Bench Press Record

bench press recordBelow is a brief history of the bench press record. For as long as men have measure strength they have been competing to be the strongest man and there is currently no other record that is esteemed as high as the record for highest bench press. From George Hackenschmidt's 361lb bench press record in 1898 to the current record of 1075lbs held by Ryan Kennelly the bench press has a rich history. 712lbs separates current bench press record holder from the original and raw power coupled with human ingenuity has allowed modern day powerlifters to push the envelope of what is humanly possible.
2008   1075     Ryan Kennelly
2007   1050     Ryan Kennelly
2006   1010     Gene Rychlak
2004   1004     Gene Rychlak
2003   900      Gene Rychlak
1999   802      Tim Isaac
1995   740      Jamie Harris
1993   735      Anthony Clark
1985   705      Ted Arcidi
1983   ***      Bench Press Shirt Invented by John Inzer
1972   675      Jim Williams
1971   661      Jim Williams
1967   615      Pat Casey
1953   500      Doug Hepburn
1951   450      Doug Hepburn
1950   400      Doug Hepburn
1916   363      Joe Nordquest
1898   361      George Hackenschmidt