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Bobby Lashley’s Workout

Lashley attended Missouri Valley College, where he won three national amateur wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998 and placed fourth in 1995. In 1997 and 1998, he was the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Wrestling Champion. Lashley later joined the United States Army, where he continued to wrestle. He was training for the Olympics in 2003, when he suffered a knee injury while doing business at a bank where a robbery broke out. The injury ended his Olympic plans, and Lashley went into pro wresting soon after.

Currently Bobby Lashley is undefeated in his MMA career with notable wins over Bob Sapp and Wes Sims. Below you will find a video of Bobby’s pre-fight workout circuit. With his size and background in wrestling Bobby has what it takes to get a strongest man mention.

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5 Responses to “Bobby Lashley’s Workout”

  1. Peace

    Yow i have to say bobby i want to be strong like you.. iam also doing bodybuilding . the video is nca

  2. kendrik

    For those s**t talkers out there, incase you didnt really watch the video due to your over inflated ego blocking your veiw. Lashley is the following: Jacked the f**k up, Swole, Ripped up, Studded out, Beastified, Animalized and generally no joke.

    So who gives a fuck if he doesnt do pull ups to a s**t talkers standard. In the end he can make up for it by knocking out most of your fucking teeth.

    It is an urbanly proven fact that the majority of “s**t talkers” talk s**t because they feel inferior and or insecure in their own short comings.

  3. john

    He did 30 real pullups. I bet u cant do half the things hes doing. Bobby Lashley would beat you any day.

  4. Guy who posted above me is an idiot

    ^ummm shut up you arm chair athlete. Your out of shape obese 250 lbs butt can not do even one wide grip pullup. Lashley does raise his chin over the bar which many people consider an adequate range of motion. Sure, maybe in high school when you played football you could do one or two at 170 lbs bodyweight, but not any more. Bobby Lashley is much stronger and better conditioned than you are; grow up you jealous *****.

  5. what?

    He can’t even do a real pull up. A real wide grip pull up involves almost touching, if not touching your chest to the bar. I am a white guy ~250lbs and I can do this with ease. This may be the least inspiring workout video I have ever seen.

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