Chuck Liddell's Workout

Chuck Liddell WorkoutA former UFC light heavyweight champion, Liddell has an extensive background in kickboxing and wrestling. He is noted within the MMA community for his exceptional takedown defense and knockout ability. Along with fellow UFC fighter, Randy Couture, Liddell is widely credited for bringing mixed martial arts into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment. Chuck The Iceman Liddell is a legend in the MMA world and in his prime was regarded as one of the best UFC fighters in the game. If you are interested in becoming the strongest man in combat sports then you may want to take a page from Chuck's workout routine and incorporate it into your own. The thing I like the most about Chuck Liddell's workout routine is his use of Tri-Sets in his routine. Tri-Sets are 3 separate exercises that are performed back to back without time for rest. Tri-Sets will keep your body guessing and will bump up the tempo of your workout routine to build endurance and also invoke muscle confusion which could help you break through barriers in your strength building workouts.
DAY   WORKOUT                             SETS   REPS

MON   Explosive standing military press   3      6
MON   Lateral Raise                       2      15-20
MON   Flat-bench dumbbell press           2      12-15 to failure
MON   Incline dumbbell flye               2      12-15 to failure
MON   Push-up                             2      To failure
MON   Bent-over barbell row               2      12-15 to failure
MON   Front pull-down                     2      11
MON   Dumbbell pull-over                  2      15-20

WED   Squat                               3      15-20
WED   Barbell lunge                       2      15-20
WED   Barbell side lunge                  1      15-20
      Compound set
WED   Lying or seated leg curl            2      12-15 to failure
WED   Romanian dead lift                  2      12-15

FRI   Barbell clean                       3      6
FRI   Barbell curl                        2      15-20
FRI   Reverse barbell curl                2      15-20
FRI   Hammer curl                         2      15-20
FRI   Lying French press                  2      15-20
FRI   Seated dumbbell extension           2      15-20
FRI   Cable pressdown                     2      15-20
* Finish with crunches, lying leg raises, decline twisting crunches, and 10-20 minutes of full-body stretching. ** Tri-Sets = 3 sets performed back to back w/o rest.