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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout

If you want to be the strongest man then you will need to have the proper caloric intake and also work out like a super human mutant. Hugh Jackman's workout routine is great for anyone wanting to add a couple extra pounds of muscle and will set you on your path to being the strongest man

Caveman Combat Training

The Caveman Training Method seems to be popular among ultimate fighters and those in combat sports. If you are wanting to be the strongest man then you should take a look at this style of physical training. Caveman Training focuses on endurance and working with ones own body weight. This style seems to me to be a 300 workout for MMA fighters.

Ryan Kennelly's Bench Press Workout

If you want to be the strongest man then you will need to work on your bench press skills to get there. I can not think of any bench press workout better suited to make you the strongest man than that of Ryan Kennelly the wold record holder in the bench press.

Brock Lesnar's Workout

Brock Lesnar was born July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, Brock is an American mixed martial artist as well as a former professional and amateur wrestler. He is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar is 6ft. 3in. and weighs in at a monstrous 276 lbs.

Bench Press Fail!

Strength Training vs. Aerobics for Fat Loss

Bench Press Record

This is a brief history of the bench press record. For as long as men have measure strength they have been competing to be the strongest man and there is currently no other record that is esteemed as high as the record for highest bench press.

Caffeine for Monster Strength

This may run counter to what popular wisdom says about caffeine, but you can ignore all you have heard. Most of the bad things you've heard about caffeine are outdated, having been disproved by more recent research. I would like to look at the positive aspects of caffeine consumption, particularly as it pertains to making you the strongest man you can be.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Workout

Schwarzenegger began weight-training at 15 and is considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding, becoming the youngest Mr. Universe at age 20 and going on to win Mr. Olympia a total of seven times.

Three Steps to Six Pack Abs