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11 Responses to “Workout Routines”

  1. nutritional food supplements

    i have been using this workout for about 3 months and i love it, 6 double sessions a week, about 2 and a half hours per workout. ive gained more muscle in 3 months than i have in my entire lives

  2. cj

    i want to be one of words strongest but first ki need help

  3. ABe

    It doesn’t work. I click on muscle group on the pic but there are no workout on the right side.

  4. Personal Trainer courses

    These are all great tips. Its a good how you have set up this site with links.

  5. Bodybuilder

    I am 31 and have been lifting for years. This is a great article and chart. Just lost about 30lbs and now looking to get my bench back up to where it used to be.

  6. Landon

    Chris, A 270lb bench press is impressive for 17 years old so don’t let yourself get discouraged. You are young and have plenty of time to get big. I would recommend that you get a mindset of patience and hard work. Many people have a 90 day mentality when it comes to fitness (I want to get buff for the summer…you know guys like this i am sure). The best advice I can give is to work hard and stay consistent. Give it a couple years and you will be surprised what hard work coupled with gym time can do.

  7. chris smith

    im benching 270 i can put on muscle quick but i want to get alot bigger and im only 17…what should i do

  8. NutraHealthSupply

    Very nice article explaining with chart…like it, very nice layout!

  9. massnutrition

    Cool chart explanation of different article on exercise. Just the way is present makes you want to read all of them.

  10. Rita Satulovsky

    I have a medical foot drop from a stroke. What workout routine can I do to drop down from 132 to 115 lbs. When I woke up from being paralyzed, I lost all muscle mass and have only fat…

  11. Fitness and Muscle

    What a great idea, didn’t know what to do at first though. But that’s cool thanks for sharing!

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