Muscle Building 101

MuscleIntroduction If you are looking to build muscle you need to involve your fast twitch muscle fibers, fast twitch muscles are primarily engaged when lifting medium to heavy weight. Fast twitch muscles are responsible for strength, speed, and explosive power and will be stimulated best through grueling weight training sessions. I would suggest that you work out with 70% to 100% of your 1RM. Rest & Recovery Most of your muscular gains will occur during the 48 hours after your workout. It is important that your body is allowed to rest and recover during this period of growth. After an intense workout is performed your body will release growth hormones and testosterone to aid in your muscles recovery and growth To achieve maximum growth you should allow yourself to a 48 hour window between retraining a particular muscle group. It is also important that our body has the proper nutrients to rebuild after a hard workout so you should try to get 1.7g of protein for every 2lbs of body weight. So a 200lb man would need at least 170g of protein to allow proper muscle growth. Muscle Building Exercises When choosing a muscle building routine, you want to select compound exercises that work a combination of major muscle groups simultaneously. The most popular muscle building exercises are as follows: * Bench presses * Squats * Deadlifts * Clean and presses * Cleans * Push presses * Body dips * Lunges * Chin ups Always remember to perform out each rep slowly and under control. Never rush the rep because as this will destroy your technique and increase your risk of injury. Try to allow a 60-120 second period of rest between sets.Limit Cardio There are great benefits of cardiovascular training and you would be foolish to ignore it completely. But too much cardiovascular work can slow down your results to gain muscle. It works well to keep your cardio work short and sweet, focus on interval workouts, or sprints, when working on your preferred machine. I like to get in my cardio by lowering the weight on my favorite exercises and doing speed sets or supers sets.