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Scot Mendelson's Bench Press Workout

Mendelson is the current world record holder in the raw bench press with a 715lb press on May 22nd, 2005. If you want to rock out your bench press routine then you may want to try out Scot Mendelson's workout routine. If you follow Scot's routine you could be on your way to becoming the strongest man you can be.

Ryan Kennelly's Bench Press Workout

If you want to be the strongest man then you will need to work on your bench press skills to get there. I can not think of any bench press workout better suited to make you the strongest man than that of Ryan Kennelly the wold record holder in the bench press.

Mass Building Excercises - Bench Press

No other exercise synergizes the entire complex of chest muscles as efficiently as barbell bench presses. This movement is so compound (requiring the coordination of pectoral muscles with all ancillaries and tie-ins to shoulders, traps, arms and midsection) that every chest muscle is developed proportionately.