Mass Building Exercises

Ronnie Coleman Mass BuildingLet's get right to the guts of the matter. I could run through my list of favorite workouts, principles, techniques and combination of exercises, but it all comes down to one basic old-fashioned "best" exercise for each bodypart, without which you cannot reach your maximum mass potential. That exercise is not the only one in the workout, but it's the foundation movement. It works more of the muscle harder, heavier and more thoroughly than any other. Not every workout has to start with one of these favorites, but your training program should be designed around them. My favorites will come as no great surprise. You've probably been doing them all along. I just want to emphasize their importance and persuade you to give them even more prominence in your workouts by reiterating why they are the best and how to get the best out of them. Bench Press Squats Back Rows Seated Military Press Tricep Extensions Preacher Curls