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Brock Lesnar’s Workout

Brock Lesnar WorkoutBrock Lesnar was born July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, Brock is an American mixed martial artist as well as a former professional and amateur wrestler. He is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar is 6ft. 3in. and weighs in at a monstrous 276 lbs.

Lesnar started a career in Mixed Martial Arts and had his first fight in June 2007. He then signed with the UFC in October 2007, and captured the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Randy Couture on November 15, 2008.

If you enjoy this workout you may also want to try the caveman training program that Brock Lesnar goes through while preparing to fight in the UFC.

DAY   EXERCISE                 SETS   REPS

MON   Bench Press              6      12-1
MON   Dumbbell Press           4      6
MON   Dumbbell Flye            3-4    8
MON   Cable Crossover          3      8
MON   Dip                      4      8-10
MON   Pressdown                4      6-8
MON   Lying Triceps Ext.       3      10

TUE   Wide-Grip Pull-Up        4      6
TUE   Med-Grip Pull-Up         4      6
TUE   Close-Grip Pull-Up       4      6
TUE   Close-Grip Pulldown      4      6
TUE   Seated Cable Row         4      6
TUE   Stiff-Legged Deadlift    4      6
TUE   Deadlift                 6      12-1
TUE   EZ-Bar Preacher Curl     3      10
TUE   Hammer Curl              3      10
TUE   Seated Dumbbell Curl     3      10


THU   Dumbbell Front Raise     3      10
THU   Dumbbell Lateral Raise   3      10
THU   Upright Row              4      6
THU   Overhead Barbell Press   6      12-1
THU   Seated Dumbbell Press    4      6
THU   Shrugs                   4      15

FRI   Leg Extension            3      10
FRI   Leg Curl                 3      10
FRI   Close-Stance Squat       4      6
FRI   Med-Stance Squat         4      6
FRI   Wide-Stance              4      6
FRI   Leg Press                6      6



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13 Responses to “Brock Lesnar’s Workout”

  1. kumar

    hello brock lesnar u are real champion

  2. Landon

    I would recommend for anyone under 15 years of age to focus on a body weight style circuit. Lifting heavy at an early age can cause the bones to fuse and you could stunt your natural growth. Light lifting and body weight exercises are probably you best option at this point.

  3. Billy

    Is there any way for a 13 year old boy to do this exercising progam because im 13

  4. jack y

    See as brock is not changing the number of reps, does he still increase thhe weight?

  5. joel

    does he route the dumbell bench with stright bar or is that on the same day

  6. Landon

    Reps = Repetitions. The number of times you perform the movement during a set.

  7. Goks

    hey what do they mean by reps…???….i am not able to understand it please can anyone explain it…!!!!!

  8. Aiden


    Brock does a whole other workout in the mornings that cover his cardio, check it out on youtube

  9. Wesley

    No cardio?

  10. Aiden

    Holy crap! All I’ve done so far is the chest/ tri and back/ bi workouts once each and i already notice a huge difference.

  11. Aiden

    ok thanks

  12. Landon


    You will notice those are 6 set exercises. One way to perform them would be to break the sets down into a progression from 12 reps to 1 rep dropping 2 reps between sets and increasing the weight until the last set which would be a maximum effort lift for only a single rep.

  13. Aiden

    for the exercises that have 12-1 in the reps (eg. Bench Press) what does that mean?

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