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Rising Up: The Story Of Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott

A car accident left Nick Scott unable to walk, but it didn't derail his competitive ambitions. He's become a shining light in wheelchair bodybuilding and an inspiration to lifters everywhere!

The 3,6,9 Chest-Blasting Tri-Set

Give this advanced lifting technique a try for the ultimate pec pump!

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In just a couple weeks you could hit a new PR. Try this: …

Supplements for Serious Athletes™ - Biotest

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Do full reps, then upper half reps if you want to build delts and triceps. Check it out: …

The Functional Workout Routine

Because here's the reality: While very few of us will get paid to be a musclebound barbarian on camera, almost everyone will face the daily battles against heavy objects—toting carry-on luggage into the overhead bin, hefting a bag of dog food into the truck, or helping your buddy carry that overstuffed recliner up three flights of stairs to his new apartment.

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Does foam rolling your IT band really help? Well, sorta. Here's the best method: …

The Single Biggest Diet Mistake | T Nation

Everything from a nutritional standpoint starts in the gut. The gut contains somewhere around 100 trillion organisms, a number so huge you can't wrap your mind around it. This is why an "if it fits your macros" approach has shortcomings. Just because you can fit refined foods into your diet doesn't mean it's as good as one that creates a healthy environment for said food to be processed optimally.

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There's a right way to do lateral raises. See if you're doing it: …


With a name like Tasha Star, you can only expect greatness. This Canadian-born beauty definitely delivers. She is a combination of toughness and sexiness, and her personality shines through in everything she does. For a long time, bikini competitors haven’t been taken as seriously as athletes, but Star crushes those myths and proves bikini girls are a force to be reckoned with. We took her to one of the most hardcore weight rooms in the world, Metroflex Gym in Long Beach. Her warm-up was swinging hammers, flipping tires, and heavy squats. Without batting an eyelash, she confidently walked through the throng of bodybuilders to get to the free weights. She didn’t just belong in this gym, she owned this gym. You can see her energy shine through in every photo.

The 21 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

You can do a handful (or more if you're feeling intense!) of these moves en masse—and that means revving up your heart rate in quick, efficient workouts. They’re pretty much equipment-free, which means you can do them just about anytime, anywhere. The best part? You can switch these up with almost endless variations, to make sure you’re always challenging your muscles in new ways.

H.U.G.E Top 10 Training Mistakes: Part 2

We began counting down the TOP 10 TRAINING MISTAKES yesterday with numbers 10-6 (click here for part 1) , so now its time to cover the top 5.  Pay careful attention, because this is a posedown of the blunders responsible for halting more progress than any others. Get out your workout logbook and tighten up your wrist straps as we count down the five most likely derailments of your training progress and explain how to avoid them.

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

18 (@cutandjacked) • Instagram photos and videos

The 30 Best Leg Exercises of All Time

A strong lower body is crucial to performance—whether you're looking to improve your sports performance, gym work, or just daily functional fitness. And yes, we said "strong lower body." Leg exercises aren't just for quads and hamstrings—these exercises will work your core muscles, improve your balance, and grant you the added benefits of things like grip strength.

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Tight hips cause all sorts of aches and pains. Stretch them like this: …


The formula for losing bodyfat applies to you just as it does to a professional bodybuilder, but the pros take it much further than most typical bodybuilders ever do. To lose bodyfat, take in fewer calories than you burn. If you have more energy going in than out, an energy surplus, you’ll gain weight. If you have more energy going out than in, you have an energy deficit, and you’ll lose weight because you’ll force your body to draw on its energy stores—bodyfat.

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Don't spend money on organic produce if you can't make sure it's legit. Learn how here: …

12 Foods That Serve as a Natural Laxative

Fiber's not the only dietary godsend for your bathroom habits. "Probiotics are just as important because they help balance your digestive system," Alpert says. "Eating and drinking fermented foods regularly is a great way to make sure you have enough healthy bacteria in your gut to keep things balanced and running smoothly," she adds. While these aren't always the most palatable options (looking at you, kefir and kimchi), you can also keep your gut healthy by taking a daily probiotic like Culturelle, Alpert suggests. It's made with 100% Lactobacillus GG—the most clinically studied bacteria strain—so it'll keep your digestive system running smooth.

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Lift too often and you'll wreck your progress. Train (about) this much: …

10 Best CrossFit Workouts for Weight Loss

A level-with-you fact: If you do CrossFit, you will almost certainly drop fat . “High-intensity interval training, common to CrossFit, is very effective for weight loss ,” says Adam Sturm, CrossFit coach and owner of CrossFit Outbreak in Brooklyn, NY. “There is a prolonged calorie burn/metabolic effect after the workout is finished.” These 10 WODs, chosen by Sturm and Dan McCarthy, owner and coach at Brooklyn’s Crow Hill CrossFit , have that HIIT factor in spades to really pack a weight-loss punch (in conjunction with a healthy diet and sleep schedule, of course).

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Hitting Eggs & Cupcakes with Baseball Bats Victoria & Annabelle Toy Freaks Family

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The 'Beef is Bad' Myth - Busted!

Red meat is high in dietary fats and protein. For a time, science concluded (incorrectly) that heart disease was caused by consuming saturated fats. But that has been debunked. Not only are these fats not harmful, they provide the raw materials for hormones such as testosterone that support building muscle mass. In addition, a 10-ounce serving of beef contains about 60 grams of protein, depending on the cut. Of course, one of the advantages of consuming red meat is that the aminos are released for a long period, slowed by the complex proteins and, particularly, the fats contained in beef.

The Workout to Build Muscle With Light Weights

Another option is to do your exercises with one arm or leg at a time, which increases the challenge to your core and balance. You don’t need much weight to make unilateral exercises feel difficult. I’d set up a circuit of lifts that covers all the major movement patterns. That means some variant of the deadlift,  press, row, and squat. Aim for about the same number of reps on each exercise (probably 10–15  if the weights are light), and rest as little as possible between sets.

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Countdown to the 2016 Olympia: Flex Lewis

Since Coach @neil_yoda_hill1 let the cat out the bag on his IG here are photos taken last week at 4wks out I will post them on mine since they already circulating the socials! Follow the snapchat: Flex-Lewis - Join the FREE members section where you can see more members only photos unseen. Blogs/ Vlogs/ and Daily training Blog updates going into the @mrolympiallc. Sign up its FREE all about giving back! ---------------------------------------------------- #Repost @neil_yoda_hill1 ・・・ Pictures taken last week at 4 weeks out of Team #Y3T Athlete @flex_lewis . . Counting down the days before hitting the stage again at the 2016 @mrolympiallc Giving his everything to be the last man standing and giving back to All the Fans and Sport. . . As a Team and unit we try to give back as much as possible so everyone can learn a little, be motivated and Educated, Thanks for all the Suport to Everyone that pushes us to be the Beat we can be! . . @this_is_bodybuilding . . #TeamFlex #TeamBSN #TeamV5 #TeamWeider #TeamY3T #MrOlympia #History

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You may never look at bodybuilding and figure comps the same way again after reading this: …

Biolayne | The official website of Dr. Layne Norton

Get access to premium content from Layne and some of the best authorities on building muscle and burning fat! Not only will you get access to premium articles, you will also have the opportunity to attend live webinars, videos, and Q&As with Layne and other experts. Take your knowledge to the next level!

3 Outdoor Moves for Your Next Workout

Add these 3 outdoor exercises to your next workout! #1 Women's Fitness Site ► Supplements for Women ► High Jump - Samantha Ann Leete Stair Burpees - Ashley Horner Decline knee-Tap - Alex Silver-Fagan ========================================­===== | Recommended Supplements | NLA Shred Her ► - Natural Fat Burner!* - Formulated and Dosed for Females Designed to Promote Fat Loss!* Opti-Women Multi-Vitamin ► - Daily Multi-Vitamin Capsule for Women's Health* - 40 Active Ingredients and Essential Daily Nutrients in One* FitMiss Delight Protein ► - Women's Premium Healthy Nutrition Shake! - High Protein/Quality Calorie Shake To Supplement Healthy Meals And Snacks! ========================================­===== | | Fitness Apps ► Sales & Specials ► Fitness Articles ► #1 Online Supplement Store ► Free Fitness Plans ► http://bbcom.

The Chest, Back, and Arms Workout for Training Partners

Our 3-day partner series with the Sons of Strength starts with three main targeted muscle groups—chest, back, and arms. Watch Ryan and Eric Johnson demonstrate. For additional details on the plan, go to

5 Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergy Triggers

Looking forward to the end of seasonal allergies? If you think your itchy eyes and a runny nose will clear up once beach weather arrives, think again: Summer may not bring relief from symptoms for the 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma. “The pollen season actually runs into early summer and peaks around Memorial Day,” says James L. Sublett, M.D., chair of the Indoor Environments Committee for the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). “Plus, most people tend to spend more time outdoors once the weather warms up, and that means greater exposure to irritants such as pollen, mold, and dust.” Whether you like to spend your days on the golf course or doing yard work, avoiding seasonal allergies is as simple as figuring out your triggers—and the smartest strategies for avoiding them.

Build Your Own 6-Pack

We recommend mixing things up. As long as you’re not letting momentum take over, you can do some reps quickly and others more slowly. The important thing is that you feel what you’re doing, both during and after the exercise. Faster reps have been shown to increase the amount of muscle fiber activity in the rectus abdominis and obliques, which can help you better develop your midsection. We often recommend doing some workouts with fast reps and other workouts with slow and controlled reps. Or, start a set with 5-10 fast reps, and then finish with slow and controlled reps to better feel the abs work.

5 Reasons You Need to Squat

When lifters discuss the most basic and fundamental compound exercises, the BB Squat is almost always at the forefront of the conversation. And this is for good reason, as there are few movements as effective for building mass, strength and power! However, because squats are also extremely exhausting and difficult, many trainees skip it, and instead choose to substitute far inferior exercises on leg day. Well, I am here to provide 5 compelling reasons why this is a huge mistake if one is truly serious about making profound progress in the gym!

Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites

When you’re seeking protein and nutrients on a low-carb diet, choose whole eggs over egg whites. Whole eggs are still a very low-calorie food, despite the fact that they contain more calories from fat than they do from protein. Keep in mind that dietary fats slow protein absorption, allowing it to stay with you for longer. Whole eggs also have a better amino acid profile to help support bodybuilding results. When your goal is to get in protein quickly, choose egg whites, but at all other times of day go with whole eggs, or mix whole eggs with egg whites to provide a broader range of nutrients. - FLEX

Avatar Nutrition

The Avatar system will generate your specific numbers for grams of protein, fat, and carbs that you will consume every day. As long as you remain compliant to these numbers, you will continue to see your body changing and becoming closer to the finished product you have envisioned. As your body changes, so too will the numbers that are sent to you daily. This is because your body's needs are ever evolving and what may have been optimal numbers when you first started will no longer fit your current macronutrient requirements. To ensure results that stay consistent as your body changes and adapts, the Avatar system adapts to you and adjusts automatically.

How to Shave off 5% Body Fat

But shaving 5% off lands you in a different state depending on where your starting line is. At 20% body fat, you’re smack in the middle of the average range for men. Knocking 5% off will launch you into the “fitness” category and start to give you that coveted abdominal definition. At 15% body fat, on the other hand, ditching 5% will land you a fully defined six pack and serious vascularity.

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The 8 Best Chest Exercises That Don't Require a Bench

All the benches at the gym taken? Don't abandon chest day—hammer your pecs with these moves instead.

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Scitec is Europe's favorite sport nutrition and supplement company, creator of best selling bodybuilding and fitness products like 100% Whey Protein Professional, Jumbo Hardcore muscle gainer, Hot Blood pre-workout formula and Amino Xpress or BCAA Amino Acid power drinks.

Tip: Avoid Soy Protein | T Nation

They had somewhat of a leg to stand on, albeit a short stubby one. Their reasoning was that soy protein was different from soy in that the isoflavones implicated in lowering testosterone and the shrinking of testicles were removed in processing and none of them were present in the protein itself. That may or may not be true, as some reports indicate that the isoflavones are indeed present in some brands of soy protein. Regardless of which position you support, recent research gives us an altogether different reason to avoid soy.

Tip: Respect These 5 People in Your Gym | T Nation

While most men these days are sipping soy lattes and making a hobby out of being self-righteously offended by every little thing, women in their 30's seem to have become the new gym bad-asses. They often train harder and smarter than the guys in their 20s and have all the delicious muscle to prove it. "You train like a girl" has become a compliment these days.

2005 Mr. Olympia - Coleman vs. Cutler

2004 Mr. Olympia Photos of Jay Cutler battling Ronnie Coleman for the title.

4 Compound Moves for Massive Biceps and Triceps

Barbell curls. Preachers . Extensions. Pressdowns. On arm day, these are a few of our favorite things. But these moves are single-joint moves that isolate your biceps and triceps. Larger muscle groups, such as the chest, back and quads, are usually bombarded with an array of multi-joint moves that allow for more weight before isolation exercises come into play. Is it possible to use that same strategy on your arms? Justin Grinnell, CSCS, owner of State of Fitness, believes it is.

The 3-Day Workout Program for Training Partners

Eric and Ryan Johnson, also known as the " Sons of Strength " on Instagram are brothers—and training partners—that thrive off rivalry in the gym. The following program is a 3-day plan that was designed for training partners—or rivals—depending on how you look at it. And 3 days is the perfect amount of time together—no matter how much you love and or hate each other.

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