How to Get Six Pack Abs - Core Workout

8 pack absLets face it, it doesn't matter if you are the strongest man if you have a pot belly no one is going to be impressed by your physique. It is summer time after all and there is nothing more impressive than pealing away the shirt to reveal abs of steal. If you have a hard time pushing yourself away from the table then you can kiss your chances of ever having anĀ  six pack, much less the coveted eight pack, goodbye. So if you are not willing to control your eating habits then stop reading now and browse the site for other workouts. If you are willing to curb your caloric intake to around 1200-1500 calories a day then you have the potential given enough time to achieve (genetics willing) an abdominal region that others will envy. Read on for more details on how you can achieve 8 pack abs. The basic idea for this workout is to engage your abs for a constant 10 minutes without any rest whatsoever. Select 10 movements from the list below and for each minute in your ten minute ab routine perform a different movement.
  1. legs down
  2. legs up
  3. plank upright
  4. plank left
  5. plank right
  6. six inches
  7. six inches to crunch
  8. six to thirty six
  9. swimmers
  10. scissors
  11. bicycles
  12. penguins
  13. toe touchers
  14. rockies
There are other movements that you could use to engage your abs but this list should be sufficient for most. Below I will give an explanation of each movement and how they should be performed. Classic Crunch Feet and back level with ground, knees bend upward and arms folded around Chest. Arms behind head cause the use of arm muscles so fold them at the chest. Starting slow and steady is best always, you want to be able to feel your abs actually pulling you through and up. To create a good burn usually you only have to go half way up to your knees, anything higher and you can assume your using other muscles, so keep it low. Classic Crunch Feet up Same as Classic crunch but keep your feet level with your knee caps, perpendicular to the ground. Make sure not to cross your feet. Plank Upright Switch position so to have stomach facing ground. Lift yourself with your toes and forearm, keep body as straight as possible and KEEP YOUR BUTT DOWN. Within 30 seconds most people start involuntarily shacking and that is how you know its working! Plank Right Switch position so to have right side on body facing ground. Lift your self with your right forearm and keep left arm perpendicular with body. Again your body should form a straight line, or plank. Plank Left Same as Plank Right but on your left side. Six Inches Position yourself with back facing ground and hands underneath your butt. raise your legs so that way your heels hover roughly 6 inches from the ground. Similar to the planks, within 30 seconds your legs with start involuntary spasms. Six inches to crunch Same position as six inches to crunch, but fold your arms around your chest, and simultaneously raise your kneecaps to your chest while you crunch and as you go back down push your legs back out so that they hover 6 inches to the ground. Correctly done your feet should never touch the ground. Six to thirty six Same position as six inches. throughout the minute slowly raise your legs so to have your feet hover from six inches to 36 inches above the ground, and then slowly lower them back to six and repeat. Swimmers Start off in six inch position and raise each leg at a time upwards and as one leg comes down the other should be going up. This exercise should be done faster than the other leg raises. Scissors Same as Swimmers but instead of going vertical, your legs should be going horizontal and criss-crossing each other in a fluid motion. Also a fast pace exercise. Bicycles Start off in classical crunch position with feet up. Start pumping each leg mimicking the rotation of pedaling a bicycle. With opposite elbow to kneecap, side crunch so that they just barley touch. again a fast paced exercise but start off slow to get the grasp of the motion. Penguins Start off in classic position and keep heels just far enough away from finger tips so as to stretch a little to touch them. Move from left heel to right heel, feel the slight burn in your sides. Touch touchers Once again start in classic position, but lift legs completely up, 90 degrees to body. Try to reach and touch each toe with adjacent hand without bending knees. This should be a relatively fast drill. Rockies Start in classic position except put your hand behind your head so your elbows extend forward. Thrust your body upright and touch each kneecap with adjacent elbow before going back down. This drill is pretty tough so not too many reps can be accomplished in one minute.