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Bill Kazmaier’s Workout

bill kazmaier workoutBill Kazmaier was born December 30, 1953 in Burlington, Wisconsin he is an American powerlifter, strongman and professional wrestler. Kazmaier played football at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1973-1974 before leaving school to pursue powerlifting full-time.

In 1979, Bill Kazmaier won the American powerlifting championship and the IPF world powerlifting championship, he also won the IPF championship again in 1983. Kazmaier was the first person to bench 661lbs.

Bill Kazmaier won the World’s Strongest Man title three times, in 1980, 1981, and 1982. After these victories, he chose not to compete in the 1983 World’s Strongest Man because it was not held in the United States. He did not compete again until 1988 and he finished second to Jón Páll Sigmarsson. Bill Kazmaier’s final appearance in the World’s Stringest Man competition was in 1989 where he finished fouth.

This is Bill Kazmaier’s Workout Routine. If you want to be the strongest man then you can probably learn something from this three time worlds strongest man.

DAY   EXERCISE                          SETS   REPS

MON   Wide Grip Bench Press             3      10
MON   Narrow Grip Bench Press           3      10
MON   Front Shoulder Raises             4      8
MON   Dumbell Seated Press              4      10
MON   Side Shoulder Raises              4      10
MON   Lying Tricep Press                6      10
MON   Push Downs                        4      10

TUE   Squats                            4      10
TUE   Deadlift                          3      10
TUE   Shrugs (light weight)             2      15-40
TUE   Shrugs (heavy weight)             2      10-20
TUE   Seated Hammer Curls               4      12
TUE   Standing Curls                    4      10
TUE   Close Grip Chin-Ups               3      Failure
TUE   Seated Rows                       4      10
TUE   Leg Extensions                    3      10
TUE   Leg Curls                         3      10
TUE   Calf Raises                       3      15-25


THU   Wide Grip Bench Press             3      10
THU   Narrow Grip Bench Press           3      10
THU   Front Shoulder Raises             4      8
THU   Dumbell Seated Press              4      10
THU   Tennis Backhand Cable Extension   4      10
THU   Prone Tricep Extension            4      10


SAT   Squats                            4      10
SAT   Deadlift                          4      8
SAT   Shrugs (heavy weight)             2      10-15
SAT   Seated Hammer Curls               4      8
SAT   Concentration Curls               4      12
SAT   One Arm Row                       3      10
SAT   Wide Grip Pull-Downs              4      10
SAT   Seated Rows                       4      10
SAT   Leg Extensions                    3      10
SAT   Leg Curls                         3      10
SAT   Calf Raises                       3      15-25
SAT   Abs                               -      --

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21 Responses to “Bill Kazmaier’s Workout”

  1. josh

    Of course he didn’t train the strongman events back then. This was the late 70-early 80s. No one did! Strongman wasn’t really a sport in itself back then. It was just an annual competition were a bunch of strength athletes, from a ton of different back grounds (Power-lifting, bodybuilding, Football linemen, pro wrestlers, you name it) met,and competed in a series of events. It wasn’t really ’til the early to mid 90s, that strongman really became its own sport

  2. Jo

    Bill trained much like a bodybuilder, when he got closer to meets he would cycle down to lower reps on the more compound movements. First he’d cycle down to sets of 8 reps, then sets of 5 reps, then to triples, and then doubles when very close to a meet. Prior to his 661lbs. World Record bench press he did a 633lbs. triple. Later, in exhibition, he did 600lbs. for 5 repetition.

  3. Steroid Workouts

    I agree with Joe Blow. I’ve tried these types of high-volume lifting routines before, and THEY DON’T WORK! It doesn’t matter that different body parts are being worked on different days – the drain on your body’s overall recovery ability is what matters, and all types of exercise drain your body’s recovery ability to some degree. After your recovery ability is thus drained, your body needs SEVERAL DAYS, at least, to fully recuperate – even longer as you get older. With this type of routine, by day #2, you are already so stiff and sore that you can hardly move, let alone do another heavy workout. By day #3, you are feeling even worse. By day #4, you are risking sickness or injury. And one day’s rest between workouts is NOT enough recovery time, especially if you are lifting heavy. Only someone doing massive amounts of steroids could stick with this type of high-volume routine for any length of time and not get totally over-trained and wiped out. I’m sure that Bill Kazmaier, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and nearly every other pro bodybuilder and powerlifter, WAS doing massive amounts of steroids. Arnold, for example, would never admit it, but he was probably on steroids from the very beginning of his bodybuilding career – thus, his ability to do marathon workouts every day and still make gains. So, for clean, non-steroid lifters, it would be unwise to adopt this type of high-volume routine, unless you want to get totally over-trained, sick, injured, etc. And if you decide to take steroids so you can do this type of workout, you are risking getting cancer and other serious health problems – it’s not worth it.

  4. matei

    I’ve just gave it a try. It’ legit. High volume really works for me.

  5. peach

    ok this does’nt seen realistic so your telling me the WSM never trained the strongman events dont make sense. Never does any max effort exercises and pick more assitant exercises over the more compound exercises using more of a bodybuilding protocol this is not his program for training for WSM

  6. Landon

    Josh, It is important to remember that Strongman is not just about pure power but it also involves a great deal of endurance and stamina. I imagine Bill does this moderate rep range so that he can build not only maximal strength but also train his muscular stamina as well.

  7. Landon

    You would be correct Josh.

  8. Landon

    Keep up the good work Wayne!

  9. Wayne Martin

    I have been on it for about a month and it is a great overall routine. I added some C&J and hang clean work on the off days. I add in a off day here and there if I feel run down but still running with it and making some good gains.

  10. Pete Sampson

    To those that reckon no man can do this workout…Bill does!!!When YOU are 3 times Worlds Strongest Man,then maybe you can justifiably comment.I HAVE done this exact same routine and have noticed major increases in strength and muscle growth.BUT I don’t lift the massive poundages.Pull your heads in.It made Bill the strongest.

  11. Josh

    Also, “Tennis backhand cable extension”. Is that a cable side lateral raise, or am I wrong?

  12. Josh

    I find it interesting, that he seems to prefer relatively higher reps (seems like 10 for the majority of exercises, more for some). I always thought that power-lifters, strongmen, weightlifters, etc. preferred more in the 3-5 range, or 4-6 range, whereas bodybuilders favored the 8-12 rep range more. Well, whatever he preferred, it obviously worked for him. Just an interesting thing to take into consideration I think

  13. Joe Blow

    Your all a bunch of idiots. No normal man can do this routine for long, or make any gains. Duh!

  14. om ganapati

    i like this guys workout ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but kevin nee is also as equal as him

  15. Landon


    No, WSM 2009 will be toward the end of the year. So you have not missed it yet.

  16. Jay

    this work out really hits…started it fresh (haven’t hit the gym in years) and i started it and yeah it’s more of a strength builder…it takes me about an hour to an hour in a half to get it done….


    has the worlds strongest man 2009 competition run already, and if so who won it . Thankyou

  18. Landon


    Yes, this workout is not for the first-timer in the gym. I would not recommend following and of these routines if you are not comfortable with working yourself to death. And also the rest days are certainly there for a reason. If you want to be the strongest man you must train like a strong man.

  19. Michael

    Has anyone tried this workout? Seems like over-training would be easy. Just curious.

  20. Jeff

    Only one purely-chest exercise? Weird.

  21. jake

    good workout and it really works

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