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What else is in your protein shake?

Have you ever wondered what you were really getting out of your favorite brand of protein shake? Now you will no longer need to wonder because Consumer Reports has gone to the trouble for you. The results are alarming to say the least and scary if you consume more than 3 servings a day.

Jason Statham's Workout

If you have ever seen Jason Statham on film then you know he has put in some serious time in the gym to achieve his physique. This is his circuit routine which should give you some great ideas to get your body into strongest man shape.

Amazing Weight Loss

This article is dedicated as a motivator to anyone out there who feels it may be impossible to loose those extra pounds. I am not claiming that you can lose weight quickly or that there is a wonder drug that will make you magically lose weight. But David Smith's story proves that if you set your mind to it you can lose weight.

11 Foods for Building Muscle Mass

You have been putting some time in at the gym and realized that it is going to take more than just hard work to build the body of a strongman. In this article I will discuss 8 essential muscle foods that you should incorporate into your muscle building diet.

Caffeine for Monster Strength

This may run counter to what popular wisdom says about caffeine, but you can ignore all you have heard. Most of the bad things you've heard about caffeine are outdated, having been disproved by more recent research. I would like to look at the positive aspects of caffeine consumption, particularly as it pertains to making you the strongest man you can be.

Three Steps to Six Pack Abs