional intake will give you the building blocks necessary to actually build new lean tissue onto your frame. However, all of this will be meaningless if you do not allow your body the time and opportunity to “work” this magical process. Think of sleep as your body’s 8-hour muscle building work shift, and if you can put in a little overtime, expect some extra compensation in the form of more muscle.

Retro Athlete: Francis Benfatto

Born in 1957, Francis Benfatto was a man out of time when he made his pro debut in 1988. If he had been born a decade prior, his classical physique may have allowed him to challenge the similarly constructed Frank Zane for the Olympia title. And if he had been born three decades later, he might be a favorite for this year’s Classic Physique Olympia. Instead, over 19 pro shows from 1988 to 1993, the 5'6" Frenchman struggled to carve out his own niche as size standards expanded. He found his greatest success on the Olympia stage, finishing sixth in the drug-tested 1990 O and seventh the following year. Always, he maintained his classical shape: narrow hips, V-shape torso, flowing lines, artistic poses. His legs lagged, but his delts and arms could win shots. In 2006, at age 48 and after 13 years away from the stage (and a torn pec), he made a surprising comeback in the Australian Pro, finishing a respectable sixth and leaving us to wonder what could’ve been if only he’d been born earlier or later.

shawn ray on Twitter

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live." - Seneca

Instagram post by terry hollands • Sep 4, 2017 at 7:04pm UTC

Mr. Olympia LLC on Twitter

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Kourtney Kardashian's 11 sexiest bikini-body Instagrams

To celebrate the end of summer, here are some of our favorite booty-bearing pics of the smoking-hot celebrity.

The Big Biceps Workout

Remember, muscles eventually get bored by the same old workout. They learn to be more efficient, and they just flat out quit growing in the absence of new challenges. By working smaller muscles first in your workout, you burn them out and require the larger muscles to work even harder to recruit more muscle fibers. And while this may seem contrary to the physiological standards for muscle expression, continual stress forces continual recruitment, which should translate into greater strength and size gains in the long run.

Shawn Rhoden Has Something to Say

To say Phil is going to win 10 Mr. Olympias is disrespectful to all the other athletes. I don’t know if he’s trying to psych himself up, but that shit doesn’t do anything for me but make me shake my head and say, “Hey, good luck!” There are too many good bodybuilders out there. Phil isn’t that far out from everybody else. He’s not dominating the sport. In 2012, yes, he looked great. Last year he was a little bit better, but he wasn’t someone you could shake your head at and say, “Hey, you know what? He’s going to win 10 Mr. Olympias.”

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