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Rampage Jackson's Workout

At 205 pounds Rampage packs some major strongest man style power in both his hands an in his ability to snatch his opponent off the ground and slam them back on the mat with over 400G's worth of force. Rampage also has a physique and attitude worthy of his title. If you are looking to score a physique like Rampage's then have a look at his workout to get some pointers.

The Baddest Man on the Planet

Fedor is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters ever to step foot in a ring, combine this with his mystique and you have the perfect combination of strongest man material.

Randy Couture's Workout

As with many professional fighters the goal is not always to be the strongest man physically, which doesn't hurt, but to be the strongest man overall. To be the strongest man in a fight requires physical strength, as well as endurance and mental strength. Mental strength is best gained by pushing your body beyond its quitting point which is what Couture's circuit training routine does.

Tips from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Personal Trainer

Who did The Rock turn to when he wanted to transform his body from a 280 pound football player to a ripped up movie star? Billy Beck that's who, and here are some fitness tips from this world famous celebrity personal trainer for anyone serious about becoming the strongest man you can be.

World's Strongest Man 2008 Finals

The 2008 World's Strongest Man Competition Finals.

Weights Don't Hit Back?

Bill Kazmaier as a Professional Wrestler

Bill Kazmaier wrestled during the 1980s for promotions such as Stampede Wrestling and Continental Championship Wrestling. His biggest national exposure came when he debuted for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1991 at Halloween Havoc. He received several shots at Lex Luger's WCW World Heavyweight Championship but failed to win the title. He also briefly teamed with Rick Steiner, only to lose to The Enforcers in a tournament final for the WCW World Tag Team Championship.

Get Muscled Up with Mucle-Ups

The muscle-up is performed by pulling up, but rather than stopping with the chin or chest touching the bar, the arms are straightened, raising the body above the bar. Generally the initial pull-up uses an overhand grip to make the switch easier and is more explosive in order to use the momentum to make the exercise easier.

Gym Guy

Pound-for-Pound World's Strongest Man

In 1993, he stopped two US Air Force T-34 Aircraft (285 horsepower each) from taking off, earning him "The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen Highest Achievement Award." In 1995, Dennis successfully prevented four Harley Davidson Motorcycles from moving at full throttle for 12 seconds. In 1998, he bent a ½ inch thick, 17.25 inch long steel bar around his neck into a "U" shape. In 2001, he bent an 8 inch adjustable wrench into the shape of an "S" – another incredible feat that he performed on multiple occasions. He has broken official police handcuffs, easily tears thick phonebooks vertically using only two fingers and can drive a nail with one blow of his fist through a frying griddle and 2” thick board- at the same time. And these are just a handful of his incredible feats of strength. Lest we forget his one arm curl of 98 pounds x 10 reps performed at a bodyweight of 148 pounds!