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Tossing Kegs on Seven Meals a Day: The Story of the World's Strongest Man

Brian Shaw went from small town Colorado to becoming a three-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest. What does the life of a man who can throw kegs as high as the roof of a house look like day to day?

Winifred Pristell a 70 Year Old Powerlifting Great Grandmother

Winifred Pristell is 70 years-young, great-grandmother of 3, with fingers twisted by arthritis who benches, squats and deadlifts more weight than many young men you find in the gym. Winifred has set two world records for her age and weight by dead lifting 288lbs and bench pressing 188lbs.

Jerome Mayberry - 10 Commandments of the Weight Room

Ain't no such thing as a muscle pull, playa!

Strongest Man - Team Hoyt

Undeterred by an accident at birth causing Rick to be in his current state this team has defied all odds showing that a fathers love for his child and the faith of a son in his father can be a source of hope for those who are facing situations that seem impossible to overcome. This team is truly an inspiration to watch and together they have made an impact on countless lives, this is what being the strongest man is all about.

Amazing Weight Loss

This article is dedicated as a motivator to anyone out there who feels it may be impossible to loose those extra pounds. I am not claiming that you can lose weight quickly or that there is a wonder drug that will make you magically lose weight. But David Smith's story proves that if you set your mind to it you can lose weight.