Mike O'Hearn Power Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Mike O Hearn WorkoutMike O'Hearn is an bodybuilder, powerlifter & fitness model. He has been featured on over 470 magazine covers, was Fitness Model of the Year 7 times, was a champion in Judo & Tae Kwon Do, and was a 4-time Mr. Natural Universe. He is also the only man to appear as a gladiator in both the original American gladiators as Thor and the latest series as Titan. Mike O'Hearn follows what is called a power bodybuilding workout program which focuses on building muscle by first building strength. If you can increase your strength then you will be able to increase the amount of weight you can lift for reps and in turn you will force your body to grow so that it can compensate for the increase in weights being lifted. This workout program is built around the "big three" movements of bench press, dead lift, and squat with 2 auxiliary movements that have a bodybuilding focus. Keep your reps in a mid range and the weight should be as heavy as possible without neglecting technique. I would suggest that you space the back and leg day as far apart from each other as possible to allow for adequate recuperation between workouts. When you lift heavy it is critical to fully recover or you will find yourself hitting a plateau. Chest Day Back Day Leg Day